This is why some of your beliefs are complete BS and how you can change them! (Think and Grow Rich)
Written by Scott Haug on September 5th, 2022
This is why some of your beliefs are complete BS and how you can change them! (Think and Grow Rich)

Have you ever noticed how many thoughts we have in one day and how many of them are out of alignment with the reality we desire?

In this Think and Grow Rich teaching video, Scott shares with you why some of your beliefs are complete BS & how you can change them!

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Full Transcript

It'll be quite Frank. It's BS. your beliefs. Some of us, including some of mine are complete. Now that's a wake up call right there. Cause then you're like, right? Yeah. I mean, what the hell am I believing this for guys? Keep going. This is the equivalent of saying that any impulse of thought, which is repeatedly passed onto subconscious mind is finally accepted and acted upon by the subconscious mind, which proceeds to translate that impulse into physical equivalent, by the most practical procedure available the path of least resistance. So when you had brought up the line, that universe loves speed. That's what he is talking about here. Speed is the path of least resistance. It's going two and three at all times the fear or the faith doesn't matter what it is, wherever your most dominant is going to come into fruition. Okay. This is the equivalent of saying that any impulse of thought, which is repeatedly passed onto subconscious of mind, finally accepted and acted upon the subconscious mind. It will always be accepted. Can't reject it and it will find the means to produce that result. You will become that person that you keep thinking about that you keep feeling that you are, that's why subconscious work or self-image work is so powerful. That's why we cover in lesson six. Right? If you're not there yet.

Okay. Let's um, let's just take a little pause. We just, we do a lot of good thing. And then we like, you know, with this up and down, it's it's part of, if you're not a Coach yet or you're becoming coach, it's part of how you can keep things alive and active. Okay. Uh, do you have any questions, anybody about this? Good to go. I see a lot of you just saying hell yeah. And sweet and yes. And falter saying, oh my God, this is gold and bridge just says, wow. I never thought of it like this before. Perfect. Love it. Good. Okay. We're we're at that yellow arrow. Okay. In connection with this consider again, the statement, all thoughts which have been emotionalized, what does emotionalized mean? Given feeling and mixed with faith begin immediately to translate themselves into their physical equivalent or counterpart.

How do you emotionalize or you heard Bob talk about it. How do I internalize Abraham Hicks fans? How do I get into the vortex? It's all the same stuff you give your thoughts feeling. We talk about it. Every call we talk about it so much so that hopefully you got it on the back of your hand. That Be do have, you have to be, you have to be the thing. How do you be the thing you find all the reasons to feel ease around the topic you want. So your desires more money. You start to feel all the reasons to feel positive emotions around money. You'll start to be in faith around money. That it's a great thing that it always flows to you. That flows you in large quantities. That things are always moving in your direction in a beautiful way. You will remain in the state of faith.

And that's why it happens. Most people are so worried and doubtful, translated to a fear based state. And they're in that fear. And that will translate into physical results. They keep seeing it. They, every month it's always this financial challenge, right? Their money is a SL their, their slaves to money that is so harsh to some people, but it's a wake up call. You decide on when you wanna do your money, not the other way around, it doesn't matter. How much is in your bank account. When you are in faith with these principles, you understand that. I believe in the invisible. I believe I have infinite power. I'm not a body. I live in a body. Therefore I control my financial destiny. I don't care. What's in my bank account. I care where I'm going. And when you start to get emotionally involved with that decision of ease and feeling relief, because you choose to that's when it happens. Okay? But most people are just swimming in this being a slave to money because they're always worried and doubtful and never feel like they're the ones to have enough. I know we're talking about money, but it's an easy and example. It goes to every area of life. Now, a lot of us, we're always working on these things. We have all these areas of life that we're working on. Sometimes we're just focusing at one, sometimes as many at one time deliver pause.

We do have a second slide here with a, with some more content. So I'm gonna go ahead and erase this. Now, if you wanna take a quick snapshot, any of you, go ahead and take one now, cause I'm gonna erase the, the board here, the drawings and the last line there. Before you switch here, the emotions or the feeling portion of thoughts are the factors which gives thoughts, vitality, life in action. That's a good quote to write down. Maybe the emotions or the feeling portions of thoughts are the factors which give thoughts, vitality life in action. Now it's just that concept where everyone talks about it. You become what you think about. It's just referencing all of everything. Okay. But it's, it's more so, and you've probably heard Bob say this, he talks about on stage. You said it's kind of more so it's not what you think about you get it's more so of what you emotionalize. You get that's really what's going on here. Okay. So it is true that you become your thoughts, but is you become the thoughts that are heavily emotionalized, not just the worries and doubts here and there. Those are always gonna pop up little things here and there. They're just gonna pop up. Okay?

Okay. So I'm gonna go ahead and put your drawing.

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