Bob Proctor: This is the most uncomfortable action to do BUT the most important! [LOA]
Written by Scott Haug on August 19th, 2022
Bob Proctor: This is the most uncomfortable action to do BUT the most important! [LOA]

This is a continuation of powerful teachings with Bob Proctor on how to live in Harmony with the laws of the universe!

This teaching is about the most uncomfortable action to do BUT the most important!

These videos are referring to Bob Proctor’s stick figure diagram when Scott was a coach for Bob. The diagrams shown are not Scott’s, they are a part of the Proctor Gallagher Institute.

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Full Transcript

It's it's, it's like going to a new place. You've never been to Europe and you're going to Europe for the first time. You just feel, whoa, I, it's kind of strange. You're trying to get your bearings, trying to get the language, trying to get the currency and everything around you is just kinda a little rampant. Now, slow it down for a second. Now, most of you know this, cuz we've all been there before. People don't know that uncomfortable is a really good thing. And most people are like, oh my God, I, I feel uncomfortable. I can't do this. I can't do this. And they'll go right back to where they've been. And then one year goes by and they've been incrementally improving some things. I got a couple of different things happening, but nothing dramatically has improved. Um, really hasn't the income is kind of the same business, kind of the same, you know, all this kind of stuff.

Boom. Back to mind. And that goal is gone still there consciously kind of the dreams there kind of vision, but it's like, ah, what the hell? I don't really need it. Life's okay. Without the goal. Now our ambition now here's where everybody on this call goes, including myself to freedom. You do the thing you fear.

It's far as we are consciously aware, you get one shot at this physical life. Now you can believe in reincarnation and all these other ideas, but nobody can really prove it yet. Maybe we can prove it in the future. That would be wonderful if we could. Okay, we got a little, when we're born, we get a little backlog of all the previous lifetimes. They say, here's what you did here. And here's who you were. And here's all the things that happened. And it's good luck in this lifetime. Here's how this goes right now. If we're ever given that type of manual, I think that would be, um, a very drastic change in the course of human history. But for now we don't have that. Okay. So as far as we know, we have one shot at this physical life. Here's how you make the most progress. Here's how quantum leaps go. You have to do as many uncomfortable things as possible. That's where you grow. You're growing in consciousness. Every time you do uncomfortable things, you're growing in consciousness. You now have experienced new things to ultimately learn how to do it. Better ego, do the thing you fear. And then you will realize that fear was completely imagined. There was nothing really to fear. And you now live in freedom. Why do you live in freedom? Because this becomes the Y idea. You're thinking about every day, your new programming, you have shifted the paradigm to a Y idea. You are in a state of ease because you did the thing and you see a results from it and you experience brand new results.

It is that simple. Is it easy in the moment? Not at first, but it gets really easy to do the things you fear as you get the experience of doing it.

It's like Bob was telling his son, many of you heard the story at the seminar. And he said it before, right. This, his son was gonna quit the swim team and they're going back and forth. And Bob never has made a decision for his kids. He always let them figure it out and he would guide them along the way. And uh, and his son was kind of up in the air about quitting the swim team. And Bob never said yes or no, if that was okay and different things and his son, his son was going to, uh, walk away. This was Raymond. And he said, uh, oh yeah. And um, next time you are going to quit something. It'll be much easier.

And it's like, oh, you know? And then, then he knew he, he shouldn't quit the team, right? So when you keep doing things that you fear, you keep doing things that are highly uncomfortable to stretch the business, to grow the business, to do whatever you're doing. You will start to be a really good, easy around doing uncomfortable things that will become a habit to you. And it becomes a habit to me where if I'm in a comfortable zone for more than two weeks, I, I feel it. I feel like, oh my God, I need to do something. I need to do something really uncomfortable. So I'll find the next thing I need to do. That's uncomfortable. It could be in the business, personal life, whatever it is, moving this, that the other thing, whatever it is, I know I'm like, man, I I'm in this energy. That's kind of keeping me here. I need to do something I'm very scared of. So I'll go do it. Okay. Now, is it easy? It's not easy, but I'm telling you, it gets easier and easier to do those things. You fear because you have a habit of doing that. Most people have the habit of saying comfortable.

All right. Recovering a ton of stuff. Um, so have questions with this. Jody. Say that wonderful thing. There's so much clarity coming through on this call from me right now. I love it.

Any questions? What are the things that you have to do after this call that you've been fearing that you're uncomfortable with to get you to your goal? Something always comes to mind every time it could be something small, it could be something big. What does that look like

For you?

And I would, um, encourage you to put it into the chat box. Justin, in <inaudible> said, what is the question? Uh, what is the thing that you need to do? That's really uncomfortable. That's really fearful, but you haven't done it yet. I remember we don't know things until we do 'em and I encourage you to go ahead and commit to doing that thing here and now, whatever it is for you, what can you do to put the next step forward? It's gonna put some pressure on you. Absolutely. Sometimes we need it. Sometimes we need a little kick in the butt saying, all right, let's go. We gotta get something going here doing the same thing every day, I gotta do something different. You need a little kick in the butt. Let me know a little tack in your butt.


Send you a message or give you a quick call. Okay.

Now, one of the most important things to remember, especially most of you, majority of you are in business on this call and I'm ready watching the replay. Usually the most uncomfortable actions to do are talking to people about your product and service. People avoid it, like the plague, especially people in network marketing and things. They don't go out there and prospect at all. They don't really talk to anybody about what they're doing. Thus, they never have money coming in cause they're not serving anybody. Okay. Posting quotes. I'll say it again. Posting quotes on Facebook is not service. Okay. It's helping great. You're sending out good vibes to everybody around you and everybody that does read your post. It is an important part of the process. Absolutely. So I'm not taking away. I'm not saying anything. I think it's incredible. And I do it myself and I post. I love it. Service though, is helping somebody long term with your product or your service, your actual actionable service. That's what services.

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