The Most Powerful Technique To Manifest What You Want Instantly! Law Of Attraction
Written by Scott Haug on February 5th, 2021
The Most Powerful Technique To Manifest What You Want Instantly! Law Of Attraction

Remember to take time to write out all the qualities and characteristics of the desires you want to manifest.

We call this "scripting" and it's something we deeply cover throughout my Manifestation Accelerator course.

The details matter.

If we generally say, "I want more money" then we could get $5 and that's more money.

If we specifically say, "I just now received $2,000 in a very easy and effortless way, while feeling joyful and good" that's what we'll get.

It helps to understand that details are forming the energy you want to attract.

It's the forming of the mental image that matters.

As we detail out the mental image in our Imagination, and feel it to be true now, we impress that energy into the Universe itself.

As a result, we activate in motion a series of unfolding attracted events to help us accomplish our goal!

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Full Transcript

“The most powerful technique to manifest what you want instantly here. Now in this video training, we're about to go through it. Very powerful process. I've used myself to manifest actually this place you see in the background here, this amazing dream home, and a lot of other things into my life, as well as any of the clients I've ever worked with. That's going to allow yourself as well to manifest things a lot faster and in brilliant ways, before we go into sort of like on this video and subscribe to the channel here and clicking the bell icon to receive some notifications. When we put out other great content about elevating your consciousness, getting results, and actually how to apply all this personal development and mindset knowledge, let's get right into it. The number one process that we can go through as manifestors is scripting. Now, whether you've heard this before or not, we're going to go through an indifferent style here and now in this video, scripting is basically writing down every nook and cranny detail of what we want to actually manifest into our lives, qualities, characteristics, and actually writing down a few paragraphs on what that might look like before it actually happens.

There's a very important thing to note for yourself when you're manifesting. Is that anything that you say affirmation wise, anything you write down that you do want, even if it's not here yet in the physical present moment, it's a spiritual truth. It's a physical lie. Meaning like it hasn't happened yet. You don't have the money you want to manifest. You don't have the dream home yet, or, you know, whatever it is that you want to manifest. So it might be a physical lie, but it's a spiritual truth. And we worked from the higher plane to lower plane. There's spiritual, mental, and physical planes. So it's a spiritual truth. It's possible for you. It's an energetic possibility. It's a vibrational reality already, but physically it might not actually be a reality. And that's okay when we're doing our scripting process, it's a spiritual truth. That's how you believe.

A lot of people ask me all the time. Like how do I believe if I don't have it yet? Well, the idea here is understanding and awareness. The awareness is that your side, the spiritual side, who you truly are, has these possibilities innate within it. There's a possibility within you to manifest a soulmate, to manifest a dream home, to manifest an extra 20 high ticket sales this month or whatever it is that you're looking for. All right? So this spiritual truth is also a physical lie. That's we want to understand the scripting process. We're going to write down what we want to in as much detail as possible as if it's already done a spiritual truth, physical lie, but spiritual truth. If you want to ask yourself questions, like, what is it that I want exactly? What are some of the qualities of this thing that I want?

What are some of the characteristics of this thing that I want? When do I want it? How would I like it to come? Not figuring out how, but like, would, do you want an easy and effortless or do you want it hard? I'm guessing it's hard, right? You don't want, you want to manifest things are very hard and difficult. You want to manifest easier and greater, right? So the path to process, how would you like that to manifest asking herself these key questions is going to allow you to get crystal clear in your imagination, where all things are going to be manifested to and through. It's like the filter. If you will, as you start writing this out, you write it out in the present tense as if you already have it. I now received, for example, my dream home, it's surrounded by water, right?

It's right on the beach. Uh, there's a calm and peaceful environment in the building I live in. Uh, the people around me are friendly and kind, and also entrepreneurs everywhere around me is very peaceful in noise level as well. So it's a very calm place, noise level wise. There's also three bedrooms and three baths in the place as well. It's new and luxurious and modern. So basically I'm describing what I want in detail, qualities, characteristics, and everything like that. Adding onto the example, I was able to manifest this dream home effortlessly. It was easy to manifest this. It felt like right for me and felt like home from day one. So I didn't have to visit 20 places. I was able to visit one, see where we're going with this. So basically we describe all the nooks and crannies, all the little details, the fine details, the large details of what we want in a present tense.

Usually two to four paragraphs on a piece of paper. Now I did this for the place that you see behind me in this fabulous home. They live in. Now. It took many years to get there financially and entrepreneur wise and business wise. But when I knew I wanted this place, my soulmate, my partner and I, what we did is write down every nook and cranny. We started to visualize these things, not general visualizing, but we'd actually walk into our home and we'd actually walk into the bathroom. We'd walk into the bedrooms, we'd walk into our offices. We'd walk on the balcony we walk for, uh, on the beach together, right? But we're doing this in our imagination. When we're doing this in our imagination, we started to feel it. We started to feel the ocean breeze. When we were walking down the beach, we started to feel how awesome it was to have an office that had an amazing view.

We started to see ourselves sitting on the couch together, hanging out, or having guests over, inviting our family and friends over to our place and them enjoying the place that we had manifested together. So we are starting again from a principle of getting clear on what we want from there, go to our imagination. We start living that we see N scenes in mind to indicate that we're already there. And we also feel as if we're already living there easier said than done. Sometimes it is sometimes it's hard to control the mind and actually feel what you want, but the key to feeling it is actually matching your inner thoughts with your image. So, as we were walking through our dream home in our imagination, I might say something in my mind to like, I'm so thankful. All my friends and family enjoyed our love, loving, beautiful, modern place, or as I'm walking on the beach with my soul, me, uh, I'm so grateful that my girlfriend and I are walking on the beach and it feels so good to be close to the water in nature.

Right? So again, I'm not saying this out loud and it's not a physical truth right now. It's a lie. Maybe I wasn't living there yet when I was visualizing it. But what I was doing was matching my inner thought process with the scene, with what I was seeing in my mind. It helped me feel it. Not only that. Yeah, but I used my five senses. I started to smell the salty air on the beach. I started to feel my partner's hand is we're holding hands down the beach. I started to feel what it would feel like sitting down on our comfortable couch. Right? So those things, you start to involve your senses with your inner speech and it becomes a vivid, real image. And after you do that, you open up your eyes and you just know you have a faith about you, that everything's going to start to line up to allow you to actually experience this.

We had no idea where the place would be, except for the location. We knew the general location here in Florida, right? Uh, we knew generally where we wanted to be, but we didn't know exactly what was the exact building that we're going to live in. What was the exact place that we're going to have our dream home? We didn't know how it was going to come. We didn't know how financially it was going to be. You know, kind of worked out in all the little minor details of how that all goes financially. How we going to track the money or any of that? We didn't know how. Wow. And that's okay, it's the house, none of our business, right? As you might've heard before manifestation, we don't have to know how we can do our best planning it today and taking action on it. But the faith comes in when we realize universe, what happens from there as we see what we want our mind, it's it doesn't happen overnight.

What happens is the bridge of happenings or bridge of events or bridge of innocence. It's starts to play out. Universe starts to align up to us. And that's what we call law of attraction. It starts to attract to us an opportunity, the right person in our cases, the right realtor, helping us finding the actual place, you'll attract the finances that you need, maybe through a new client and opportunity a new business venture, whatever that might be. We might yada yada, what variable after variable, right? They need in order to have it. So we don't know, we don't see manifestation is magic. It's not like I, you know, we visualize what our dream home was and foam overnight. We were living in it. That's how it went. It was about three months that we started before to get our dream home. And during those three months we attracted, like I said, the right realtor that helped us get the place that we wanted.

We attracted the finances. We attracted the people. We attracted the location. We attracted the moving crew that moved everything for us, all that good stuff. As we started to imagine, we did this on a nightly basis. And as that was coming, we had the faith that it doesn't have to happen. Now we're setting in motion, the bridge Vincent it's to allow us to actually experience it. When you have this awareness, you are one of the top manifestors in the world. I mean, you really get this. You not only get this personal development, but you really understanding awareness level. It's not magic. It's a system. Manifestation is a science. It's a predictable thing. It's not unpredictable. You don't know how it's going to come. So that's unpredictable. But the actual experience of receiving what you want, it is consistent and it is predictable. And when you get into that motion and really feel into it, you'll start to have the awareness and Malott more faith.

So you win after win. After win traction. After traction manifestation, after manifestation, you start to bring so many in that your face starts to increase. As you move forward, try it out yourself. See how that goes. Start to think in terms of scripting, start to think in terms of imaging, feeling it, letting it go and allowing things to move forward. As you're getting detailed on what you want live, where you want to live. Now, before you get there, meet the person that you want to meet in your mind before you meet them in the flesh, see the clients in your business that you want. See the conversations. If you're running an event or whatever, host the event in your mind, in your imagination before you get there spiritual truth, physical, why the spiritual truth will become the physical truth and you'll experience it in reality.

So we're like on this video and subscribe, if you found this video helpful. And if you have any topics that you have questions on, the challenges that you're experiencing while manifesting, I take every, every single week, I take a video concept that you write in, in the comments below and I'll take and make a video on that to help you sort of step by step process. I want to see you do really great in this world. I want to see you manifest what you want and anything I can do to provide you more methods and techniques. So allow yourself to experience it game on and we'll make that happen for you. All right. So go ahead into comments below, after subscribing hitting the bell icon for notifications in the comments, just let us know if you have a topic or question right away, and we'll be making videos on that shortly. Take the advice here, use it to the best of your ability. Let's see the results start pouring in."

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