The Knowing Doing Gap
Written by Scott Haug on November 7th, 2022
The Knowing Doing Gap

Have you heard of the knowing doing gap? Learning this was a game changer in my life.

Whether you have or have not, this will impact your life significantly in this video!

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Full Transcript

I wanna talk to you about something today that could change your life. It did for me. It's called the Knowing Doing Gap. And whether you know about it or whether you don't, this could impact your life significantly in this video. Stay tuned.

So this Knowing Doing Gap is a game changer when it comes to your personal life, when it comes to your business, if you have one or your full-time job, it matters really for your manifestation, working with the law of Attraction in the way that you want it to work for you. The Knowing Doing Gap essentially is something that I learned from my late mentor, Bob Proctor. May rest in peace. I actually got my start with Bob Proctor and one of the things he mentored me and many others on directly is this Knowing, Doing Gap. And I will always remember his teachings and the things that he helped me be able to do. And this knowing Doing Gap, because for a long time I was really puzzled by our educational system. As you already know, helps you know a lot of things, right? You go to math class, you go to history class, you do all these things, you'll learn a lot.

And then you take an exam, hopefully you get a great grade on the exam, and then you basically don't remember the knowledge, You forget about the knowledge and move on with your life, right? You don't need to integrate it into your life. You don't need to integrate what you learned about in the 17 hundreds into your life, right? It's just something you know about, but you're not usually acting on, right? So there's no integration. So you know a lot of stuff and our educational system rewards you for knowing it based on getting great grades and maybe going into a better college or university after you go through your 12, 12 grades there and get a great job or whatever that means for you, right? But you and I both know that's a crap system, right? Doesn't really help you really become the best version of you.

Just helps you learn a lot of stuff, right? So we don't wanna treat our lives, our manifestation practices, our love of attraction practices as the same educational system that isn't very good, right? A lot of people are listening into a video like this. Maybe you have, I definitely have, where you learn a lot of information about love, attraction, manifestation or personal development in general, self-image psychology and whatever it is, right? And we learn a lot of this stuff. We listen to it when we're in the car. We listen to it when we're doing the laundry to listen because it's so, so good, right? But we're puzzled by us not getting the results we want. We're puzzled by or frustrated by not having the financial results that we really, really want. Or we've gotten the financial results we want, but in another area of life we don't have great results and we're puzzled.

It's because there's a gap between what we know and what we actually do. Now, this knowing, doing Gap, if we keep utilizing this, knowing, knowing, knowing I'm learning more and I'm knowing more and everything like that, the gap goes wider and wider and wider. We know a lot of stuff, but we're not doing and it's, it's not catching up. So we get really frustrated, okay? So in this video here, that's why I said it could be so impactful. Like it was for you be or it was for me. Because changing and transitioning over to something you know how to do and actually doing it will start to produce the results you're looking for. You probably already know how to manifest. Maybe you saw my last video link is above about the five step manifestation process. My number one manifestation exercise, right? And maybe you know about it now, but maybe you're not doing it.

You're not practicing it consistently. Now, there's a lot of reasons why this knowing doing that actually exists. Number one is programming. Where programmed as a society, as I've already mentioned, to know a lot of stuff, but not actually do it, not actually integrate it. Number two is procrastination. People do it all the time. I'm procrastinating on the things I know I should be doing, but I don't do them because I have too much pain with the things I wanna do or don't wanna do. And too much pleasure with the things that I feel are easier and more comfortable for me. So I may go watch tv, I may go watch a movie instead of doing the things I know are really important for me to practice and to do, right? So I procrastinate on things. Lack of discipline, lack of focus, lack of game plan.

You, you probably have the desire and ambition to work things better in your life, but you might not know how to do it. You don't have that game plan, you don't have that accountability, right? So there's a lot of different reasons why it's knowing. Doing gap gets larger and larger and larger. Your objective is to make sure that you're knowing doing Gap closes, okay? So everything you know how to do and what you do on a consistent basis starts to be about the same level. That's your objective. So during this video, you wanna take some of the things that you know how to do and start doing them. Now, a lot of people pick like 10,000 things. They have so many things that they know how to do. So many habits they want to change and so much they want outta life that they try and go for it all right now.

And nothing seems to happen. So what I would encourage you to do is write down just one habit. One thing that if you changed, it would lead to better results in whatever area of life you're looking for. So if it's in your personal relationship, find one habit that if you did it over and over and over consistently would improve the quality of your relationship. If it's around to money, find one habit that you can improve upon money, focus on it, implement it, integrate it, and then watch the results unfold based on this new habit. If it's a Rowan habit on business, you get the idea right? Focus on one habit. Don't watch more videos, more videos, more videos. Watch a video like this over and over the same video every single day while improving one habit over and over and over, okay? You'll start to become the top 1% manifestor in the world.

You'll start to become the top love, attraction, alignment, bringing in your desires more and more of the time than non desirable things into your life. And the reason is because you're integrating, you are allowing yourself to do more of the things you already know you should be doing. Not learning, learning, learning. One of the greatest habits you could do inside your business, reach out to 10 people a day. A lot of people don't do it. You reach out to 10 people a day offering your opportunity, your product, or whatever that looks like in the right way, of course, okay? You need to have an idea of actually how to communicate with people about your product. You need a great offer, you need a great product. All those things, of course, right? But people lack reaching out to people cuz they're uncomfortable. Fear of rejection, fear of criticism, all the different things out there, right?

So one of the best habits you could do, reach out to 10 people a day, no matter what. Focus on that one habit for 30 days in a row, zero to 30 days, you've reached out to 300 people you normally probably wouldn't have, right? That would be an example. Maybe around money. Maybe you have a spending habit that says, every time I get in money at the end of the month, I don't have enough, right? So maybe you wanna go ahead and actually start budgeting. Or if you don't believe in budgeting, maybe just go through and say, what's one thing I could spend to less of my money on that doesn't really matter. Find that one habit, spend less, and maybe at the end of the month you have an extra 500 bucks, right? Skip the idea. One, change will start to compound and have exponential growth for yourself.

Once you master that habit, you can master another one and master another one. Just start with one in your personal relationship. Maybe you wanna do something specific that brings yourself as a better partner, right? And you do that over and over and over, and you're going to see an improvement in your relationship. So, and maybe it's around health and fitness, right? Maybe you lack going to the gym on a consistent basis. So your one habit is Monday, Wednesday, Friday, I must set an appointment or have an accountability buddy. And I'm gonna say, I'm gonna be at the gym by 5:00 PM on Monday and Wednesdays, or Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or just Mondays, right? And you work on that one habit. I'm gonna do this no matter what, even when I don't feel like it, even when I'm uncomfortable, even when blank. Okay? So that'd be one habit or another habit from nutrition.

I'm used to binge watching some TV shows and eating a bag of chips during the evening time, right? So one habit I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take those potato chips or whatever it is, throw it out in the garbage so they're not in my environment, and I'm gonna have one habit in the next 30 days, and I'm buying any of that, of course, somewhere replaced with something worse like brownies and chocolate cake and all this other stuff, right? Instead you say, My habit is I'm going to replace the chip eating with, I'm gonna actually have some vegetables. I'm gonna have some celery sticks with a little bit of blank peanut butter hummus, you name it. Okay? So I, I'm gonna have this healthy snack instead of this non-healthy snack, and I'm gonna work on it for 30 days. I'm just gonna work on that one thing.

So no matter what area of life you can start to improve yourself by actually focusing on closing this knowing, doing gap every single month, you improve another habit, another habit. After 12 months, you'll be in a very different world, even if you just improve. And during the 12 months, 12 new habits, just guess how farther you're gonna be. Way farther in any area that you're trying to work on and improve. So focused on closing this knowing, doing gap. This changed my life completely because in my business I was doing that where I wasn't even talking to people, I wasn't reaching out, I wasn't doing all these things many years ago, right? I wasn't doing the things I know I needed to get forward. So I started work on one habit at a time. It completely changed and I'd multiplied really the business by a factor of three and three to four months from doing just one to two simple habits and increasing those and actually doing them in the business.

Okay? So what are one to two things you know you should be doing that you're not doing? So you know, you could be doing 'em, but you're not doing 'em. What are those one to two things? Write those down. Work on one thing for the next 30 days and work on your second thing in the 30 days from there. Don't pick one thing in every area because that's still gonna be five, six habits you're gonna, it's gonna be a lot of stuff. Just focus on one habit overall in one area of life for the next 30 days. Test it out, try it out and let me know how it goes. Okay? If you found this video helpful, going and throw a like on the video and please subscribe to the channel and click the bell. Icons get notified, and we send out other great how to information around manifestation, Law of attraction.

And if you are looking for help, coaching, support, accountability, a curriculum, guidelines, game plans, all of it links it in the description below. First one is our Manifestation Accelerator course will give you a curriculum to do every single week. That could be your one habit for manifestation. Go through a module, do the exercise every single week. That could be your one habit. Or if you're interested in teaching this material and coaching others through it, link in the bio below, in our description below for Certified Manifestation Coach program and mentorship. Or I can work out with you on a one-on-one and group style basis, really helping you improve the quality of your life, building a great business, doing what you love, and accepting more of your calling overall. So again, focus on one habit next 30 days, try it out and enjoy the results that come in.

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