Bob Proctor: Do this to live in HARMONY with the Laws Of The Universe!
Written by Scott Haug on August 15th, 2022
Bob Proctor: Do this to live in HARMONY with the Laws Of The Universe!

This is a powerful teaching with Bob Proctor on how to live in Harmony with the laws of the universe!

These videos are referring to Bob Proctor’s stick figure diagram when Scott was a coach for Bob. The diagrams shown are not Scott’s, they are a part of the Proctor Gallagher Institute.

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Full Transcript

People are like, yeah, I know this left and right hand side. If things haven't progressed as fast as you want to it's because you're on the left side a little bit here and there, you have a little bit doubt and worry about maybe your talents, your abilities, a little doubt and worry about your business expertise. This, that the other thing, how it's gonna come into play, especially how so if, how comes your mind almost every day and put it in green over here. That's on the left hand side. Okay. If you think about how a time now, let me, let me clarify. Okay. Cuz let, this is very important. I'm not saying you should never try to figure out how, especially in business, how you're gonna go do things for the day, how you're gonna plan things out. But the how is a chaotic, how it's chaos, meaning how, I don't know how I, I can't figure out, you know, it's just this chaos mode of you not taking a step forward

Because you don't know how you've heard those people before. Mostly nobody on this call. But the people that say, I, I just, I can't start. I don't know how to do it. Right. And they just keep saying, I don't know how it, it just it's unfathomable because their, how their, their thought pattern. They even say it before. You can even talk to 'em about trying to figure out the, how they just immediately say I can't do it. I can't no way now again, nobody on this call, but you can understand what that, how means now how on this side is important because it's a definite plan. Okay. So you're just figuring out definite plans, but you have a say of face saying, I'm gonna try this out. I don't care if it works or it doesn't, I'm going to do this. I'm gonna iterate. I'm gonna learn. I'm gonna retry whatever I have to do. It's in a clarity how? Okay. So I just wanna make sure everyone knew the difference there. Okay. So think about it for yourself. Where are you? Okay, Debbie, I see on the call here. Good to see ya.

Okay. So hopefully did little introspection. I've seen a few of you, uh, Susan, uh, and Callal Susan. Absolutely. You're on the right side all the time. Uh, maybe not remember when we started the program and things, right. And now you just had this transformation. You're always in faith. You have the most outstanding smile on your face at all times. I've never seen you in a down moment, especially at the seminars. You're just the one that's always upbeat and always just smiling and, and, uh, ready to launch forward and having positive words for everybody expressing this ultimate light within you. So very, very much agree with that. All right. Now, uh, Adele, you had a great question. Adele said, uh, how do we help friends and family, people that we know over to the right side from left to the right hand side? Okay. What do we have to do?

Two things that will usually happen. One is you live by example and the people will follow you and want to study the same information you are understanding. And then they thus will start to understand. And they'll start to be a more faith than fear because they understand who they are, how their mind's working, why the results are producing in their life. If they have not gone in that stage yet focus on you leading by better example, greater example. Okay. And the second thing to do is suggestion. Suggestion is the same thing as understanding suggestion is telling that person the great qualities about them. You know, I'm sure that nobody's actually told you, but you have some brilliant things going on. I just wanna tell you that sometimes, you know, when you smile, it seems like you light up the room. I know I, I don't want this to be weird or anything, but I just wanna tell you that because that's why I really felt inside.

I just wanna feel genuinely, you know, tell you that, cuz I'm not sure if anybody else has told you, you keep giving them the things that you see right about that person. You see them in their full potential. Even though they see themselves down here, that's what a coach does. That's what a speaker does. They live in harmony with a higher version of you. So every time you talk to them, they're always thinking up here, even though you always wanna combat them down here and then you slowly will accept the idea saying, ah, I, I am way better than what I'm acting like right now. I do have way more potential than the money I have pumping in right now, because you will believe the belief in them, the belief that they're providing you and their belief in you. So same thing would go with friends and family.

Okay. Just don't go overboard. Just feel intuitive really. Right? They wanna just, every minute of the day say, wow, you're just the most fantastic person in the world. Cause the person will probably be like, okay, yeah, shut up. I get it. I'm a fantastic thing so much. Right? So it's just a balance every week, every couple of days, you know, whatever it is using your intuition to know when, to when say it. Right. Great question. There we have one from Matt. Is it foolish to think that you can reach a level of posi positive energy where you don't come into negative contact confrontation from others? Okay. Now here's the thing about that. Okay. You're gonna live on a level that you're not going to attract a lot of negative comments and things anymore. However, if you do, you may find yourself in an airport or this at the other place where you overlook a conversation, there's negative people around you, or you still have family that you love and you do go and visit whatever it is. And they have this negative attitude. Okay. What's gonna happen is you are not gonna get so emotionally involved.

That's it. You live in so much wellbeing that all this other stuff in other people's lives, you're not subject to their emotions. Now I know Matt, you expressed being an empath a little bit and being a good challenge that you take on a lot of people's energy. Okay. That doesn't mean you can't change. That. That doesn't mean that you can't take on the good qualities of empath and have these other qualities that you upgrade to. So you remain in control of yourself. Okay? So there's people that go up to Bob and, and they're just what I call. 'em just kinda wild, uh, wild with things aren't working for me. I, I, I need help. I might, you know, they're all chaos. Bob doesn't match their vibration though. He stays where he is and he allows the person to come towards him. That's the difference where most people, they get around a negative crowd and they fall down, completely barrel down to the ground to wherever that lowest vibration is. Okay. So that's a little bit different here. Wonderful questions. Anybody else have any questions?

Okay. Cleo says money is easy and simple to earn hell. Yeah. Okay. Now this why it's so important because we're living in harmony at the loss. Now, when I saw this, I remember the first time I saw I was at a live seminar with Bob Proctor. I'd never seen this setup before. I'd seen the stick figure diagram before that, but I never seen this. It was like the most groundbreaking thing in my entire life. I knew exactly why I felt the way I felt, why I had the thoughts I had and how to change it. It's so powerful that you never have to go back to living on the left side. Well, thoughts come up here and there where you don't sure, but you won't live there. It may be a second of every day. You just start to live in this outstanding faith, this beautiful energy.

Okay. So do you want a lot of introspection? Cause this is how we apply. As you could tell this infinite power that's running to and throw us, how do we control? We need to start being a little more still within. That's why we take a lot of time in between these little things and say, yeah, I get this well, do we understand at a subconscious level, do we understand the stillness and calmness that needs to go within to have us earn the amount of money that we wanna earn or business, whatever it is. So take 10 seconds here. 15 seconds. Feel the wellbeing throughout your body. Maybe be in this moment where I'm saying these words feel the energy. You can literally always feel the energy coming to and through you at all times know that you are the universe. You can have whatever you want. As long as you live in harmony, the loss, how do you live in harmony? The laws you need to be a little bit more con, a little bit more relaxed, finding more good, changing the way you feel around money, around business, feeling more ease cuz that's more faith.

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