How you put your goals into your Subconscious Mind (Neville Goddard)
Written by Scott Haug on September 16th, 2022
How you put your goals into your Subconscious Mind (Neville Goddard)

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Full Transcript

All right. So this is from neville Goddard, of course. Um, while we're going through tonight, this is the treasury of neville Goddard power of imagination. Um, and this actual book that we're going through is feeling is the secrets two pages out of that. Okay. I'm sure somebody asked me again. So I'll just say it one more time here. Feeling is the secret is the book name and that's Neville goddard feeling is the secret neville Goddard. All right. Now I don't always say like, uh, you know, there's so many books actually, uh, Callo, you had a wonderful question that said, uh, you know, what kind of book should we be reading? What kind of things remember this? Dr. R program is everything you need. As you go through the actual program to generate the quantum leads that you're looking for. Um, I do supplement everything, you know, with Thomas Schroer, never gotted all these books.

So feel free to pick up a copy, but it's not necessary. I always wanna make sure you remember that that reading this every day is not necessary, although it can broaden your knowledge, deep understanding, low difficulty at first little challenging to get through. That's why it's a really be in a space ready for it. So focus on the program first foremost, then you can always supplement books like this. Okay. I always encourage that. That's what I do in my own life. That's how I generate my own results. Okay. All right. Going through this, um, it's gonna be very deep. We're gonna go through it the first time. Now we're gonna have to go through it again because that's, uh, really the understanding of how we go through these things. Understand we're gonna go into more visual mode after we go through the actual content here and now today you're gonna absolutely love it.

Okay. Now the blue bars on here, I'm covering it up. Not for reason. It's not like there's like there's secrets under this blue little bar. And you're like, oh my God, what's under the blue bar. You can just take a look. That's all it is. Is some references that we don't really have to go through. A lot of religious references and quotes and things. It's not that it's bad nor good. It's just, I wanna make sure we're consciously using our time invested in the material and then applying it rather than going through every paragraph that neville Goddard has ever wrote. Okay. So again, I'm not blocking it for any specific reason, rather than we only have an hour on the call and I wanna make sure we're absorbed and putting our time and effort and attention into what's gonna matter for us change our results here now, tonight. All right. So both, uh, little squares there, you know, it's under up. All right, let's go ahead and go forward here. Okay. Now, um, as we go forward, grab your goal card, make sure you're studying towards your goal.

Everything that we go over to tonight, you wanna make sure you're playing towards your goal. Now you heard Bob just before we go into this, you heard Bob talk about it. And that answered for meaning episode. Okay. Says, people just are not thinking I'll go through that tonight, but remember mental activity at mind chat, or that's not thinking deep thought is actually getting emotionally involved in thinking about what you want, regardless of what's going on around you. So sometimes people say, well, I have some trouble actually staying in a high vibration. Well, it's because they're not thinking it's because they're almost unconscious in letting everything else control them. Right? So we wanna remain the center of our power, controlling our thoughts and exact actions. Okay. All right. Let's rock and roll. Okay. The subconscious top left corner, the subconscious never fails to express that, which has been impressed upon the moment.

It receives an impression. It begins to work out the ways of an expression. It accepts the feeling impressed upon it. Your feeling as a fact, existing within itself, and immediately sets about to produce in the outer or objective world. The exact likeliness of that feeling. The subconscious never alters the accepted beliefs of man it out. Pictures them to the last detail, whether or not they're beneficial, whoa, little different than power of awareness. Even deeper than, than that. That's why I say don't grab this book unless you're ready for, unless you've been through the program already. Okay, we're gonna break it down. Don't worry that you're like, oh my God, I don't know what this is. I have no idea. Some of you do have an idea. Okay. Just stay with me on this. Okay. We're gonna go through it step by step here. Now let's go through this top paragraph.

The subconscious never fails to express that, which has been impressed upon it never fails. It will always always win. Okay? The moment it receives an impression, the moment our idea, or think about stick. Figure diagram comes from our conscious into our subconscious. The moment that happens, it re the moment it receives an impression. It begins to work out the ways of its expression. It works out the how for you. Hopefully you're writing notes. Subconscious mind works out the how for you, the subconscious mind accepts the feeling impressed upon it. Your feeling as a fact, existing within itself, and immediately sets about to produce the how in the outer or objective world, the exact likeliness of that feeling. So as soon as an idea that you entertain in your conscious mind is accepted as true based on how you feel. Okay? Remember what every, everything that we've been talking about based on how you feel it's accepted, it will immediately figure out all the, how that's going to be the least resistant path for you to get what you want or what you fear, what you have faith in or what you have feared. Okay?

The subconscious mind never alters the accepted beliefs of man. Okay? Which means all of you on this call, your subconscious mind is not throwing obstacles at you. I hear it all the time. The universe is testing me. Universe is not testing you. Your obstacles are within that are producing the outer circumstances, difficulties, and challenges. We're gonna go through it deeply tonight. There's not some man on the cloud saying, Scott, you need to be tested. If you get through this challenge, I will reward you with this. Okay. Not exactly how it works. It feels that way. Sometimes. Not exactly. Okay. If we believe that to be true, if we believe that we're always being tested, we will feel like a victim to the universe that I am always the one to be challenged and tested while other people flow easily and AF Rosely right. So we don't wanna believe that that we're being tested.

Cause then we'll feel victimized and we'll always believe that we're the ones to be tested. Okay. I'll go through this deeper. Just remember you are the only one that can change your beliefs. Okay. Now this's only the first paragraph. Okay. Just wanna take a quick pause. We'll go ahead and start motoring through this. But, uh, as everyone with me so far, I know it's a little deeper. I knew that before jumping on this call, I knew it was gonna be a lot to comprehend. I knew it was gonna be a lot to absorb. Uh, I knew that. Okay. So just know that I know that so that I can put that belief in you that says everything's gonna be simple from here. We're gonna simplify. We're gonna make this easy. Okay. Um, so go ahead and raise your hand if everyone's good to go. Okay.

Armando says I'm with you. Nate says, let's do this. Liz says, I love it. Nick says yes, Susan. Yes. Okay. We're good to go. Dale says with he's got all right. Awesome. Okay. Second paragraph there. So I'm just gonna make a little space here so that we can separate the paragraphs. Very easy to see, to impress the subconscious with the desirable state. You must assume the feeling that would be yours. Have you already received and realized your wish in defining your objective? You must be concerned only with the objective itself, the manner, the how of expression or the difficulties involved are not to be considered by you to think feelingly on any state, impresses it on the subconscious. Therefore, if you dwell on difficulties, barriers, or the delay in your goal, coming into fruition, the subconscious by its very non-selective nature, except the feeling of difficulties and obstacles as your request and produces and proceeds to produce them in your outer world. Mm. This is really good.

AlRight. I'm deliberately taking a lot of pauses tonight. Okay. It goes through that paragraph again. Now why just as a remember, why are we going through this? Because this will install so much faith in your goal coming into fruition. Okay. You will understand that everything's by law, everything's happening always by law. So we wanna calm down and we wanna be in this moment and be very relaxing. All right. I just need a little more understanding. I need a little more understanding of how to apply it. Okay. To impress the subconscious, to take your goal, to take that goal and your consciousness and put in your subconscious to do that, you must assume the feeling that would be yours. Had you already realized your wish. Remember money last week that we covered. Remember we said the feeling was everything, and we say it almost every single week. That's why conscious your idea. Your goal must be impressed upon subconscious before it enters reality. Okay. Comes from the spiritual, the very top where our thought power is comes to and through us down to the physical must go conscious to subconscious. So therefore to operate in a harmony with the laws, to have the money desire, the first 50 K month hundred K month, the things that you desire, relationships, whatever it is, we have to understand how do I take this idea that I've set as a goal, put into my subconscious, what needs to happen.

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