Do This To Wake Up Everyday with Exhilaration To Crush Your Goals!
Written by Scott Haug on November 11th, 2022
Do This To Wake Up Everyday with Exhilaration To Crush Your Goals!

Do you wake up everyday feeling energized, excited and ready to crush your goals?

You'll want to watch all the way until the end to start waking up everyday with exhilaration to crush your goals!

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Full Transcript

Now the point under that I have purpose, vision, goal. That's really where we wanna go with this. So your purpose is why you're here. What are you doing with your life? Why are you living? What's, what's the point of giving up every morning? That's purpose in your career as well as relationships. Victor Frankel's book, Mans Search for Meaning. If you ever read it, I would highly encourage you read it at some point. He says, We find meaning in a few different things. Number one is our loved ones, our relationships. You find meaning in relationships. And number two, you find meaning in the work that you do. If you hate the work that you do, no reason. I mean, we look at the world, most people are going to a job they hate. So no wonder why they feel so unfulfilled. When we feel unfulfilled and we don't have that emotional tank filled, we go to other things that bring up that emotional void. That could be eating sugar, that could be doing things that you probably shouldn't be doing. When our emotional tank is not filled with relationships and the purpose driven work that we love doing, we go to the other things. Okay? That explains why a lot of people do the things that they do.


Okay. See a few more coming through. So really thinking about this, hopefully you're taking a lot of note. Okay, Jim and Lorraine, again, moving into our dream log home in the mountains with at least a hundred to 200 acres for the kids ride motorcycles. It's a fun time riding motorcycles. Liz, I see yours as well. Love it. Okay. Now, this purpose, it's driven purpose that we're talking about. The vision, what, what you're gonna do with your life. That's what exhilarates you, right? I have this little map out from myself. I know exactly where I'm going vision wise. I know what's gonna happen next six months. I'm dominant about it. I know I have the intention set. That's what gets me up in the morning. I know where I wanna live. I know what I wanna be doing. I know how the business wants to look.

I got it all mapped out, and I have that clear vision so that when I wake up in the morning, I'm boom. I know exactly where I'm going. The goal is a bite sized chunk out of that vision. It's what I'm acting on today. It's scary, it's exciting. I've never done it before. It's a way higher level. It's it's a big idea. But I know I'm going to do it. Just not here yet. I'm on the journey. Bob's on the journey to do what he wants to do. He wants to have a hundred thousand consultants in the world. A hundred thousand, a hundred thousand people as consultants. He only has 1200 right now. That's multiplying everything by a hundred.

Quite a big idea there that exhilarates him. He's jazzed up by these ideas. The idea is what gets you unstuck. Say it again. The idea is what gets you unstuck. The idea that jazzes you up, that energizes you up, starts to change the level of energy within. And once you change the level of energy, bang, you're gonna go do the thing. You're gonna start doing the the things that you know you should be doing and that you wanna be doing it and that you love doing. Okay? Remember B, do have, we went through that last week. Okay? So I'm just gonna write that down again. Good for everyone to write down a little text here. B, do have start doing. Start being the person you wanna be and doing the things that you love, and the more of the things that you want will come. If we're stuck, it's almost always a replica of the opposite. So I'm gonna write stuck equals trying to have, trying to then doing in order to be happy, in order to be unstuck, in order to feel better about ourselves, in order to be happier. Okay?

We're trying to have the money, we're trying to have the income, we're trying to have the ideas. We're trying to have these things first in order to do the things that we wanna do in order to be happier, in order to be more fulfilled. It's always the opposite. That will keep us stuck in that little formula as well. And last little piece here, I put it more in bold. Don't create a goal, but instead create an emotional pull that energizes you and fires you up. It's an emotional pull. It's a vibration that's pulling you almost, if you can imagine that.

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