Bob Proctor: The Law of Cause & Effect and The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy
Written by Scott Haug on August 22nd, 2022
Bob Proctor: The Law of Cause & Effect and The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

This is a continuation of powerful teachings with Bob Proctor on how to live in Harmony with the laws of the universe!

This teaching is about the law of cause & effect and the law of perpetual transmutation of energy!

These videos are referring to Bob Proctor’s stick figure diagram when Scott was a coach for Bob. The diagrams shown are not Scott’s, they are a part of the Proctor Gallagher Institute.

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Full Transcript

Law of cause and effect everything you see has an effect, things aren't just happening. They're always happening for a reason. It's a lot of laws. Thoughts for the cause situation is the effect. Now that's a hard one hard one to accept it doesn't mean you're gonna be able to see the cause for everything. That's something to understand

And the cause and effect. Isn't just this, I lift up my pen. I Dr. I let go of it. So the effect is it drops and goes in my other hands. That's a very linear thing. And you can see it physically what's going on here. Okay. But a lot of causes are complex causes. There's a bunch of things that happens to create an effect. So that's why you don't wanna criticize yourself. If you see an effect in your world and say, how did I cause this thing, right? Don't don't do that because you'll focus all your energy into the negative, right? Just say, wow, there must have been a ton of things that I was thinking about over the past few months that attracted this situation. What's the good in this? Where can I harvest the good, what can I find good. And what do I want from here? Put all your attention to what you do want.

Well, if perpetual transmutation of energy, energy is forever moving into form through form and back into form. The energy flows into our consciousness shown on the right hand side, we build pictures. We build images of what we want or what we don't. We internalize that image. That image must move into physical form. It is inevitable. Thomas forwarder talks about it and the hidden power. Okay. He talks about it. And he says, this machine universe, this mind is never stopped. It's always working. When you're sleeping, it's working. When you're awake, it's working. It's always going. It will never shut off. Kinda unfathomable. When you think about it, you're always creating. You're always manifesting every moment of the day, manifesting ideas. You're manifesting thoughts. You're manifesting physical situations. You're manifesting feelings. You're always doing something. So know that. If you keep pounding this idea into your mind over and over and over, and that's all you let get feeling emotionally involved with. That's all you let it do. The, that idea, your goal, it must move into form. The money you want will come into form, but it gotta stop living on this left hand side. You guys only live on this right hand side. It will come in the form,

Rattling off these laws. Uh, does anyone have any questions? Everyone? Good. So far. Let's just do a quick hello. Check in. So I'm gonna get a little excited here. Raise your hand. Uh, and a little checkbox here. Everyone with me got about three or four minutes here. Let's shake it up. Let's get it going. Okay. You in like 22 hands so far, so cool. All right. Just wanna make sure you're awake. You're alive. Always do a little check in here. Just like seminar. Sometimes you gotta get up, you know, sometimes you gotta move. You gotta, you know, get off your sea and say, whoa, hallelujah. You know, glad I'm learning about me and my mind and how to create better results tonight. What a great day to be alive. Okay. Alright. Law of vibration. Law of attraction. Law of attraction is just such a heavily used phrase.

Now it's ridiculous. Law of attraction coaches and this, that the other thing I'm sure they can help. Absolutely. Um, but what is a law of attraction coach? What is, what would that mean? Right. Well, let's talk about the law of vibration. First law vibration. Nothing's resting. I watched the quantum physics video today. I love just the physical side of things as well. Cause that's why I was an aerospace engineer previous to this everything's vibrating. It's scientifically proven it's happening. I remember going in physics class and we're explaining pens in, in things and water bottles. And they were talking about water. What makes water H two O two hydrogen atoms, one oxygen atom. You change the situation going on within those molecules. This is no longer water. It all breaks down into the same thing. It's all energy. Our body is energy. Our thoughts, our energy.

They're just on different wavelengths. So we can't see our thoughts because they're on wavelengths that our eyes can't pick up. That's why we can't pick up. We can't see radiation, but we know it exists. We can't see radio waves, but we also know it exists. Why? Because our eyes can't pick up the vibration on those wavelengths, our ears. Can't pick up those different things around them. You can only pick up my audible words and things on that frequency. That's why you can start to bring up an intensity of, um, a song or a, a, um, a tone of some sorts, right? And it starts to go where you, it fades out where you can't hear it anymore, but the machine is still pumping out a vibration. How is it possible? Because these are instruments, our hands, our feeling, our eyes, our ears, everything is in instrument. We only pick up the vibration that's in harmony with those instruments. Everything else is existing though. So there we start to say, wow.

Yeah. So when I put myself into a vibration, I must therefore be around a vibration that also sends out great things back, which is law of attraction, whatever feeling you send out. This is nailed this, nail this into your mind, whatever feeling I am sending out, whatever attitude I am sending out. I keep getting back, whatever feeling I keep sending out, whatever attitude I keep selling out, sending out keeps coming back. It's so simple. It's not so easy to make, make this ingrained as a habit at first, but it is so. That's why you can put out so much good and it just keeps coming back. I don't even hesitate anymore with giving it just, I, for someone that comes to mind $300, I'm gonna just one time I was giving. I've never really donated more than a thousand dollars all in one shot.

This was a long time ago. And uh, I was doing a little thing and instantly that came to mind, send him a thousand dollars. It's like it got very, uh, uh, uncomfortable for me. I said, I'm just gonna do it. I, I don't care. I'm just gonna do it. I don't even whatever I did it. And that was the record week. I had income wise that week, that same week, I just gave it out because it just instantaneously came to me. I said, I'm gonna make that guy's day. I'm gonna make his day so much that he's just gonna like wanna cry out of joy for that thing. I felt so good inside cuz I just did it. I didn't overthink. I didn't doubt. I didn't worry. I just did it. And then that was my best week ever. Now, most people say, wow, it's that really all correlated together in different things.

Well, if you know the laws of the universe and you do that every single week, it just keeps coming back. I think it is the law of the universe. Okay. If it keeps happening. All right. I know we're at the top of the hour. If you need to bail out, I know it's 9:00 PM for a lot of you Easter, east coasters. Okay. Uh, go ahead and bail out. I'm gonna go over two more laws really quick. I do wanna finish this up. Um, it's very important for tonight. So if you could stick around. Awesome. Great to have you. If you can't completely understand. Okay.

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