Bob Proctor (Stick Figure Diagram): Do this to Achieve Your Desires even with Resistance!
Written by Scott Haug on September 30th, 2022
Bob Proctor (Stick Figure Diagram): Do this to Achieve Your Desires even with Resistance!

I'm sure you know how challenging it can be to attract your desires in your 3D reality when there's internal and external resistance all around you!

This is a powerful teaching with Scott & Bob Proctor on do this to achieve your desires even with resistance!

These videos are referring to Bob Proctor’s stick figure diagram when Scott was a coach for Bob. The diagrams shown are not Scott’s, they are a part of the Proctor Gallagher Institute.

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Full Transcript

Larry says, how do you continue to achieve your desires with external influences and resistances? Okay. So that's pretty much a winning question. And we'll end with that here now. Cause I know we're at the top of the hour and we like to really be puncture with everything that we do. So last little question here. It's a great question, Larry. It's pretty much the number one question everyone would have. How do I stay in control myself? That's the answer staying in control of yourself. Okay. Understanding is number one, understanding that your circumstances, the resistance, the external factors have no power over you, unless you let it.

I'm telling people go like, I don't mean this in an ego way. Everyone knows that. Okay. People will go throughout the day and they'll see me and something will happen. And I just don't even have an emotional remark about it. Something bad or good is happening. People are saying like, don't you feel terrible about that thing? I'm like, no, why would I feel terrible? I can't control that thing. I could just control myself. And it is what it is. Accept it. Find the good as you find the good you're putting your thoughts on that frequency and you won't attract that BS anymore. Let me take action from there. Okay. So Larry, to answer your question, it's this program, how do you stay in control of yourself? You do the program. You create the awareness and the exercises on how to flip your mind on that other frequency.

And also go through Michael Beckwith's three step process. Bob says it all the time. I've said it many times on his call. Number one, accept it. It is what it is. Accept it. It is what it is. Physically accept it. Number two, harvest the good find the good, what you can find in there. Journal about the good aspects. If you're a big Abraham Hicks fan, she says it all the time. Have a journal of my book of positive aspects. Every teacher is saying the same thing, but we gotta listen. That's how we remain in control of ourselves. One. It is what it is. Accept it. Two harvest the good, find the good in all things. There's always good in all things. Okay. And number three, forgive all the rest. Let go and put, focus onto what you want.

All right. So we're gonna wrap up here. I'll tell you a couple of things on how to apply it. And then we'll go ahead and wrap up. Let me go ahead and stop the screen. Share what a beautiful call. Okay. I just couldn't wait. I, I, these Monday calls are like my favorite thing to do on the entire world because I will know exactly what to cover. Chanel had a great question. How much of it is intuitive? How much do you just kind of just go with the flow and you know, different things. How much of it is already predetermined? I'd say this many times, I just, on the Monday, I just know exactly what we need to cover tonight to piece things together for everybody. I let I do this, these principles, this same thing. I let those power flow two. And through me all week, I'll gather information.

I know where people are. I know what challenges are. Even if you don't see me actually asking you, I know it intuitively as well as throughout the posts and the things that are happening within the group. Okay. And then it pieces it all together. And instantly I get an urge. I get a flash. I get an idea that says, that's it. Okay. I do the same principles. Okay. And you could do the same thing, the same thing that would cover today. I do the same thing. So I wanna always impress upon that, that I'm doing the same thing. That's how these things happen in my life. Okay. I just, you wanna live these principles the best you can. Every single day, they become a thought pattern. Okay. So how do you apply this every single day? Just keep on your thinking results lesson. That's the most simplified version of this material.

So keep going on your thinking results lesson first and foremost. Okay. Number two. If you'd like to watch this replay five minutes a day for the next two weeks. Okay. Just five minutes a day or 10 minutes a day and do that for a week straight. Something like that. To impress these ideas upon you. Number three, do our paradigm shift, exercise and start to really relax and be at ease. Number one thing. Remember a little tattoo B you have right post on your bathroom mirror, post on your kitchen post on your refrigerator. Something that says ease capital letters, ease to remind yourself every day. Feel the reasons to feel ease. And I will feel ease. I will let the power flow tune and through me and things will start to become ease. Okay.

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