The "BIG" Money thinking process! (Think and Grow Rich)
Written by Scott Haug on October 5th, 2022
The "BIG" Money thinking process! (Think and Grow Rich)

Some of you have a positive thinking process or a negative one when it comes to the "big" money.

Listen in to this video to find out now what kind of thinking process you have and how to upgrade or improve it!

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Full Transcript

Now this one is gonna follow perfectly in line. You're a spiritual being. All of you know that on this call, every single one of you. But most people are like, Yeah, I understand that, but you don't understand my situation. If we really embrace the idea that we are a perfect spiritual being, we would understand that this bank statement, this income, whatever it is, we don't have to fear about money. We can be in complete control of money. Money is an energy. Is it gonna be the servant or is it gonna be our master? If you look at money and you have any weary feelings around to money, a little lack or a little weird feeling, it means money is your master. Woo. I'm gonna change that real quick. Last deal. Your paradigm is how you see the world. Remember the paradigm is all your beliefs, all your habitual ways of thinking and your feeling. If you believe money is still challenge, it's not because it's true. It's because that's where your programs not to criticize yourself. We just wanna change it. And the last one that Bob said, for money, you don't have to be smart to earn it. You just have to know how to earn it. Money's a game. If you know the rules, you're gonna win. That's so cool.

All right, so that was foundational ideas covered in the paradigm shift seminar here. A couple of lines deliberately take it some time here. Really think through these lines. They're here for a reason. What did you need to hear from all those lines? Pick one of those lines. Make it a mantra for this week. You said out loud every day. What did you need to see?

Everyone got it? Everyone here with me? Gimme a quick hand raise. If you're ready to rock, let's go into money. Nice.


Let's do it. Foundational, but the foundations are everything.

Take a grow rich. This is where we wanna take this. This is in the mastermind chapter. It's the very back of the book almost. Okay? Very important. When money comes in, quantities known as the big money it flows to one who accumulates it. As easily as water flows downhill, there exists a great unseen stream of power, which may be compared to a river, except that the one side flows in one direction, carrying all who get into that side of the stream, onward and upward to wealth, and the other side flows in the opposite direction, carrying all who are unfortunate enough to get into it and not able to remove themselves from it downward to misery and poverty.

Every man who has accumulated great fortune has recognized the existence of this stream of life. It consists of one's thinking process, the positive emotions of thought form the side of the stream, which carries one to fortune. The negative emotions form the side, which carries one down to poverty. This carries a thought of stupendous importance to the person who is following this program with the object of accumulating a fortune, magnifying your income. If you are on the side of the stream of power, which leads to having some lackful thoughts, this coaching program may serve as an O by which you propel yourself over to the other side of the stream. It can serve you only through application and use merely reading and passing judgment on it. Either way or another will in no way benefit you. One of my favorite three paragraphs, we've went over this, so I've been in the program for many months now. We went over this many times

Merely reading this and passing judgment on without the application in use. He's talking about has no, no bearing. You can know this information, but if it's not happening internally, it doesn't matter. That's why we're applying it tonight. Think about what he's saying. Every person who's accumulated a great fortune earned 50 grand per month. Every person has recognized the unseen stream of power in life. What is that? Unseen stream power. It's one's thinking process around money. Most important part in this entire slide, the positive emotions of thought, the positive emotions of thought form the side of the stream, which carries one to fortune.

Hmm. Forget some solid notes down on that. The negative emotions of thought form the side, which carries one down to poverty. Now, poverty can mean earning five grand a month and not having enough for the things that you want. That's poverty. Poverty doesn't just mean homelessness or anything like that. Poverty is a mental disease. It's a disease where you're always in fear, which is a thought process. It's emotionalized thought on the negative side about money, the negative emotions, the fear based emotions of thought carry one down to lack, but the positive emotions of thought carry one and flow you upward to abundance and having $30,000 a month come in now. I really, I really hope you can just hear these words be in this moment with me here and now. Okay? Don't be elsewhere. You know it's daydream. Come to this moment here and now listen into the words. Okay? Feel the energy. Okay? Be aware and awake that says, just tell yourself, hmm, If I'm not earning the exact income I wanna earn, maybe I don't really understand this yet, but I'm going to a little bit better here. Now I'm gonna reread those two lines and really start to about this a little bit deeper.

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