How you can start to believe that money is simple to earn! (Law of Attraction)
Written by Scott Haug on October 12th, 2022
How you can start to believe that money is simple to earn! (Law of Attraction)

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Full Transcript

How can you start to believe that money is simple to earn? In fact, that was one of Bob's key phrases over the weekend. He said, I believe money is the simplest thing to earn. Does he believe it because he has a lot of money? Or did he start to believe that and that's why he has a lot of money?


I just wanna say that phrase again. Does Bob believe that money is simple to earn? It comes easily and flows to him. Does he believe it because he has all the money or did he have to believe that and then he got the money? Oh yeah. Bob believes that cuz he has millions of dollars, of course it's easy for him to believe that he's been doing this for 57 years. Of course it's simple for him to earn money. But that's just a reason, an excuse in somebody's mind saying, Well he only has that because he is rich. He only has that cuz he is prosperous. Maybe it's the absolute.


Any questions? I think I might get that tattooed somewhere. B, do have, or I might just keep that like in my hand at all times at index card. Maybe I'll do it right on my forehead. So you can see it. Every single coaching call. Oh yeah, B do have. Yeah, I have to look at Scott's four at every single coaching call. Hmm. So says put it on a coin. Yeah. Like one of these. Proctor Gallagher. So most of you have one of these, you know coins though.

Now stick with me here. Everyone good? Everyone awake, Alert. Ready, excited. Go ahead and raise your hand here. So I, I know you're alive, you're awake, You're, you're here with me now. We're taking a lot of time. I know there's not like epic music going on in the background and really sping up sometimes we're doing this introspection that could take a lot of thought power. You know, you might be, oh my God, I got Facebook alert or I got a text on my phone and let's look at Instagram while we're on the call and in different things. So you wanna stay attentive as much as possible and how do you do it? Active learning. So if you need to get up, jump around, do some jump jacks. You know, do something to make sure your, your physical year, okay? One of the best parts of not being in a seminar and being on a call instead is you can move around you can you not sitting down the whole time. You can really start to move and, okay, we're good. All right, let's go ahead and rock. Okay, couple extra things here. Okay, here's a graphic illustration of what we're talking about. Very good to go over. So now we went all in the words. Let's go into the graphics really quick. Then we're gonna go into pretty much law of compensation, which everyone loves here. Everyone's seen before their frequencies. Remember you are walking massive energy whether you believe it or not.

Okay? And if you're walking massive energy, you operate on these frequencies and you'll attract to whatever in harm with. Remember, it doesn't always happen instantaneously. That's the whole thing about this thing, right? Law of gravity, we can see it just happens. Boom, boom, boom. We can believe that the law of gravity's there, right? The law of attraction. Sometimes we don't see the effects because at all matches together. There is no real just one cause, one effect, linear type of thing. This happens, this happens, this happens, this happens, right? It's unfathomable how things will come together, right?

So it takes time. And we live in a world of instantaneous gratification, right? You wanna call somebody, boom, you're there. You wanna get a package delivered Amazon, the same day delivery within like four hours sometimes. So they live in la boom. It's right there, right? Gotta remember, the laws have not changed though. It still will take time for you to get what you desire. That's why we have to be persistent. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, right? Things are morphing. The universe is helping you in unfathomable ways, okay? And it's happening in the background and you don't even know it. But you have to remember to remain in face saying, I don't care what the physical world is telling me. I know what my imagination's telling me.

Live on the frequency up here. How do you do it? Like we said, find all the reasons to feel ease. You tell yourself every day I feel ease because I feel so grateful for the money I do have. I feel so grateful to have an extra 30 grand in my checking account. Come in over the next 30 days. You start telling, you start telling this new story about money and you and your world will change and it will morph to your new belief system. But you gotta do it every day. Every day. Especially if you have a spouse. Don't talk about money in a bad way. Usually happens with within relationships. When one person's on abundance and one person's not. Change the subject. Just talk about the weather. Get on the subject that you wanna talk about and you think about abundance when you can take care of what you need to take care of. One quick thing here, cause this was a major question. What do you do with physical reality 5% of the time? Take care of what you need to take care of.

Okay? Of course we wanna always remember physical reality is physical reality is happening now. Absolutely. Spend time being financially responsible. 100%. If you're missing things, you're missing bills. Bills are late, Payments are late. And this constantly happening. It's not because the money in your bank account, It's your decision to create the habit that you are a person that pays on time. You'll jump to the frequency to be the person. Always have enough money for exactly what you want. Hmm. So take care of what you need to take care of. Be responsible. Do what you need to do. Move around the things in the bank account a bank account, Make sure you're good. Whatever it is. Then 95% of the time you wanna put an imagination in the feeling of abundance, thinking of what you do want, take care of what you need to take care of.

Make a committed decision that you will always, no matter what, have whatever you need to have on the day. The bill or payment or whatever it's due. Again, it's not because of what's in your bank account. I've been there and I was always like, man, I don't have the money for this or I don't have this. And I missed a payment before in, in different things, right? I was paying student loans and it was the last thing I wanted to pay cuz I hated it. And then I switched over to loving it and I said, it's a giving opportunity. Every bill that you have is a giving opportunity for a company to put on the lights. You didn't have to put the plumbing in, you don't have to have the water. Why not be so grateful to pay your bills? Because people have set up things that you don't even have to set up.

Why not be so genuinely grateful for a program payment? Because Bob Proctor put 57 years of knowledge and you didn't have to do it. Why not be so grateful to pay your rent that somebody else built this? Somebody else put the electricity in. And that's all you have to do is pay a monthly fee in order to live in shelter. And when you come from that place, you're connected to source where all things originate and all abundance is always there. Giving opportunities 5% of the time, be responsible as what you need to take care of 95% of the time. Live where you wanna live, where your goal is.

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