This is the Law that dictates the exact amount of money you earn (LOC)
Written by Scott Haug on October 14th, 2022
This is the Law that dictates the exact amount of money you earn (LOC)

There's many laws of the Universe and this one is SUPER important if you want to become wealthy.

In this video, you'll see how the law of compensation dictates the exact amount of money you earn and how to be in harmony with it!

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Full Transcript

There's a law that dictates the exact money you wanna earn. You well know it or you at least seen it before. Most people are like, Yeah, yeah, yeah. Love compensation. There's the three points and the income is a direct ratio. If your income is dictated by law, we should study this every day. I think if you wanna earn more money, if you wanna do greater things, you wanna be connected to financial abundance nonstop and do something even more extraordinary. Cuz money will magnify who you are. If you have 10 times the amount that you have. We've already study this law all the time, love compensation. The amount of money you will earn is always in direct to that should be ratio two. Number one, the need for what you do. Number two, your ability to do it. And number three, the difficulty there is replacing you.

Now, most of you have heard this a thousand times before. Some of you may be brand new it to it tonight, on which one to focus on. Number two, your ability to do what you do. There's already a need for what you do. It's already there and you didn't dictate it. It's the marketplace of this world. It's already there. The need for what you do is there. Number three, the difficulty replacing you will automatically be more difficult when you start to become better at what you do. Think Bob Proctor, how difficult it is to replace Bob. Enormous. It's because the ability for him to do what he dos is enormous. Now here's where we wanna take notes. Your ability to do what you do is broken up into two sections, is a quality of service in the quantity of service. It's this simple. Now I can, I can really feel really good alignment right now. So I hope a lot of you have just a major breakthrough, like you've seen it in a different light tonight. It's this simple. If you wanna increase your income, you just focus on two areas, the quality of your service and the quantity of service. You make the most badass product that you can and you bring it to as many people as possible. That's all it is.

Hopefully got your notes written down. Everyone good? Got that? How do you increase the service? How can you do better than what you're doing now? Number one, you become way better at what you're doing every day. You gotta grow. And number two, you find all the ways to make your program, make your thing, make your product in service way better. Adam, how can you be doing better than what you're doing? You're doing really well. How can you increase the quality of your service by 10 X? Hmm, Maybe you haven't thought of it. Maybe you have. How can you it to 10 x the amount of people that you're doing right now? I know you're making transition to be a consultant, but why not think about that stuff now,

Armando, your quality of service is fantastic. We've talked about that before. Maybe the quality or the quantity. What's, what's going on here? What can, what can we do better? Right? Obviously it's very, it's very simple thinking, right? If you bring in 10 x the amount of people into your business, those, you're gonna be paid a lot more money. So we put our focus there and then we go through the law of understanding and law of compensation saying, I understand that I just need to bring more energy to the world with what I do. It's not the circumstances, it's not my location, it's not my family, it's not my partner, it's my alignment and the amount of service that I'm doing.

Perfect. Representation is my business here. Now think about what's going on, right? The quality of service. I aim to get better and better every day of my life. And so fast that it's phenomenal to the people looking in outward into my life. That's how fast I want it to go. So phenomenally, people can't even understand what's going on in my life. That's how fast I wanna progress. And since I want that and believe that I can do that, that's what's happening. The quality of service. I wanna, I wanna serve all of you better than ever before. And we talked about the paradigm shift seminar. My goal I have for the amount of enrollments that I want into this program. And with that, to be able to double, triple, and quadruple the amount of service, not the amount of time, say on one on one. The amount of value that we provide in this program.

Not increasing the price, providing so much more value to every one of you that this will be the most badass program you will ever have to buy in your life. That's what goes through my mind every day. And that's why things start to change and morph and get better. And then the quantity, bringing this to more people. Finding ideas on how to market better. So your ability to do it. It's not just me becoming a better coach, although that's part of the process. It's me also doing better marketing, better sales, better understanding, better business ownership. And the same goes for you. The same goes for you on how you can not only do better in your service and how you provide the service, but better in marketing it better at helping people with that. And how do you do it? Number one, you have the internal concept change. And number two, you do all the research to find ways to make that a real, you work on it every day. Now, I already mentioned this, but I'm gonna say it again. It is this simple. It's this simple.

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