5 quick tips to crush your goals
Written by Scott Haug on November 23rd, 2022
5 quick tips to crush your goals

If you are needing some momentum throughout your days to stay focused on your manifestations then this is for you.

These 5 quick tips are simple and will help you crush your goals!

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Full Transcript

Posted this a little bit earlier if you did not see it. Okay, so let's crush it. A couple of aspects, right? Focus on that one thing. Put 80% of your time into that one thing. Go out there and crush it. Remember those three little things? It's a general outline. Client service, generating appointments, doing appointments. Okay? So some of you, uh, like to ask, uh, some of my personal examples like what am I doing currently? Okay? So right now I'm focusing a lot on number two and rebuilding an entire marketing thing that I'm going towards. So every day I'm spending hours and hours on this new thing that I'm gonna be implementing, Okay? In order to do number three and number one, even better than what I'm doing now. Okay? So in the background, you don't see things happening sometimes, but then they're like unleashed and you're like, There it is.

You know, things are happening. Okay? So sometimes you won't see physical progress for some days or weeks. It's okay. Know that you're in the building phase. Okay? Number three, time block of schedule. It shows three activities or first, that's what I do every morning. You'll see me login on Facebook, um, about seven, between 7:45 AM and 8:15 AM Somewhere around there. Usually about eight, eight o'clock I'll go in. That's when I'm starting my messages. That's when I'm starting what I need to do for the day to help everybody. Okay? So you could see some of my schedule. You'll notice that I'm on a very regimented routine. I don't generally answer messages after 7:00 PM my time cause I'm logged off Facebook, I'm at the gym. I'm going to do things that I love, spending time with the people. I love those types of things, okay? So if you're really aware and very introspective of other people as well, you'll see me have these routines down as well for my own self. Okay? Make sure you're in alignment as much as possible throughout the day doing TIR lesson. Okay? Make sure you're doing it. Have fun on your journey, Selena, have fun.

Okay? And just the last three points, Champions, okay? Know that if you really wanna do what you're gonna do in here, if you want this, gotta implement so much. Sacrifice for sure goes into this stuff. If you really wanna be top dog in your industry, you wanna do something miraculous. It's a lot of sacrifice. Sacrifice not in a bad way. What I mean by sacrifice or where not any other speaker means by sacrifice is many times you're not doing all the old stuff. You have to sacrifice your old self for your new. You have to sacrifice some risk and some chaos for a little while. When you're changing and you're implementing things you've never done before. You get to be uncomfortable. You have to sacrifice some of the old BS activities, some maybe not drinking every single week in order to become the best version of yourself. Now, a lot of you aren't in that category, but you see what I mean. Sometimes you have to sacrifice some of the old stuff that is not empowering you. In order to be empowered, sometimes you gotta sacrifice your money

To pump back into yourself and your business instead of buying the new car sacrifice. It's not a bad sacrifice. That word isn't very good. So maybe I can find a better one to use. Okay? It's an exchange. Now, most of you already know that concept. That's why you're here. You don't, you didn't buy the new car so that you could empower yourself. Okay? So that's, that's what we mean by sacrificing that change. If we want better, we gotta, we gotta be willing to do those better things. So same thing goes with, we can live in comfort or we can be highly uncomfortable. That's the thing that we have to do some pain. Sometimes pain is not necessarily physical pain, though. It's, uh, an emotional, Whoa, I gotta change things.

And they have intensity now, a champion, I was actually around. Last little thing will conclude. It's very helpful to everybody. Think back in your own lives. I'll surround a lot of martial artists that were champions in the world doing miraculous things. They all had, when I look back now, they all had a unanimous one quality within. They intensely wanted to win. The people that didn't really wanna win, they're like, Yeah, are you doing the tournament this weekend? Yeah, it's gonna be a fun time. Awesome. Are you gonna, you know, how are, how are things going? How's your training going? It's going pretty good. I, I figured I'd go there and, uh, try my best. Did that person ever win? Not one time. That attitude. Yeah. I think I'll, I'll kind of try my best. And the person that won every time they're like, I'm gonna win.

I know it. I'm going to win. I'm going to be number one on that stage. I know it. I'm not arrogant about it. I've trained for it. I've planned it out and I've seen it in my mind. I've already, I've already won. It's already done. It's the intensity of their attitude, their thoughts, feelings, and actions in alignment with that number one position. Now, we're not competing here, we're creating, as we know, right? But that person's creating. Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, I'm sure you've heard of them as these miraculously great basketball players. I know you know who the names, but I'm saying if you know them as people that follow them as intense individuals, right? They have that quality that says, I'm I'm top dog. I am going to do this. Same thing goes with business and income. I am that person. I have this income. And when you have that intensity towards a thing that you love, that's when it goes very quickly. Cause that's the energy you put into it. It's the love that you have for it. So I hope that gives you a good attitude shift as well as you go forward.

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