Bob Proctor (Stick Figure Diagram): How Your Subconscious Mind works just like your Phone!
Written by Scott Haug on September 26th, 2022
Bob Proctor (Stick Figure Diagram): How Your Subconscious Mind works just like your Phone!

Have you ever wondered how your subconscious mind really works?

This is a powerful teaching with Scott & Bob Proctor on how your subconscious mind works just like your phone!

These videos are referring to Bob Proctor’s stick figure diagram when Scott was a coach for Bob. The diagrams shown are not Scott’s, they are a part of the Proctor Gallagher Institute.

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Full Transcript

This is why Bob said, this is the most incredible number. One thing that he's ever learned in 57 years, this diagram now we've all, we all have the, the thankfulness that Bob has brought this to our attention. We didn't have to go through 10 years of study in order to find this drawing to piece everything together. We already got it. And we take it for granted. I really hope you got that one. Sometimes I'll look the stick figure diagram. I'm like, oh yeah, I got it. Yeah. I, I got the stick figure. I got it. I know what it means. Right? Okay. This is the number one thing, because it sums up this entire thing in one drawing. Think about this without the visual. We'd have no idea conscious to subconscious and without do picture like a huge circle going inside. Where's it all go?

It all is summed up in this, right? Look at that middle diagram. We'll start there. Results you want. We're entertaining that. It's an idea. We, we think about it. We're we're saying it out loud. We're writing it out loud. We're hearing it in, in audio. We're we're visualizing it. We're talking to our spouse on how good money feels. Things were rolling. Second part, we feel yourself with a result, you desire. We feel, we feel ease. We find all the reasons to feel ease. We feel relaxed. We feel freedom, regardless, regardless of what's going on. We choose to feel good because we can cuz we have the understanding and the knowhow of how to do it. As soon as, as soon as your desires are constantly felt, you feel really, really good. You're feeling ease. You're feeling wonderful. What are you feeling? Grateful. Science getting rich has a whole chapter on gratitude. Okay? You're starting to feel these ways. You start to feel your desire. You feel as if it's real, it feels like the natural gets. Think about these words. I say 'em all the time. It's the natural next logical step for you to receive what you wanna receive. Then it becomes reality. Why has it become reality? Because immediately when your subconscious mind is absorbed with this idea, it is instantaneously in all places at all times.

Ooh. Why? How is that possible? Well, let's write down a couple of facts. We know subconscious is part of the universal mind.

Mm. Okay. So if it's connected to universal minds, that must mean we're connected to all minds. Therefore you hear the expression. We're all one. Sometimes we're like the hell I'm. I am not that person over there. And I'm not that person over there and I'm not that person. Right. We don't wanna, we don't wanna accept that idea. It's because we don't understand what that means. Okay. So universal mind, all connected. And we also know subconscious mind has no time and no space associated with it. And I always like to say, think about your phone. Okay. So what does that mean? No time and no space. How, how do you fathom what that means? It's your phone. We talk about this all the time. How could somebody, 50 years ago fathom what a cell phone would do. You'd probably think that's that person's insane, right? To have a device like this, that can call any place in the entire world that has some sort of reception. And you can call that person in. You don't have to wait four hours through a time zone to send in, receive a message. Instantly your voice goes through this device and is in the other side of the world. Now they couldn't even fathom thinking about that. Think about a hundred years ago, right? You could not fathom what that would mean.

And you also tell them every person in the world almost has one of these and that's just a start. You can do a thousand other things. Okay? So, so you get the gist of it, right? That person cannot fathom. How do you travel through the entire world? All this physical space and all these time zones, 12 hours different. How, how is that possible? Cause it's all vibration. So when we think subconscious, how is it possible that there's no time and no space associated with it? Cuz it's all vibration. Ah, therefore, since we're, there's no time and no space associated with this. Now our subconscious mind is part of the universal mind. Therefore you can influence people from China to call you up, to buy whatever you need to buy, to get your desire. Right? Bob always says it all the time. If somebody has to come from China, they will to make your desire, come into fruition.

If you're emotionally involved with it. That's when you see people scenarios where it's almost like luck and it's almost like coincidence. It's all, all these things are happening. That's why luck and coincidence can be explained because the subconscious is connected to all things at all times. Your idea, when is emotionally expressed, it will find a way to make sure the path of least resistance comes to you. Remember though, it doesn't just work with a desire. It works with a fear. If you keep fearing that you're gonna lack money. If you keep fearing these things like you, you know, just money's all over the place. If you fear this at the other thing in business, and you're so emotionally involved with what's going on in business, that idea is also in your subconscious all place at all times. And you'll find people to destroy your goal. They're not purposely doing it. But what I'm saying is you'll create circumstances in harmony with the idea that you've put out into this universe. How are you? We just went through some big things. I could just feel like a really big unlock. So I'm guessing a lot of you just got something big internally. That's the best thing ever. That's that's what we want on these calls.

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