Bob Proctor (Stick Figure Diagram): This is how you know your Manifestations are unfolding perfectly
Written by Scott Haug on September 28th, 2022
Bob Proctor (Stick Figure Diagram): This is how you know your Manifestations are unfolding perfectly

Are you aware of when and how your manifestations are unfolding in your life everyday?

This is a powerful teaching with Scott & Bob Proctor on how your manifestations are unfolding perfectly!

These videos are referring to Bob Proctor’s stick figure diagram when Scott was a coach for Bob. The diagrams shown are not Scott’s, they are a part of the Proctor Gallagher Institute.

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Full Transcript

So now you understand the law of vibration. You understand why these laws work. Now the whole point of this is you should be immense faith. Okay? Your goal is it's going to become inevitable. You just have to do it repeatedly feeling as if it's already here every day. Why do you have to do it every day? Because if you send it out to the universe and then for the next 30 days, you're fearing everything, whatever vibration trumps, whatever vibration you are emotionally involved with most of the time is what you get. We live in a physical realm where there's time associated with it, right? If there was no time in our physical realm, we couldn't fathom even what that means. Okay. But if everything happened by seconds, right? You planted a flower and it was boom. It was up. You the woman was impregnated and you instantly tomorrow, the baby was here, right?

If, if our world operated that way, you would get bum bum, boom, BU bubo. You would have all these things happening. It's not how our world works. We have a time sequence that we live in, in this physical world. That's why everything's not happening all the time. Take some time. It could take an hour. It could take five minutes. It could take five hours, whatever it is. But oftentimes there are little stepping stones that will unfold to help you on your path in your journey. Took about, say, when you got a message from me or a call from me or so in my, as, you know, whatever, it's just one stepping stone in the unfolding of your progress, on where you want it to go in life. So remember that it's not just boom, things are happening, although they can remember that. Oftentimes they're unfolding as you speak, you're taking the steps forward. We wanna calm down more and say, it's okay that everything's not happening here. And now I understand life is a very miraculous journey and I embrace that when you embrace it. That's when things come faster anyways. Okay. Cause you're not so resistant.

Okay. I'd just like to take a second here and I hope you have some good ideas written down, went through so much. So we're gonna take two minutes here. I'm just gonna pause. I'm gonna go through the chatbox here, of course. But let's just take a pause. No music, no nothing. And I just encourage you to think what was it today that got the breakthrough for you? I felt for probably a lot of you felt intuitively. So what did it today? What, what did you hear that said? Oh yeah. Okay. Yeah. I think I I'm getting this way deeper. Okay. All right. I love your comment. This is fing amazing. Psyched up. I love it. Love the intensity.

By the way these teachings and things I've only heard Bob ever talk about anything like this only at the inner circle stuff. So

Just wanna let you know that a lot of people won't get this information, but you're ready for it. So I hope you realize how dominant all of you are on this call. Believe in yourself so much more. You have more knowledge and more deepness of this material than people will have their entire lifetime. And I so deeply mean that most people just keep reading more books and more books and more books, and they have so much trouble piecing all this together. They're trying to read books and then they may even touch. Never go. Like, I, I think I, they say they'll know it, but they won't actually know it. Okay. So just realize you are on this path that sages and mystics and philosophers have been trying to do for thousands of years, thousands of years, trying to figure out the purpose of life and what's going on here and how do things work and okay. So just really feel the certainty that says, all right. Yeah. Let's relax a little bit. You got this, anything that you want it's coming. Okay. Let's relax. Let's enjoy life a little bit more. There's a line that Bob said, write it down. Life should be, it is a good one to write down for yourself to say out loud life is a rich, meaningful adventure. If you make it, it,

Life is a rich, meaningful adventure. If you make it.

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