This is how you change your “inner chatter” to create your reality! [NEVILLE GODDARD]
Written by Scott Haug on November 2nd, 2022
This is how you change your “inner chatter” to create your reality! [NEVILLE GODDARD]

Do you sometimes wish you can just turn off your mind? I know I do!

Listen in to this video to see how you can change your "inner chatter" to create your reality with Neville Goddard teachings.

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Full Transcript

Bill has a personal example. In 2004, I was the vice president of a company and got fired. Haven't had a job since. Best thing that happened to me, I had an engineering job. They transferred me all the way over to Las Vegas, started to live there, bought a truck. There was already a rock and roll with this new aerospace company building expandable air modules in space. Thought it was the coolest thing ever. It's a man for the job giving me increased pay because I brought seven habits of highest successful people to the interview. The guy's never seen that in his entire life. Five days before the job is gonna start, they canceled the job.

How do you cancel a job? Budgeting fell through and at that moment there's two things that could have happened. I could have been devastated by it. My dream job, I was like, Oh my God, this, this is it. This is where I wanna be. Or from that moment on, I never had a job again blessing in disguise. But it was because I took it as a blessing in disguise. Most people would've been horrific, Most people would've went home. Now, given a lot of examples here, because you could see how just the tiny change in thought process is everything. Let's dip into a relationship thing a little bit. If somebody around you, your family, your friends, your partner, whoever it is, is unsupportive of not maybe the dream necessarily of what you have, but the material that you're doing or whatever it is, we wanna fight existing reality.

That's usually the habit that we have within is force of material. How's an argument happen? Here's one belief and here's another belief. And I'm right, I'm right, I'm right, I'm right. And then I keep clashing. And as you tell somebody else, they're wrong. They believe more in what they believe in. So it gets worse and worse and deeper and deeper and deeper. Nobody's right, no belief in this world is true. We make it true every time it's this solid. Most people are like, that's a fact. Well, is it if we go into science and we go down to the fundamentals thing of this, we actually can scientifically prove in some sort of fashion that this actually isn't mostly solid. It's actually mostly empty space.

There is no real true belief unless you make it true for yourself. So with the relationship side of things, right, we can't necessarily force and try and change that person because it's near impossible to change ourselves half the time and to change on everybody else is like ridiculous because you are trying to change that person's beliefs so that you can be relieved and feel happier on premise. You'll have to change the world. You'll have to change every single person you come across in order for them to start being, being in accordance with your belief system. Hell of a time trying to do that. However, if we start to change our inner conversation with that individual within ourselves, that starts to change a scenario. Every time an argument happens, every time anything happens, it's because we first argue with the person inside of ourselves. We had this mental mind chatter going on about what could happen. Most times it happens in that way, although not always, cuz we didn't get emotional involved with it. Okay, Chanel set a perfect beautiful example on that little post. I'm gonna go forward two slides live by example, seek to understand most times that other person actually has a really cool viewpoint and we'll be going through this whole thing and pretty much on Wednesday and Friday and Tuesday, UK session as well. Okay? It's our inner conversations. That must change first and then things change.


So let's take a little second here. Devon. I see you gotta go. Totally. Okay. And Susan, I know you had to jump off for a couple of book launch activities and things, I believe. I think that's what you said. So good to have here as well. Does anyone have any questions with this? We're going over a ton of content, lots of material creation is finished.

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