Effortless Manifestation with Neville Goddard
Written by Scott Haug on November 30th, 2022
Effortless Manifestation with Neville Goddard

Do you believe you constantly have to work super hard and hustle to manifest all your desires into your life?

In this Neville Goddard teaching, you'll learn how effortless it can be to manifest anything you want!

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Full Transcript

Now, today's chapter, chapter 14, is probably my sec, first or second favorite in the entire book here as we go through, and again, about effortless manifestation, okay? I want you to realize that whatever you desire for the next 40 days of 2020, at the end of the year here, you can have, and you can have it in an effortless way. It doesn't have to be hard, okay? It doesn't have to be crazy. You don't have to do a thousand things to get there. I want you to start believing it's, it can be effortless, it can be easy. Now, this is just so good. Follow along with me. You can print out the pdf. I sent that out to you via email, chapter 14 in the actual book, or just follow along on my screen here. Now, this training, it's not gonna be too fast, okay? Cuz there's a lot of depth. Just giving me a precursor before we start reading here. There's a lot going on here. I'm gonna be reading very deliberately and very slowly, okay? We don't wanna just consume, you know, 10 pages of stuff today, but not do anything with them, right? So what the accelerator's all about. Take a little info, then apply it.

The principle of least action governs everything in physics. From the path of a planet to the path of a pulse of light least action is the minimum of energy multiplied by the minimum of time. Now, right there, it might be like, oh my God. Oh, this sounds like a scientific equation. I mean, how am I supposed to solve all this stuff, right? Don't worry, it gets very easy. It's gonna sum it up, and what that means, therefore, in moving from your present state to the state desired, you must use the minimum of energy and take the shortest amount of time, shortest possible time. Your journey from one state of consciousness to another is a psychological one. I would definitely, if you're taking notes here, I would underline that your journey from one state of consciousness to another is a psychological one.


So to make the journey, you must employ the psychological equivalent of least action. And the psychological equivalent is mere assumption. I would circle that, or at least write it down in your notes. Let's take an example to get yourself from poverty consciousness to prosperity. Consciousness is psychological one. Now, what's psychological means? Psyche. Meaning thought, meaning thinking, meaning mind. You have to do it in your thinking. How do you do that? You do it in your imagination. Assumption means you are going to start assuming the role of the prosperous person in your imagination. A lot of us who look at our current bank statement or current business results, or current anything, current job, even if you're in a job or anything like that, they look at it and they own the role. They say, I'm that person. I'm the one to always have money, be a little slow. I'm always the one to not have this or to this or to this. Whatever it is in their imagination, whether they're aware of or not, they're owning that. They assume that's what's true about themselves. Prosperity consciousness. I'm gonna say it again. We assume the role of a prosperous person in imagination.

We, I see a lot of you writing notes here. Say again? We assume the role of a prosperous person in our imagination. That's it. If you're really zone into the words here, this is the key to the kingdom. This is the key to seeing your results for life. It's simple. It's not easy. Sometimes it can be very easy and it gets a lot easier, okay? But sometimes at the very beginning can be a little challenging. What does that mean? Assuming a prosperous person, imagination. We're gonna read on and we're gonna find out as we go through, okay? Let's go ahead and move down the page here. The day you fully realize the power of assumption, you discovered that it works in complete conformity with this principle. It works by means of attention, minus effort for

Thus with least action through an assumption you hurry without has and reach your goal without effort, man, that's pretty good, right? I think we all on this call would say, I'd love to manifest a lot more things without effort. I'd love to manifest a new sale, maybe a brand new home, maybe this, maybe that, right? It's a lot better than working 90 hours a week or even 40 hours a week. That might be a little confusing, okay? But again, we're gonna clarify everything. By the end of this call, you're gonna have exact clarity and exact answers and exact action items we're gonna be doing together because creation is finished. What you desire already exists. That's a pretty major statement. I'm gonna go ahead and do that one more time here. I would circle that. I would write it down, whatever that takes.

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