How would you like to manifest your desires in the next 40 days?
Written by Scott Haug on December 9th, 2022
How would you like to manifest your desires in the next 40 days?

How would you like to manifest your desires in the next 40 days?

If you answered YES then this video is for you!

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Scott Haug helps people who study personal development to actually apply the principles so they can manifest the physical results they truly desire.
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Full Transcript

Dont you think through? Okay, number one, we already did. So I'm just gonna write down this process. So you have number one, clearly define what you want to manifest in the next 40 days. End of 2020, what gets you excited? What results would you be excited to manifest? Okay, again, you've already written some of that down, but we're just gonna make it into a process here to go through. Clearly I have that written down. <Affirmative> number two, what ends scenes could I start to imagine, to assume that I already have those results, assuming I am already that person who has the results. If you want some help, go ahead and throw your ambition into the chat box there. I'm gonna brainstorm and co-create some with you. Okay? Just go ahead and throw those into the chat box.

But what end scenes could you start seeing in your mind? Example, if I want to manifest my soulmate, my relationship, whatever it is, I'm gonna start to see end scenes of us already being together. I'm gonna start seeing an end scenes in my mind of us making breakfast together. If that's something I desire, that I wake up next to this person, that we go to the gym, or we do this or we do this, right, I'm gonna start seeing unseen as if I'm already there, as if I'm already in that lifestyle. If I want an extra 50 sales by the end of the year, start to see myself having conversations with others saying, how did your year end up? I'm already kind of wrapping up for the holidays. They say, you wouldn't believe I just blew my results out the water. I just got 50 more sales. The person's like, huh, how'd that happen? Right? So you would see a conversation like that. That might happen as if you already have the desires in manifested. I would see that in my imagination. Now remember from the accelerator, we have many different unseen, three really core ideas.


A what tangible end scenes could you see? What conversations could you see? What lifestyle movement seems, could you see? And movement could be like logging into your bank account, you know, if you're trying to manifest a dream place, sitting on the beach and hearing the waves. Okay, I want you to think through for a moment, think of three end scenes in each of those categories that you could see.

Edna Po, I'm pronouncing your name. Excites right there. 40 new students by the end of the year. Perfect. So a tangible unseen, Edna. Let me know if you got a new student in today, what would you see? Do you receive an email? Do you log into your, your site and you'll see that? Do you see a payment notification go through? What could you do? Like what would indicate something like that? Let me know about that one, John. Helping my team generate new prospects moving into my new ranch home. Perfect. Okay, so moving into New Ranch home, let's take that into consideration. I want you to actually visualize an unseen of walking in the front door. What's the color of the door? Does it open from the right side or left side? Get pretty detailed there, John. Walk into, where's the living room?

How many bathrooms do you have? What's the kitchen look like? Are the family excited? You know, is everyone running into the front door and just going, going bonkers because they're just so excited for the new place, right? What does that look like as well? On o you said minimum of five new or more clients paying me $1,200 each for an online course. So say you're doing a launch here for five new people. You see at the end, my launch was successful. It's, it was perfect. Five new people enrolled at $1,200. And you literally see unseen of five people saying, I'm in Anna l here's my credit card. I'm in $1,200. I want to pay in full. Here's, here's my credit card number. What do we do next? How do I get started? I want you every night to see these people saying Yes, yes, yes, yes. By the way, if any of you are a high ticket services, coaching of any sort, that is the number one way to manifest more high ticket clients as fast as possible. See the unseen of people saying, yes, I'm in. Here's my card. How do we get started? Okay. And then of course, seeing the, you know, the pain members go through and all the other things like that.

Okay? So great low side note for anybody who has client based business.

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