Law of Attraction - How to switch from an old paradigm to a new ABUNDANT one
Written by Scott Haug on September 12th, 2022
Law of Attraction - How to switch from an old paradigm to a new ABUNDANT one

How many times have your old paradigms kept you stuck in unhealthy patterns over and over again?

In this law of attraction video, you will learn how to switch from your old paradigm to an abundant one!

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Full Transcript

Here's a challenge. Most people stay here

Cause they don't know the laws that well yet, because what most people will do. And I was guilty of this for a very long time was they do it for like two days and they don't see everything in their life change. They're waiting for the parade to happen. They're waiting for somebody else to have something happen. They're waiting for like they're they wake up the next morning and they're in a different world that they have stacks of money in the bank, account cars, all over the place, dream, home, happiness and luxury all over the place in their minds. That's what they're waiting for. And they do it for two days and they say, oh, this isn't working, right. They put out energy for a day, maybe two. And then they go right back to the old paradigm. And the old paradigm is waiting for this big event to happen. Something monstrous to change. And since they don't see that physically, they go right back to where they were. They're frustrated again, them right back there. And it's this nonstop cycle feel really good. Something happens. They feel really bad. They feel really good because they're doing a lot of study. Something happens and then they go right back and there's this constant cycle.

You can see all those arrows in it doesn't even look good right on the bottom left hand corner. Okay. That's what's going on in the mind. It's the day in paradigm, the paradigm, we start to think in thoughts in harmony with this paradigm, right? That's where we're programmed. So that's why we have to do our study every single day and reprogram the minds. That's why we need to listen to that money audio every day, over and over and over and over and over and over. And somebody asks me, well, how, how many times should I do this? I say, until it changes until everything in your life starts to change. That's how much is needed. It's paying the price. We have to pay the price. If we want something different on our life, we have to go forward and do something highly uncomfortable and pay the price.

If we're not willing to pay the price, we don't deserve to have our goal. It's not hard. It's a little uncomfortable, but we have to go through that period of change consciousness. Nice. And that's paying the price. It's not hard work. It's not working and grinding out morning till night. It's changing your thought, your feeling and your actions, and finally taking control of ourselves. This is what all personal, development's all about taking control of your thoughts, feelings and actions. That's all. It is self mastery that people have been trying to do for thousands of years, philosophers and people, uh, in different cultures, different religions, you name it. All people that have tried to do much bigger in the self improvement area, whether they call that or not are trying to connect to their source and finally be in control of their thoughts, their feelings and their actions.

So therefore they create their world. That's paying the price, paying the prices, rethinking your day, paying the prices, making sure you're not doing the same thing every single day, over and over and over and missing your study and missing all the stuff and just doing the stuff that needs to get done for the day. It's rethinking. It takes time to think it takes energy to think. Absolutely. But that's the price we have to pay for things to change, right? It's like somebody buying a gym membership and expecting in 48 hours, everything to change or in four weeks, everything to be drastically different, but they never even went to the gym, right. Or they went once or twice. Same thing goes with our mindset development. As we move forward and start crushing all of our own belief systems, we start to fuse with this next level state. And that's when things start to develop and happen very quickly. Okay? So just before we do a little pause there, that's how we wanna go every day. You want to start fusing with this emotion over and over and over and over and bang. You will wake up one day. Here's the thing, write this down. I encourage you to it. Won't be a prize. You'll wake up and you'll be living that reality. But it won't be a surprise. It's not gonna be too much different. You're just there.

It's like going on vacation, you're going to Florida or you're going to some country and you planned the whole trip. You found the destination and you wanted to go to, you got on the airplane, you took the ride there. So you did say 10 hours. You're going to Europe or whatever you're doing. Okay. And you took the ride there. You experienced that. You got closer and closer and closer. You got off the plane, you got your luggage and you got to your hotel. You went to bed cause you were really tired. And then you woke up the next morning. You're not surprised that you're there. You know, you're there, you experienced that yesterday. You took the trip there, you planned it out. You chose the destination. You let and allow there. Wasn't a lot to really fight against and be frustrated about most times, right?

Even if there's airplane delays and things, you stay cool and stay collected. You'll get there in time. Right? And you don't get so emotional involved with the bad you're expecting and, and really exhilarated for the coming future of you being on a beach or you being around your family and in this beautiful area. And you wake up in the morning and you're like, yeah, of course I'm here. I took the journey. That's the same thing that happens with our goal. If it feels like it's not expected, that's why it's not here. If we don't feel like that's us, that's why it's not here. However, if we do this and we feel, this is me, I got this, I have this. It is ease. It is fun. And you keep doing this every day. You fuse with this so much that you wake up in the, in the, in the morning and it's you, it's not surprising that you're earning a hundred thousand a month or uh, your first 20,000, whatever it is, it's you, you took the journey. You felt that way nonstop. You fused with it so much that you wake up, you're in the same place maybe and you have a different life going on. I hope that analogy was very, very clear.

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