My #1 Manifestation Exercise
Written by Scott Haug on October 31st, 2022
My #1 Manifestation Exercise

In this Special Edition video, Scott shares with you his #1 manifestation exercise that he does daily.

Make sure you have a pen & paper handy to write down these incredible 5 steps to attract your desires right now!

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Scott Haug helps people who study personal development to actually apply the principles so they can manifest the physical results they truly desire.
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Full Transcript

My number one manifesting exercise that I use on a daily basis to work with and be in, harmony with the law of attraction to allow results enter my life. And I teach this practice to all my clients and members, and we've had over 2000 financial wins come in by using this simple five step exercise. Stay tuned.

All right, so let's get into it. I have one exercise I do on a daily basis, and it keeps me, again, in, in harmony with the law of attraction. Keeps me in harmony with the law of assumption. All the other laws out there that help generate results for you or help generate the results you don't want based on your energy and frequency, right? Universe is a place where in the energy field, there's a place where it's objective. It doesn't really matter where you put out, just matching your frequency at all times, right? So this can work for you and it can work against you. What we're trying to do in this video and these exercises consistently in life is working, having all this work for us better and better. Right now, there's a million different exercises out there. You can start doing your affirmations, visualization, gratitude, hypnosis, subconscious reprogramming through subliminal messages, reading a million different books, trying to absorb more and more content in information.

I mean, that just is a tiny, probably 0.01% of the possible exercises out there, right? And those are just some of the usual ones that come out on YouTube videos and things. For me, I found that it was very distracting and very overwhelming to know, what do I do? How do I do this stuff so that I can actually bring in consistent results? It was kind of like hope manifesting. I'd have all these different exercises. I watch all these different cool YouTube videos, or read a couple of self-help books and understand and believed in this process and information. However, I wasn't getting consistent results. I needed something and exercise a system that would help me produce consistent, predictable results. And this is what I discovered. And once I discovered this system, I tested out over at least 12 month time period on myself and seeing would things come in more predictably?

And it did. So then I went a step further and gave this to all my clients and members. I've worked with over 2000 people now and had them test it, and sure enough, it came back as valid. Does this work every single time on your own timeline? Absolutely not. So I'm not saying this is going to control. You're gonna be able to control your reality in such a way that you can manifest anything you want to within the exact time period you want it. So if you write down, I wanna manifest this intention within 12 hours, it doesn't always work like that. Okay? So I encourage you drop the timeline, even if it's urgent, you need it. Now, drop the timeline. Because once you think about the time you're in, your waiting absence feeling, you're thinking about when's it gonna come, when's it gonna come, when's it gonna come?

You're gonna start to feel it's not here. It's not here, it's not here. So you're just gonna propagate, propel out more, More absence of what you don't want, or absence of what you want, and the presence of what you don't want, if that makes sense. So as five step process here, use it. I'm gonna give you every single little detail of it. If you wanna know more information, like you actually want a curriculum to go through, we have all of our courses in the description below our manifestation accelerator. And if you want to teach this stuff, and you actually want to have the licensing rights, use our Curriculum Certified Manifestation Coach program in the description below. If you don't want that stuff, that's okay. This video will give you enough information that you can use on a daily basis to hit your goals, manifest your intentions more and more.

That's just for more of the advanced look of getting more information, more mentorship support as you go through your manifestation journey. Okay? Step number one here is identifying what you want. So you have to decide distinctly on what it is that you want. Sounds very simple, right? But honestly, it's not that simple. We want a million different things. You know, I talk to people every single day, and a lot of them say they want a thousand different things. I wanna become a coach. I wanna become an author. I want to speak on stage. I wanna get into real estate investing. I wanna be financially free. I want to be able to go and help the world leave a legacy by building a non-profit. I also want to go do this. I want to do this. I want, I mean, they have 10,000 things they wanna do, and they're not really focused.

So they're scattered, they're chaotic, they're not really zoned into one project, or they've even run into those people that have five different businesses going, but they're all making maybe a hundred dollars a month, like nothing's happening within those businesses, right? So step number one is getting yourself organized. Get yourself into a decisive place. What is it that you really want? What is the number one thing that makes you excited and nervous? Because excited and nervous is your key indicator that you're gonna be transferring and changing your frequency, your consciousness within, You're gonna be growing, essentially. Okay? So what is it that you want? And I want you to put that into a present tense statement. I now have blank. You don't need to use an IM statement though. You could. Okay? It's about the same thing. It's just, it's just the energy you're doing with you feel the presence of it or do not.

So you can use any statement you want. A lot of people online say, Don't ever use, I want, I want this. You know, it really doesn't matter about the phrase, What matters about the phrase is how you feel about it. So if you want to use a phrase, I am becoming, it's gonna be more truthful to you, and that's fine. Use it until you get to a place where you can now say, I am. Right? It's all about your level of awareness and consciousness. So you don't wanna get to a place where you're saying, I want, and it's feeling in the future. You see what goes down there. So you don't use that statement because again, you're going to feel the absence of what you want. But if you said, I want this, I want this, and you're feeling the presence of it and imagination, it's gonna work, Okay?

So it's not the wording of the phrase, it's how you're feeling about the phrase that matters. That's gonna make the difference. But I encourage you to use, I now have blank, or I just now received blank. I just now received $5,000. I just now received a bonus check. And my job, I just now received the opportunity to have the awareness of how to get my dream car and dream home. I now have the awareness of how to build a business and know my life's purpose in the career side of things. Okay? Whatever it is, go ahead and write down your intention. If you wanna see quick results, I encourage you, Use a chunk of money. I just now manifested $250 out of the blue, okay? Because money is a tangible result. And when you see a tangible numeric result, you can measure it and you can see what comes in.

I encourage you to do something like that. So step number one is have that decision made. Be organized, be clear on what it is that you want. Step number two is identifying the unseen in your imagination as if you have that intention. So you can jot it down, you can write it down, but you literally want to create a mental picture in your imagination of you having the thing that you want. This is constructively using your imagination where all things are started, okay? And allowing yourself to impress this upon the screen of space, upon the screen of the universe, whatever you wanna call, it's not how it exactly works, but it sometimes, as human beings, we need to put these things into words to understand it, right? Essentially, what you're doing is lifting yourself to a higher frequency when you're establishing that and seeing, okay?

But you don't lift yourself to a higher frequency yet, until step three. Step number two is just identify an unseen, which means identify a scenario you could picture in your imagination as if you have the thing you want. So from our example, if I now receive $250, I may see my checking account increased by $250. Pretty simple, right? But you need to be very clear on what that is. Be specific. Use your five senses. And again, it comes from that decision in organization in step number one. Have that ran down, understand it, see it in your imagination. Step number three is practicing the frequency of that thing. So step number three is feeling that unseen to be true. Today. A lot of people have a lot of trouble with this. When they say, I am successful, I am wealthy, All these things, they don't believe it, right?

They say it's Bs, whatever. Why? Because they're comparing their statement. They're saying out loud to their current physical reality, whatever's going on in their life. So if I say, Now I have $250, okay? Or I just now receive $250, their mind says, No, I don't. Where is it? I don't see it. Right? So they compare the statement to the physical reality, and it's a losing game. That's how you manifest. You wanna compare to your spiritual potential. So even though these statements may be physical lies, they're spiritual truth, they are your spiritual prototype. They are a vibrational reality. These are things that are real in the energetic sense, but not real yet in the physical sense. Does that make sense? So the idea here is when you're saying your statement and you're starting to visualize it, you just tell your mind, Okay, maybe it's not physically true yet, but it's true in my imagination.

So I'm gonna feel it to be true in my imagination. And the mind doesn't matter. It doesn't matter what. If you're feeling something that's imagined something that's real, it doesn't matter, you're still manifesting it. Okay? That's the cool part about it. So just compare it to your imagination. Is it true in my imagination right now? Yes, it is. It's true in my imagination right now, that I now can see myself with an extra $250. Get the idea. Same idea with affirmations. You compare it to the physical, you're not gonna, you're not gonna believe it. You're gonna think this stuff's bs this, It's not working for me. Any of that stuff, right? You wanna actually be in the center of understanding it and feeling it. Okay? That's step number three. Step number four, a lot of people have trouble with, because right after they do that in, in visualization, they open their eyes, they live their day, they're looking for, right?

They're searching hour after hour. They're like, Where is it? Is it gonna be here? Is it gonna be there? How's it gonna come? Right? They get into overthinking. They logically are trying to manifest. You don't logically manifest anything you feel into your manifestations. So in step number four, basically you want to let and allow, you wanna allow yourself to stop thinking about the thing, forget about it temporarily, and get to work, serve people. Start really going around and think of all the things you're grateful for, increasing your frequency. Send out love to people, Bless people. Okay? Go out there. And if you have a business, start understanding how can I serve my clientele better? How can I serve my potential prospects better? If you're in a job, how can I serve my employer better? How can I serve my team better? Even if you hate the job, I don't care if you hate the job, Why are you there?

Right? Maybe you're there because the benefits and all the other stuff, right? But those are justifying reasons on why you're staying where you're at. Energetically. Find the good, They're pay, they're giving you a paycheck, they're paying for your bills, they're paying for your groceries, They're maybe supporting your family. Find the good, okay? So no matter what, start being a beacon of increase to all. Okay? And when you're in business, I'm not saying go out there and just do some motivational quotes in, in there, something of that nature. What I'm talking about is go out there and get and earn potential more business, okay? Have the opportunity opening to allow yourself to increase the deals, increase the people on your team, increase the sales in some sort. So go out there and look to increase all. Step number four, letting and allowing. Step number five is repeating this process on a daily basis, Okay?

Because a lot of people are so stuck in their old identity, so, so stuck in their, their current reality that they don't stay in that feeling. They do this exercise and then they get out of it for 10 hours, you know, later in the day before they go to bed. And then they try and do it again in the morning, and then they're in this chronic absence feeling. So what you wanna do is practice this vibration every day. Practice the frequency of how that feels. Practice the frequency of being in a different level of consciousness on a daily basis. Okay? Now, really quick with number five, if you start practicing this, and you're starting to, again, distrust the whole process, okay? Stop the practice, let it go. Go into step number four. Again, let and allow, get into the increase. Increase, okay? You need to stay in that good feeling, frequency, the best you can do.

You get to feel good all day to have this stuff manifest. You don't, okay? You don't at all. But what you need to be in is more of the presence feeling of that intention. That's the name of the game. So this is my five step process. I still do this on a daily basis, and it works okay? I've been able to transform myself from zero to 10,000 a month, having no experience, no marketing knowledge, no business knowledge, no entrepreneurship, none of it in 60 days. When I got started many years ago as an entrepreneur, previously I was an A, I was an engineer, aerospace engineer, mechanical engineer. I had no, I, I had no idea what I was doing, but I trusted this information. I started to do the mindset principles, the exercises, plus doing the entrepreneur actions that are needed to get there. Okay?

From there, I went from 10,000 a month to 20,000 a month, right? So a quarter million dollar business, okay? Took me time, took about 12 months building, strengthening my mindset, following my guidance, following support, doing all these things. Then I went from 20 to $50,000 a month over a $600,000 year per business, right? And I started to, again, absorb the frequent, understand, practicing the element of consciousness, practicing the element of prosperity, practicing the ideas of all this, right? Start to manifest dream homes. Or I was living in a condo on the beach, right? With my wonderful partner. And just have an extraordinary experience of being able to live in that style of a living, right? Those kinds of ideas to being able to earn over six figures in a single day, $120,000 in a single couple hour time period, right? So you can see the jumps, but it took me a long time.

I practice this on a daily basis. I hope this video really installs these in this, these ideas that this stuff is not magic, okay? Manifestation, law of attraction has become such a, you know, you watch all those motivational videos out there and everything like that, and it's good motivation pump up, right? But it doesn't give you the truth that this stuff takes time. You need to practice the consciousness of this stuff and to practice the prosperity ideas, practicing the idea of manifesting your intentions, practicing the idea of you living in that dream home, practicing the idea of you being with that soulmate, practicing the idea of you having more money in your accounts, right? It's a constant practice, and you're gonna have some up and ups and downs. I'm not always up, okay? I have my days or my weeks where things are a little bit less or a little bit more, You know, Things are not just constantly expanding.

Like this, as you might know as an entrepreneur, or as you might know, is somebody who's a manifestor, as you might know, somebody who studies personal development. It goes like this, but your general curve is up, but it's gonna go up and down, okay? And into, into a place where you're getting higher and higher, but it's not linear, okay? So you're gonna have your days where you're up, you believe in the stuff, gonna have some days where you're down, where you don't even believe because you're not seeing the result. It's okay. It's normal, it's natural. I wish more people told you that, because that helps. It feels, I can believe in this. I know I'm gonna have some days where I'm way up some days where I'm not as much up, right? I'm not saying that you need to run into terrible difficulty. I'm not saying that.

What I am saying is, those down days are just growth days. What lesson can I learn and how can I grow through it? Okay? If you have a a week, that's a little more challenging. What lesson can I learn in order for me to grow those up weeks? Fantastic. How much gratitude can I put out there for that week that I had? So step number five is really important. Those five step process, practice the consciousness of where you wanna be more and more and more. Once you get there, you'll start seeing the effects of this. All right, Scott Haug signing off here, I hope, again, today's video is immensely helpful to you. If it was, please lay a comment down in the comment section below and type out something that was helpful to you. As I plan out creating more of these videos, I want to know where you are at so I can specifically help you with your challenges, blind spots, or anything else when it comes to manifesting or anything that goes with law of attraction.

If you have a topic that you're interested in, you wanna know more information about that you could use some help on and support on, throw it in the comment section below as well. All right? And again, if you want some more help with this beyond just the YouTube video here, today's video, we'll help you immensely, okay? If you're one of those advanced people that want to go beyond this, okay, Links in the description below for a manifestation accelerator course, as well as becoming a certified manifestation coach. Being able to teach this very information, creating a business out of it, earning income, and helping people around the world links in the description below. And if you haven't already, throw a like on the video and subscribe to our channel, clicking at by icon so you can get notified when we do send out more videos like this. And we're doing more specialized videos to help you as much as possible. Try out the five step exercise. Be able to practice the consciousness of where you want to go. Have consistency and discipline, and watch the goodness that comes into your life.

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