The only SECRET you need to know to manifest your desires RIGHT NOW
Written by Scott Haug on September 23rd, 2022
The only SECRET you need to know to manifest your desires RIGHT NOW

This is literally the only "secret" you need to know to manifest your desires RIGHT NOW!

If you are having challenges in manifesting your desires into your life, you will want to listen to this video now.

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Full Transcript

Man. If we talked about this next line, the subconscious accepts as true. That what you feel is true and because creation is a result of subconscious subconscious impressions, you by your feeling, determine creation, determine what you manifest. You are already that what you want to be and your refusal to believe. This is the only reason you do not see it to seek on the outside for that, which you do not feel you are as to seek in vain for. We never find that, which we want. We find only that, which we are in short, you express and have only that, which you are conscious of being or possessing to him, that he is given, denying the evidence of the senses and appropriating the feeling of the wish fulfilled is the way to the realization of your desire. Hmm. That's a good one. The subconscious accepts is true.

That what you feel is true. Remember we talked about that. What you believe and consent is true about yourself is why you're experiencing it. We talked about it with money last week, right? If you always believe somebody that you, you're not the person that always has an abundance in your bank account, that's why it exists. If you feel like you're always the person that has an up and down income, that's why it exists. It's your belief. That's creating the fact, your belief is a subconscious paradigm. That's locking you in this glass ceiling that you can't raise above. Okay?

And because creation is the result of subconscious impressions. You by your feeling, determine your creation. You are already that what you want to be. You already have the power within, you already have the spiritual perfection within it's already there. The potential's already there and your refusal to believe. This is the only reason why you do not see it to seek on the outside for that, which you do not feel you are. It's a seek and vein. It's never going to happen. The seek outside changes for, we never find that, which we want. We never will find the things that we want. We find the things that we are subconsciously, what we feel to be true about ourselves all the way at the bottom, denying the evidence of the senses and appropriating the feeling of the wish fulfilled is the way to realization of your desire. Now, I really want you to think about this. Okay? A lot sometimes we'll get locked in. Yeah. I've already heard this stuff. Think about what he said on the last line. This is, if you wanna know how to bring your desires into reality, you're going to reality denying the evidence of the physical reality, denying evidence of your senses and appropriating the feeling and the thoughts of your wish fulfill is the way to the realization of your desire. It is that simple,

Challenging. Hell yeah. That's why we're in this program. Is it that simple? Absolutely. Though. Denying the evidence of everything that's going on around you saying all right, it is what it is, but I'm not gonna let it control my thoughts, feelings, and actions, and then putting all your thought energy into how you want to think, feel, and act that's it. That's all that has to happen. And then you're like, oh, that's all that needs to happen. Well, it's not that easy. Right? Okay. Anybody have any questions on this? A lot of deep content so that I already have 20 clients. Yeah, you do it. There is a place that exists with you having 20 clients already. I hope everyone just got that line. There is a place where 20 clients already exists. There is a place where you already have your goal. Everybody on this call, there is a place,

Armando, there's a place that you, 10 X your business. And they had three locations in all the real estate deals and everything you're doing. There is a place we have to go to internally, less absorbed with what's going on in physical reality. Now there's a place, you know, there's a place. I have those great speaking gigs every single week. Like we talked about, there's a place, Matt, Nancy Chanel, especially with the work you do intuitively wise, you can feel your way to that result. What if we all took a moment on this call, instead of looking for physical evidence of things happening, we looked for emotional evidence of things happening.

Now, everybody else in the world would think we're out of our minds. What are you talking about? What the all cares. What's going on emotionally inside. I, I wanna look for the things happening. Where's the money, where's the income. Where's the people. Where's the relationship. Where's the house. Where's all this stuff, right? That's how everybody else acts. And that's why they keep getting the same results over and over. Right. We have to switch everything that other people are doing. Our beliefs that we still hold within. We have to question reevaluate. Say, why do I have to look for physical event? Why do I have to have the income in order to feel happy? Well, I probably just believe that because I probably grew up in an atmosphere where my family was unhappy because they're always broke.

Oh. So this belief is just a thought. I keep thinking and I could choose to be happy now. And especially what Scott's saying, if I believe it to be true, then I, if I'm happy now, then I'm gonna have the money. Anyways, we got a question. That's thinking we start to question our belief systems and what's going on internally and why we think the way we think, because then you're gonna start to accept new ideas into your mind. Let's go back to you Chanel. Okay. Who says that you can earn your first 50 grands per month and the next 90 days?

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