(Neville Goddard) Experiencing up & down results and what to do about it
Written by Scott Haug on September 19th, 2022
(Neville Goddard) Experiencing up & down results and what to do about it

Have you ever felt like your results are on a roller coaster ride going up & down?

In this video, we will discover why you're experiencing this and what to do about it!

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Full Transcript

Is that what creates what seems to be up and down results

Up and down results. Okay. That's a great question because that, if that solution, like, everybody wants to know, you know, why do I feel up down here, there? Okay. Here's what's going on. You're consciously entertaining idea about great things, your goals, your vision, first thing in the morning, then you get to your business or you get to your job or you get to your thing and things didn't happen the way you wanted them to. And you were so emotionally nice with the idea that's happening in your outside circumstances. You are outside situations. You get so emotionally involved with that, that you get into a low vibration. So majority of the day, you're in this up, down vibration up, down, up down, which produces outside circumstances of up down.

We'll go through a little bit more detail on why that is. You don't have to have this. Nobody does, there will be challenges, but it doesn't have to fluctuate like this. You can constantly flow upward.

If you believe that to be true,

Let's keep moving.

Hopefully I know this is small print. Hopefully everyone, everyone can see it. Let me know if you can. I'll magnify it. All right. Next paragraph. Right side. The conscious objective, the goal

Or male aspect truly is the head and dominates a subconscious subjective mind or female aspect. We talked about this months ago. Some of you don't remember that some of you are brand new to this. It's okay. I'll go through it. However, this leadership is not that of the tyrant, but of the lover. A lot of this we're just gonna fill in. Okay? So you don't need to write a lot of notes down on this side of things until we get to circled apart. So by assuming the feeling that would be yours, where you already in possession of your goal, the subconscious is moved to build the exact likeliness of that assumption of your assumption saying the same thing. Again, your desires are not, your desires are not subconsciously accepted until you assume the feeling of the reality for only through feeling is an idea subconsciously accepted. And only through this subconscious acceptance, is it ever expressed? Just reiterating everything the same. Now that first part we're gonna go through that. The law of gender decre, there's a male and female factor in everything.

The conscious mind is the male. It impregnates the female. What is impregnated with an idea?

And some of you have not heard that before. A little more advanced concept, conscious mind is the male factor. Subconscious mind is a female factor law of gender decrees. That all things must have male and female. And they come together to produce conscious mind and Nates the female, the subconscious mind with an idea, the idea then therefore must be expressed in physical reality. It's a spiritual seed, every idea, spiritual seed. It's like planting a seed in the garden. Okay. All right. So we're just gonna go to the circle part. Your desires are not subconsciously accepted until you assume the feeling of their reality for only through feeling is an idea subconsciously accepted. And only through this accept subconscious acceptance, is it ever expressed? Okay. So reiterating a lot of it. That's why let's bring some more ideas together that we talk about every single week. Okay. What you expect to happen during the week is always what happens, not consciously. It's your feeling? What you expected it feeling wise, you felt it. Like, I just really don't feel like this is gonna happen. It doesn't usually happen. I really feel like this thing's gonna happen. It usually happens. Right? Because your feeling of ex expecting something to happen is where you are vibrationally dominant. That's where you're kind of living vibrationally. That's you're feeling okay.

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