Bob Proctor: How you can create more EASE in your life instead of Dis-Ease!
Written by Scott Haug on September 9th, 2022
Bob Proctor: How you can create more EASE in your life instead of Dis-Ease!

This is a continuation of powerful teachings with Bob Proctor on how to live in Harmony with the laws of the universe!

This teaching is about how you can create more EASE in your life instead of Dis-Ease!

These videos are referring to Bob Proctor’s stick figure diagram when Scott was a coach for Bob. The diagrams shown are not Scott’s, they are a part of the Proctor Gallagher Institute.

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Full Transcript

So why are we going over this? What's going on? What's the key idea. Okay. Every single person on this call has goal has a C type goal, has something beyond where they've ever lived before. There's gonna be some uncertainty and there's gonna be fears attached to it. And if you allow any single fear, run rampant throughout your mind and thus through your body, through anxiety, you will experience that day after day. And you won't have as much progress as you'd like to. You'll be in the doubt in the worry mode so much every single day that you will literally attract yourself into a vibration where you won't be able to receive the good you desire. Pretty important. Okay. Any questions on the left hand side, think everyone understands this pretty well. Many of you have been bad fans for a very long time. Nate says yes, Nick. Yep. That was a great question. How do you guide clients or family members out of the left side? Perfect question. We're gonna do it right now. Good one. Andele okay. So we wanna live on the right hand side. Okay. How do we do it? Switches over to blue

Knowledge study. Understanding. Think about that for yourself. I'm gonna take a deliberate pause for a second. What does that mean for you? What's the opposite of doubt and worry. Think about when you're not doubting and worrying. What are you thinking about? What that means for you is you have clarity. You have calmness, your thoughts are about your goal, about your desires, seeing the good. Okay. So let's put a couple of things over there. So what does that mean consciously? You see the good, you express gratitude through writing through expression, through speaking. Okay. Not only you seeing the good in different things, but you have thoughts about your goal. Good, beautiful thoughts. You love those thoughts. And those thoughts are

Clear and calm. It's a state of being in a meditative state in a way, things are calm. Things are ease. Your thoughts. Aren't going crazy. They're, they're calm. You're calm. You're in a place of good center. You find the good, you like to express gratitude to others. You say, wow, I love how you're doing this. Keep it going. You're doing a magnificent job on this teammates. Or you have employees that you're going out or you're, you're helping. If you have somebody else that's around you, Hey, I really appreciate what you're doing right now. I really appreciate it. And also I think this would also help to improve what you're doing. So giving some guidance and giving some advice from an outer picture, a perspective change. The, this entire thing is point of view, which we're gonna go through. Okay? So now that we have that knowledge, we have that calmness thoughts. We have just this, this overall good feeling. What's this beautiful, good feeling. It's faith, complete faith.

Remember that quote at the bottom. We're gonna go through it. Now. Faith and fear, both demand that you believe in something you cannot see. That is your choice. There is no belief that it's actually true. There's ones that serve us and ones that don't very important to write down. There are really no beliefs that are really true, but there are beliefs that serve us and the ones that don't the ones that don't lead us into a state of fear, just terrible anger, frustration, depression, all these negative, uh, uh, feelings and ideas. And the other one will lead you to a state of beautiful faith. They will serve you. They will express you. You'll start to accelerate, which is expressed through the body into wellbeing all day. Every day, when you approach somebody and somebody comes up to you, they can feel your light. They can feel your energy and your genuine authenticity of saying, I want to help you or this other service or product or whatever they have.

Or if it's a friend, you will be able to feel the light radiating from them. At all times, they have wellbeing. You express yourself. Now you can say, I'm happy. I'm excited. I'm exhilarated. I'm joyful, whatever it is, you see that person the way they walk, they gotta, they gotta strength to their step. They gotta speed. Cuz they're a man on a mission or a woman on a mission they're accelerating faster and faster. And they are complete ease at all. Times, ease around to money, ease around to business, ease around, uh, being on stage, ease around scenarios, you name it. And they keep creating and they keep getting better and better and better and better. And things just keep going because they're constantly in a mode of creation rather than disintegration. Okay? And that comes from a place of certainty. That's faith, a state of being grateful just for everything.

A challenge comes up, go right into gratitude. You get to choose whether you complain or whether you get to go in gratitude because there's a good about that thing. And oftentimes the thing, the challenge that came the most painful challenge was the equal and opposite opportunity for you to switch. Gears happens every day. For a lot of people, people lose their job in an instant, they have to do something. One person sits on their. Doesn't wanna do anything complaining about losing their job. The other person says I'm gonna start that business. Wow. Maybe this is a turning point, a wake up call for me to do exactly what I wanna do. Somebody loses their income, man. Most people see that in a terrible light. Oh my God, how am I supposed to support the family? This, that the other thing, right? Or the other person says, what if I can now quadruple my income?

What if I attract an opportunity for me to live my purpose and my meaning and my dream faster than ever before two different point of views, the same scenario creates one. Ease creates one. Okay. Same thing goes with gratitude. And the other side, we'll go through those a little bit later. Okay. This is expressed through joy. They're just always joyful. They seem to always be happy. They're always smiling. They always just have a good attitude. Attitude's your thoughts? Feelings and actions put together. When you have a composite of a positive thought, positive feeling, positive action, you have a brilliant attitude. You know, the people have a terrible attitude. They're just always in the bad side. They're always on the left side. It could be family. It could be friends. It could be your own clients. It could be people around you. It could be people in a store. It could be people in the bank. It could be your loved one. It could be your spouse. It could be your kids. It doesn't matter who it is. You can know based on what they're saying, how they're feeling and what they're doing through their actions. Okay. So both sides are choice.

Now. Obviously I was expressing the right hand side because the left side, when we're talking about fear, it doesn't feel that good. We're talking about faith though. You start to feel the energy of faith. Okay.

So let's take a second here. Where are all of you? Most of the day left side, right side. It's going all. You have to answer in front of everybody in front of the group yet. Okay. Think about for each concept. So money could be different than family. So maybe on family, you're just always having fun with the kids and the family and things are always well. Um, you just have a really good environment for your family, but on money, it could be always on the doubtful, worried and fear side, or it could be the opposite. It could be that money just lavishly going. It happens to a lot of millionaires. And then, and then their home life disintegrates, because they've put no energy into that life. Right. They're just been so success, career oriented without focus on their health or family as well. So reflect on your own life. Introspection, where are you? Most days.

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