This is how you can change energy to create your reality [Neville Goddard]
Written by Scott Haug on November 25th, 2021
This is how you can change energy to create your reality [Neville Goddard]

Do you know that this money game, business game, even your personal relationships game is all just an energy game?

In this Neville Goddard teaching, you will learn how you can change energy to create your reality!   

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Full Transcript

All right, let's jump right into it. This training right here is what I call the training of trainings. It is, I think, the deepest work you could ever go through on manifestation, and what we're gonna be covering here is the power of awareness. One of the chapters in here by Neville Goddard. If you have this book, great. Pull it out. If you don't, no big deal at all. I got the PDF I sent out to you, so you can print out the chapter or just follow along on my screen as we go through, but we're gonna be going through the effortless way in this book. If you do wanna buy the book, I would go on Amazon and get this exact copy. Okay. Torture. I think it's Penguin is the publisher. I would get this exact one. All right. I want you to think about what you can be doing to actually manifest things by the end of this year.

Okay? It's November 20th, 2020. We got about 40 days left of the year, plus minus some days for Christmas, and the wonderful holidays coming up here. I want you to think through for the next 40 days, what would you like to see? I've seen things miraculously happen for the ones who decide on it for the last 30 days to 40 days of the year to triple to four times the amount of income they have coming in. So they spend 11 and a half months in this Sierra building a sort of income, and then the last 30 to 40 days, they triple to four times their income. This isn't necessarily a time to slow down cuz things are coming up for holidays. It's a time to amplify and fulfill your potential so you can enjoy a very rocking end of the year. Then take a little break for the holidays or whatever you have planned.

So first and foremost, put down your intentions for the rest of the 40 days of this year. Then we're gonna get into training. What would you like? What's possible for you? What do you desire? What are you excited by? What are you fulfilled by? Go ahead and think first in terms of money, then in terms of sales, business, anything you have going on there. And then your other areas of life. And if you're watching the replay, definitely follow along, even if you're on replay that live. Okay? So I'll keep myself muted here for about 60 seconds. Go ahead and think, meditate, and ask yourself what do I want? What excites me? About 30 seconds here. I know a few of you just joined down. What we're doing is brainstorming. What would you like to have

Happen in the final 40 days of this 2020 year? What excites you? What's gonna get your juices flowing? What's gonna get you feeling fulfilled by the end of this year? What is possible for you? Go ahead and write those intentions down. I hope you have some ideas written down. And as we go throughout the hour long training today, you can definitely add to those ideas. Think through what's gonna be exciting to you. Everything is intention. When we put out and we actually think through what is the design of the 2020 year that we want, and we start to actually be there in imagination. The audio that we just listened to as you're getting onto the call today was Novo Godder himself. And what he was talking about is your wonderful human imagination. If you're battling something in your mind, you're feeding it. And if you are sending love to something in your mind, you're feeding it.

So if you're like, Man, I'm in sales slump, I haven't had great sales September, October, man, you know, I just better give up this here. Okay, 2021. I will just jump into the ear like a cliche thing many people do, right? Well, I'm battling that thing. I maybe hate that thing. I just can't. I just can't stop thinking about it. I'm feeding it with my feeling. I'm gonna keep perpetuating that because what goes on is in my imagination, I'm replicating the same images, I'm replicating the same end scenes, I'm replicating the same exact behaviors in my imagination. If I feed something that I don't want, I get more of. It sounds a little ridiculous, right? But that's how the laws work here. They're inhuman, as I call 'em. There's not some human being on the cloud saying, You're gonna get this, you're gonna get this, Amy, you're gonna get this Linda, right?

You're gonna get this on L, right? We're actually understanding that whatever you put out, it just accepts. Now, on the other side, if I start seeing myself in the sales, so S O A R, so a sales rocketing, sales increasing, I even maybe give myself a label. I'm a sales rocket, I'm a sales machine. If I start seeing that in my mind, what's gonna happen is I'm gonna self-replicate that. First it goes in imagination then expresses itself onto this physical space we call reality. You'll start to encounter possible opportunities and people and clients or prospects you talked to years ago saying, I want in now cause I want a 20, 21 year, or whatever it is. Okay? So the idea is if I give something love, I feed that as well. So instead of hating current results, love the manifested desires in your mind. Fall in love with viewing them in your imagination rather than hating your current reality. That is an energy shift of night and day that we call, uh, this money game is an energy game. The sales game is an energy game. Business is an energy game. Personal relationships and energy game. If you can change the energy and how do you change energy by changing thoughts, Emotionalized thought you'll start to change the reality.

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