Steps on How to Perfect the End Scene
Written by Scott Haug on December 14th, 2022
Steps on How to Perfect the End Scene

Have you been visualizing or day dreaming about receiving your manifestations but it's not happening in real time? However, imagining it is just the first step.

You'll learn these crucial steps on how to perfect your end scene to attract your manifestations much quicker!

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Full Transcript

Now you mentioned 40 on a zoom call. That's perfect. So you literally see yourself logging in and having tears of joy because you have 40 people now enrolled in the student base of your course. Okay? It's a brilliant, brilliant thing there. John. You mentioned large brown barn style door opens to right into foyer living room to rear of house beyond foyer. Wife and grandkids are smiling and laughing. Beautiful. Okay, John, I would even take the next step and I would go to bed your first night there. So you're gonna actually go into your, you and your wife's master bedroom there. You're gonna go to bed and you're gonna look over your wife and say, this is a dream come true. You're gonna start seeing that alignment. You're gonna start seeing it, and you're gonna have tears of joy. And once you have those tears, you've fully assumed that you will have this thing. Okay? You're gonna feel that

Really beautiful Navine said. Visualize specific people saying Yes. Okay, really good. We wanna actually let go of the names, so I'm not gonna see, you know Linda. Okay? Linda says yes. Okay, so I actually don't direct the means, I direct the end result. Okay? Very important because there might be a pool of a hundred people in front of you. You might have five prospects you just talked to last week that you wish enrolled cuz you know they need it, but they, you know, had some objections or whatever. We're not ever trying to change people. We're trying to open ourselves to the inflow. That's all we have to pay attention to. So when you do that, you don't have to, you know, try and make sure that person does or this person even if you guess that they could use it, somebody else, if they're not gonna do it, somebody else is actually right under doorstep about to email you saying, yes,

There's a lot of golden nuggets in here. So I would definitely take a look at the replay. Everyone here, okay, so those unseen here a, B, and C, we wanna have ready to go. I've been doing a lot of talking. I wanna give you a little presence so you have time to think. Definitely take this into a really important mode and write down those unseen A, B, and C. Okay, a I see you have a great question there. I'll definitely cover that right after this. 60 seconds here. Let's do a little present in the moment time. I'll mute myself and then go ahead and make sure you have those scenes written down. We're gonna actually visualize those

30 seconds here and we'll go ahead and bring it into step number three. Okay. Hopefully those are written down and good to go. Amy mentioned, is assumption same as expectancy? Absolutely. Whatever you expect, you're assuming, I mean, the words are almost synonymous together, right? If I expected to rain outside today, because I see all the clouds and everything, right? I, I'm kind of assuming at the same time it's gonna rain. So really those, those ideas are near identical. Great question. Luann mentioned or Luann, hopefully I'm saying her name right there. What if you have more than one business? Great question here. If you have a numeric money goal, you don't have to visualize the specific business. You think it's gonna come from just manifest the money or actually see the end scene of the money. The money's gonna manifest itself through one of those businesses. That's gonna be easiest and best for you. So again, we wanna jump to the end, not try to guess how the middle's gonna happen. See both of your businesses or many businesses, whatever amount of business you have, all in success. You can do that though at the same time.

Sari, you mentioned feeling it's a key. Absolutely. Here.

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