How would you like to serve others?
Written by Scott Haug on November 16th, 2022
How would you like to serve others?

Do you usually think of long-term or short-term ideas for your business? Do you even know how you're thinking about your business?

You'll definitely want to listen to this so you can learn how you would like to serve others!

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Full Transcript

As you can tell, it's just, it's a lot of deep thinking, but that's why it's so powerful. Okay? I can't stress enough sometimes, like sometimes we just wanna do a one quick one-on-one call and we just wanna know what to do. The only thing about doing those things is your entire rest of your life, you're leaning on somebody to need to think for you. There's guidance and there's somebody else thinking for you. It's much different guidance in somebody doing the thinking for you. Think about if you are a parent or if you're not a parent and you've seen any kids in the world, cuz I'm sure you've seen a kid or you have a nephew or something. Okay? If you give them everything they ever wanted, what's gonna happen?

Let me define all these things cuz we wanna talk about we're not talking about parenting, but what, what we wanna talk about is if, if we have kids and things right, we need to help them start making their own decisions or else they get to their, when they're 30 years old and they still can't make decisions. And some of us have been in that realm, we're like, Why do I keep thinking these thoughts? Why can't I make a decision for myself? Well, because our parents never let us made decisions for us, or they always made decisions for us. They never let us figure it out in school. This could have been 40 years ago for you, or five years ago for you, or last year, whatever, Doesn't matter. Okay? Think back into school. Your kids or you. And if the teacher always gave you the answer and you got onto a test, you wouldn't be able to do the test.

You would just have this memory need, throw it out on an exam. So the same thing goes with these calls in this program. We want you to think, I wanna think Bob wants all of us to think, because when you learn to have the habit of thinking for yourself, you'll do it for the rest of your life and you'll never be stuck again because you can think through where you need to get to. Very important, very, very, very deep important aspect, especially if you're gonna become a coach. Any of you on this, on this call as well, or become a speaker. You want to help people start thinking for themselves, not giving them, you know, here's this, this, this, and then and a week later they have no idea what to do because they don't know how to think yet. Okay? So I just wanna give you that principle cuz that same thing applies with that bottom bar, right?

Think about where you wanna go. I don't know what you want. You know what you want. And we think about this end vision and we think step by step backwards, what is this gonna look like? Ally, I, I made a little shout out to you and it's gonna be a perfect example for everybody, right? A little shout out to you a little bit earlier because we messaged back and forth today, in yesterday and I know it's, you're just doing phenomenal. You're just following the program. You're thinking of ideas and then you're doing the ideas. It's easy. You're learning, you got ideas, you go through your fear and you do the things and then you get the results, right? You're just a living example of this material right now, okay? And we think through this stuff. You wanted your $50,000 per month goal, that was your end result.

And you knew if you kept doing what you were doing, it probably wasn't gonna happen unless you found 24 more hours in the day, which obviously isn't gonna happen. So we look back and then we, one idea was why not group instead of one on one. So now we worked backwards in what can get us there. Oh, adding on trainers as well. So you're doing less of the work, providing it to other people and doing two on one coaching, right? A very easy example on what we did to work backwards. Now you did most of that yourself. You, you were able to think and attract ideas because you felt at ease and boom, attract idea. You went through the fear, through the uncomfort and you did it and bang, it's there. Really good. Superb. So think about each one of you, Where are you and where would you like to go? What do you love doing most in your business? What do you wanna be doing? What is your one thing, service or product? You've been going over that last few weeks? Mario, I know you're on this call here. Your one thing is getting that license, like we talked about, working backwards from there.

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