Bob Proctor: This is why people stay STUCK and what to do about it!
Written by Scott Haug on September 7th, 2022
Bob Proctor: This is why people stay STUCK and what to do about it!

This is a continuation of powerful teachings with Bob Proctor on how to live in Harmony with the laws of the universe!

This teaching is about why people stay STUCK and what to do about it!

These videos are referring to Bob Proctor’s stick figure diagram when Scott was a coach for Bob. The diagrams shown are not Scott’s, they are a part of the Proctor Gallagher Institute.

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Full Transcript

So draw this with me in real time, as I'm doing these, uh, these boxes here, ignorance. The only problem that exists in this entire world is ignorance. We just don't know why aren't you making a million dollars per month because you just don't know how to yet how come Bob, isn't making a billion dollars because maybe that's not his ambition and desire, or he's trying to figure out how to do it in this industry. All problems in the world start with ignorance. You just don't know. You don't know why something's happening. Okay. Consciously we can worry and we can doubt. So if you are there and you've been a worrier worrying about money, worrying about this, that the other thing we're gonna stop that worry and doubt doubting your skills, doubting that you are the one to be the highly successful person. You keep saying out loud with your self image, doubting that you can make, uh, you know, three times the amount of income in the next 30 days. Okay? Now, when we get emotionally involved with that, those ideas and we become chronic warriors, chronic doubters, we're always worrying. We're always doubting or we're always looking for the bad and things that leads to a state of fear.

You'll see this many times when somebody is just never satisfied now, not, not saying what their results, but never satisfied with the service they've been given, never satisfied with the product. They're always looking for the bad every single time. They've never found the good in anything. But when that happens, they're always in a very, very low state of uncertainty, state of doubt, state of doubt about themselves and a very, very poor self image, okay? Leads to a state of fear that fear registers physically as anxiety. So any of you have, uh, have ever spoken before your very first time on stage in front of people, you have a whole lot of anxiety, right? Cuz fear of, uh, what people are gonna think of you, fear of failing and stuttering in front of people. You don't know if you're gonna say everything, right? So you're always thinking these weird thoughts. Okay? So that will lead us to a state of anxiety. We suppress the negative ideas and negative energy within us. We don't express it, right? People always say, I am unhappy. Right? See, unless somebody says that I've never heard that before, right? Or I am. I'm very not excited. Right? Nobody does that. So they express it. They suppress it.

And the worst place to be in the world is depression. And some of you have lived this, okay? You're in a depressive state. It's the worst place to be leads to DISE, hyphenated word. Dis-ease leads to literally disintegration of your results, your body, everything.

Somebody who's always in pain. Somebody's always sick. Somebody who's always, never has enough money. All these things are a poverty of the mind. It's a mental disease. If you don't have a lot of money and it's always in a ful state, you are in a mental disease state around money. Now that sounds terrible. Right? But that wakes you up. It says, well, I have a mental disease around money, mental disease. What it goes on is these weird thought patterns. Right? Weird do patterns around money. When that isn't actually the reality. Okay. All right. Couple of words that we wanna add in here. All negative emotion stems here. Anger is also here.

Frustration. Okay. Does this make sense for everybody? So far, many of you have seen this before goes, we go through this in less than seven, just explaining a different light tonight. Okay. Gimme a quick hand raise if this makes sense. So far on the left hand side. Okay. Now we could see why we don't wanna worry. And we don't wanna doubt because it puts us into a state of fear.

Okay. So almost everyone's hands here. Love it. All right. Let's go on the left hand side here. Before we move over to the right hand side where we wanna be. Okay. Think about these lists of fears. Now, some people I've had tell me I don't fear anything. Scott. It's like, we think it's almost like fear of the dark as a kid. They're afraid of things. They're afraid of a monster afraid of, uh, Bigfoot. You know, these little weird things. That's what fear sounds like. Right? But fear is a state. It's an imagined state that things are going wrong. Okay. So here's some fears that maybe you were not thinking of previously, but that will run rampant throughout your body.

Fear of running outta money. Big one fear of failing. There is no really source of failing. Talk about that. Fear of getting sick or disease, fear of judgment from others. Fear of not doing everything you need to do to reach your dreams. Fear of loss, fear of success, scared to move forward. Take that next step and fear of age. There's many other fears as well. Those are the main ones. So many of you on this call will say, I actually don't really have any of those. Okay. I wanna make sure that you know that you can say that, but some of you and some of you still like that say, I, I don't really think I have any of those. Some really look deeply within say, wow, maybe I have been really thinking about this one. Maybe every day I am. So in chaos mode because I'm fearing that I'm not gonna accomplish that next thing in enough time. What are people gonna think when I'm not the one that did it as fast as other people?

Hmm. So these fears go a lot deeper. Okay. And everyone has some sort of fear at some point, okay. Especially in business when you're moving forward and it's uncertain fears cause through uncertainty, which ultimately leads to this would be a great thing to write down for fear is a state of uncertainty, a state of doubt and trying to control everything. They are disallowing and not letting any of the good that they want to come to. 'em they're bottlenecking the spiritual energy that's coming to them. They're literally putting themselves in complete resistance. That would be one of the words to write down over on the left hand side here, resistance. Okay. Playing the blame games over on that left hand side, always blaming somebody else. Why things aren't working, why your schedules not lining up? Why this isn't happening, why that's not happening, whatever it is, that's finding the bad. Okay. Now it probably doesn't even feel that good to talk about it. Let's just not get emotional involved with everything. Okay.

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