Bob Proctor: This is how you can QUANTUM LEAP your life right now: (Law of Attraction)
Written by Scott Haug on August 17th, 2022
Bob Proctor: This is how you can QUANTUM LEAP your life right now: (Law of Attraction)

This is a continuation of powerful teachings with Bob Proctor on how to live in Harmony with the laws of the universe!

This teaching is about how you can QUANTUM LEAP your life right now!

These videos are referring to Bob Proctor’s stick figure diagram when Scott was a coach for Bob. The diagrams shown are not Scott’s, they are a part of the Proctor Gallagher Institute.

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Full Transcript

So we just did there. We just calmed everything down. to relax. It's how you live in harmony at the laws. Not so rampant, not so doubtful. Not so worry. You're don't wanna block off everything.

Nate asks a good question. Does, is that why Bob urges, relaxation. Meditation? Yes. Here's what goes on in somebody's mind. I can tell instantly when I come in contact with somebody, not cuz I'm just someone like great person you can as well. If you're very, very aware and you're consciously awake and aware at all moments, you can go into a conversation and you know how crazy somebody's mind is, or you know how common it's, you can feel it in their words. You can feel it in their expression. You can feel it in everything that they do. Okay. Now the calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom. That's the serenity prayer that James Allen talks about, right? Serenity to mind. What does that mean? It's calmness of mind, your thoughts when they're not going so crazy, you're not doubtful. You're not worried when you're not doubting. You're going to act in your business. You're going to approach that person. You're going to do more things because you're in a state of wellbeing, a state of ease will then express itself through to and through your body. So that's a good one. Good question. Eight. All right. Anyone needs to take a quick screenshot before you go. Next slide here.

Okay. Good to go. As you can tell, we took about 30 minutes on one slide. That's that's just this important. Okay. All right. Let's go to the next one here. And many of you've seen this before. We're gonna go through this one much quicker. Cause then we're going through some of the laws universe. So stay tuned in towards the end of the call year. It's gonna be really good. All right. We're now all in and this is so very important. If you wanna make a quantum leap by the end of 2018, okay. We have five and a half months left. All of you are on track for it. Okay. Even if you just started the program, we've been in the program for over a year, year and a half, two years. Doesn't matter. Okay? You are in a state where you can make a quantum jump, 10 X, everything by the end of this year, or even in the next 90 days, just by me saying that out loud, you have the potential to do it, but are you willing to do it?

Remember lesson one, when we set our C type goal, are you able and are you willing, Bob says, yes. You're able to do it because if you have a thought and you have a dream, you have a dream. You don't have my dream because it's unique to you. My dream is unique to me. Okay? So just by you being born with a dream and the idea, boom, you can bring that into physical fruition. Are you willing though? And here's a big part of this. Are you willing to completely stop living the way you're living now?

Are you willing to do the most incredibly uncomfortable things over the next five and a half months? Incredibly uncomfortable. Are you willing to say move or are you willing to completely make a transition from your job to a full-time business when you don't know where the income's coming from? See, most people will set the sea type goal though. They have this beautiful dream, this beautiful vision, but they're not doing that much different. And since they're not doing that much different, they feel comfortable every day. And that's why the energy's not shifting. Let's go through it. So we have X type thoughts. They're keeping us in. There is no physical fact of ever being stuck. Nobody is ever stuck. They're mentally stuck creating a feeling of stuckness, creating a reality of physically perceived stuck. It's never actually a fact. It's a mental fact. If you believe in it, X type programming, X type actions, X type results.

So that could be you right now earning 25,000 a month, whoever earning 10,000 a month, we just stock income. Cuz it's easy to explain. Easy to see. So you expect that income, it's a familiar vibration. You just expect it. You just know that you're the caliber person. Okay? If you work full-time job, you just expect five grand to come in every month or whatever. It's right. It's familiar. It's very familiar and it's very comfortable. Most days, pretty comfortable, same routine, same stuff, same thing going on, chilling, hanging out, whatever you're doing. Okay. Here's the big thing though, is we introduced this Y idea and this could have been months ago for some of you. Here's a C typical big thing. We were going after reason as one of our mental faculties covering lesson number five of six, okay. Six mental faculties. One of 'em is reason our literal ability to think ability to think through things. And this is what makes us different than the animal kingdom, our six mental faculties, right? Our imagination and our will in our reason and, and the perception and the things that are going on around us, right? We're entertaining that Y idea, this is where most people are thinking they have a dream. They wanna start the business. They wanna jump from 10 to $50,000 per month, but there just hasn't taken a step forward because they're programmed to keep doing what they're doing.

Now. Like I mentioned, I would say it again. Most of you have seen this before. So a lot of you're like, yeah, I get this. Okay, well we need to do a reflection here. Okay. Now we start to get emotionally involved with the Y idea. You could start to feel it. You start to feel the reality of it. So like even when all of us said this first time call with me and, and things were talking about these big ideas, right? You go to a seminar, this is what happens for somebody. They go to a two and a half day seminar. They feel alive. They feel like everything's possible. They're entertaining. Why ideas what's happening. You're in an environment where you're getting emotionally involved with these dreams. It's all possible, right? You're all there. And then, and then you're feeling this, this strange ease feeling.

You're just, sometimes you feel low anxiety, a little uncomfort in things right in the seminar room or right in, in these sessions here, you just start to feel possibility and, and more faith. Right. And what happens is then you move into a foreign vibration, which is a foreign feeling, which is really uncomfortable. You're thinking about doing something. You're thinking about making a jump. You're thinking about, uh, uh, changing the business up, doing 10 X, what you're doing, but you have to do it dramatically different than you've ever done it before. And these things are coming to mind. But what happens is the terror barrier. And there's some uncertainty.

You don't know if it's gonna work. You don't know if that new thing in your marketing plan's gonna work. You don't know if that new income's gonna work. You don't, you just, you're just unsure. It's the uncertainty, which is that fear that we talked about on the last slide there. I know the uncertainty through those little bricks. You can't really see the green anymore. I'll retype it if I need to. Okay. But there's the state of fear. You're just, it's kind of scary. It's very scary at some points too. So you're uncomfortable. You're scared. And you're still excited though, for your goal. Okay. What's going on here is you are dramatically excited and you're conscious. You're thinking about things. You're thinking about this new lifestyle. You're really excited if you could start living there, but your paradigm supports the feeling of being scared, subconsciously, because you've never been there.

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