Creation Is Finished - You don’t need to know 'HOW' it will happen! (Neville Goddard)
Written by Scott Haug on October 21st, 2022
Creation Is Finished - You don’t need to know 'HOW' it will happen! (Neville Goddard)

Are you someone who is always thinking about how are your manifestations going to come true? How will your desires show up in your life?

In this Neville Goddard teaching, you will understand that All creation is finished and you don't need to know HOW it will happen!

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Full Transcript

Now, this is a big idea. Think about it. There is an, according to this, think about what this means. There is an infinite number of your possible futures. The reality of you, the future reality of you being the utmost failure. It's a possibility. Now that's 0.0, 0 0 0 1, probably percentage wise of your possible futures. But it's there.

The possibility of you being the most major success in living the exact dream life that you are looking for also exists. Now, sometimes we can't fathom, and I don't think we're ever supposed to made to fathom this idea because our consciousness, we experienced this timeline past the present to future, right? We can remember what happened yesterday. I think most of us can remember most of what happened yesterday, or we can kind of see how some of the future will play out from here. We wanna know exactly what it is, but we can see the timeline. We can understand that it's hard to understand when we say all pass in all future, and all time, everything that has ever existed is still here and now it's just in a different form of energy. So let's go through this. So this means every single one of your goals, your goal, it's already a future. So if it's already a possible future, how do we activate that possibility? That's the conclusion of what this is. Let's go through it. Creation is finished. Creativeness is only a deeper receptiveness for the entire contents of all time and all space, while experienced in a time sequence actually coexist in an infinite and eternal. Now,

Okay, I'm gonna draw a couple lines here. Take some screenshots as you go. And while I'm underlining all this and kind of separating things, kind of read through it a little bit. The contents of all time in all space, while experienced in a time sequence what he means by time sequences, while experienced in a past, up until the moment of the present to the future, it's all experienced in this time sequence. It already actually coexist in an infinite and eternal now,


Let's go on the next part here. In other words, all that you ever have been or ever will be. In fact, all that mankind ever has or ever will be exists. Now here's the big kicker.

It's all it has to do is be activated in your imagination persistently every single day, getting emotionally involved, which is getting into the vibration of that thing. Now, I'm gonna name a couple of you on here, Jim Lorraine, right? Your awesome future is ahead of you. You have so many great things that you have set and intention wise, goals and vision wise for you two, your family and everything else that you're doing with the speaking, with the, you know, things going out there with the seminar and everything else. Look at this statement for you. All that you ever have been in the past, the present and all you will ever be in the future already exists. It's pretty good. This is what is meant by creation. And the statement that creation is finished means that nothing's ever to be created is only to be manifested. This is the explanation of why you don't need to know how things are gonna happen. Now, think about what that means. We're constantly banging it out. We're trying to create things with, you know, taking in so much action throughout the day. Most times, we're trying to get things done feels good. When we got a busy day going, we got a hundred things done, we're going, going, going, and then we sit down. Whoa, got it?

Because we feel like we have to create, we have to manipulate the universe to allow the circumstances to come into play. Now, like I mentioned, I'm gonna key in this new place. I'm in here because it's the most beautiful place I could possibly pick. And I had it in my imagination every single day that I could walk to the beach from my place. That's what I wanted. I wanted to be able to walk to the beach right from my place and have it be a five minute or less walk being around nature completely. I didn't wanna be in buildings all the time and things. I wanna be surrounded by nature and everything else, okay? This place already existed, but I had no awareness. Think of the words I'm saying here. This place already existed, but I had no awareness that it was this place that could possibly be at. I didn't know about it. I had no idea. There's millions of places here in Los Angeles, millions areas, buildings, places to live. But every single day I said, I'm going to find a place that I can walk that's around nature, that's around the exec place where I wanna be. And I walk into that building and I know, bang, I know this is it. This is where I wanna live. And after about 30 days of saying that out loud, every single day within my self image, bang, I found it.

And when I found that place, I knew something went. Whoa. I knew exactly the area was the right area, and I knew the exact place was the right place. Now, how does that come? That's all that happened was a change in awareness to allow me to go down that path based on my intention. It's easy enough. What if 30 days, you know that 30 day time period. What if from day one I said instead, I would like to have a five minute walk to the desert. I'd like to be able to walk a little bit in the more warmth, a hundred degree weather, stuff like that in Los Angeles. Still, I would've probably wound up in places like Burbank or the outside areas of la. One intention said differently for the 30 days, could have set my path in completely different directions. By one idea, those places exist. And the possibility of me living over in Burbank area instead of where I'm living now, already exist. And it was my choice of the concept of who I wanted to be and where I wanted to live. That brought this into physical reality. So in your business, to make a quantum leap and to do exactly where you're gonna go to the next level, you don't have to know how, You don't have to guess, You don't have to worry. You have to think about all these things. You just have to know it's possible. Creation is finished. That possible future is there, but it is my intention and my choice in deliberately persistently feeling, getting emotionally involved in imagination, that will kick that in the right gear.

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