What ‘Jazzes’ You Up? - Your Lifestyle Vision
Written by Scott Haug on November 9th, 2022
What ‘Jazzes’ You Up? - Your Lifestyle Vision

Do you know what 'jazzes' you up everyday or are you still trying to figure that out?

In this video, you'll learn to create your lifestyle vision by redefining your desires.

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Full Transcript

Number one, create a deep drive and motivation is a must. Most of you on this call have the exact thing that you're looking for. The exact goal fires you up every day. You're jumping outta bed, you're ready to rock and roll. You're intense. But if you, any of us feel a little bit slow, a little bit tired, feels like things aren't progressing, it's usually because we don't have enough emotional pull towards a thing that we want that destination. So Selena, you sat in there remembering to have fun. It can be as simple as changing the wording and vision of what you do. The perspective change. So I encourage everyone to get out your goal card. If it's on an index card, it's on an index card. Think about it. How's your goal feel to you? How are you getting up in the, in the morning? Are you fired up? Are you ready to rock? A little bit slow. Now, I don't mean that every single morning you literally jump out of bed. Whoa, You know, jumping up and down and you know, screaming up and down. That's not what I mean. But I mean intense. Like you're just looking forward to your day. You feel good about your day? Okay, hopefully that woke you up there. Woke me up.

So it's giving you some time to think here. Think about your days, okay? Now, sometimes you will have four weeks in a row that you're intense, you're really exhilarated by what you're doing. But you may have the day where sometimes you do feel just a little bit tired cuz you had a lot going on. That was me Today, there's a little bit earlier today because I have a brand new meal prep place that's delivering all my meals. However, I kind of realize this before I even did it. It's gonna switch up my actual physical food, which changed up my diet. And since I do a lot of bodybuilding work, that's gonna change my energy levels. So today it wasn't because I was out of my alignment, it was because there was a part of my day where I didn't have as many carbs and things in my diet. So physically I felt a little drained earlier in the day. Completely change it cause I changed what I was eating, Changed the meal content around in things. But there's some days sure that you may be just a little bit more tired. We're not talking about those days, we're talking about being in alignment. Okay?

So number two, here we are motivated by changing lifestyle than just getting more money in. What jazzes you up? Think about your relationships, career, income, health, the things that scare you and the things that excite you less than one of the the big ideas. That's what we need to go after. What jazzes you up? What do you love? What would that perfect ideal business look like for you? How would that look? What would you be doing? What is that ideal lifestyle that you're looking for

Now? The things that scare you and excite you, those are the things that are gonna exhilarate you. That's the first step though. And then you're gonna run into the fear in the terror barrier and we'll get through that. But the first stop is to be both scared and exhilarated by where you're going. Bang, the energy level starts to go up. What is that? It's a vibrational level. And then you start to really kick things forward. Okay? That's when ideas come and we'll explain that as well. Okay? So that third point there, I give you a couple ideas. Picture your new lifestyle and write it down. Okay? Interested exhilarated with your new home, your luxury lifestyle, your office, your kitchen, get togethers if you're extroverted. That, that being in those relationships, feeling financially relieved, that freedom, the travel, the soulmate. A lot of you are relationship type people.

You love relationships in a good way. You, you have your perfect ideal partner that you're searching for or already have. You like being around family and friends. That's type of personality that you have. You love that? Okay? So add that to your goal. Add that into where you wanna be cuz that's going to exhilarate you more. Okay? Gotta find what you love, okay? The recognition, fame, fun adventures. Bob Proctor, being friends with you. New energy levels, the money you wanna have being around, the people you love. Okay? So I encourage you to write down some things here, here and now. What do you want? What's bigger? What's, what's even more exhilarating to you? What's even more scary to you to go after.

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