Manifest 10X MORE MONEY! Using this Law and Formula (Law of Compensation)
Written by Scott Haug on September 2nd, 2022
Manifest 10X MORE MONEY! Using this Law and Formula (Law of Compensation)

If you are wanting to use the law of compensation in the best way possible then this video is for you!

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Full Transcript

Study doesn't bring money. Okay. You wanna make sure you study and implement study implement.

Okay. Last quick question. Almost everyone brings it to me is, um, does posting on Facebook quotes and helping a homeless shelter? Does that increase the service? Absolutely. It increases service. It leaves everyone with the impression of increase. It's absolutely a part of the process. Absolutely. Okay. But that doesn't mean you're gonna get paid in monetary value. You might get paid in emotional value, the energy you get back. Okay. You may get some positive comments and some compliments on your work that some emotional income. Okay. It does not mean you're going to get back economic income. Okay. That's the difference there. Okay.

All right. Now let's do some personal examples to help you kind of moving things forward. Okay. The quality I'm bringing forward, the 2.0 program, as most of you are aware by now. Okay. That was that video in the program. What am I doing? I'm following the law. I know this program could be even better. Why? Because all things can be better than they are. They're never going to be perfect. They can always be better. And I haven't found any other coach under Bob Proctor, that's brought something like this forward. So, you know what I said, I'm gonna do it. And I started to convince myself, I'm the one to do this thing. I know if I 10 X the value of our program, and I can put that out there. I can help a greater amount of people, 10 X, the quantity of things that are going around in this program to help everybody deeper and deeper and deeper than ever before.

Right? And then therefore I can increase the quantity because I've also joined another project of building an entire funnel out. That's completely automated. That is going to allow channels to open up, to bring in more people, not at the cost of helping everybody already here. And now on this call though, that's the difference? I'm increasing the quantity and the quality at the same time. Quality is where I'm putting all the focus. Now that's the unleashing of this program. Okay. So I knew the two things I needed to do to increase our program. So it is the most exceptional program on the planet. And I had a lot on comfort and I didn't know, you know, you'd start to have, you know, should I do this, that the other thing I said the hell with it, let's go for it. And here it is. Okay. So I'm doing the same thing.

The last couple of years of me doing just this coaching business just filed the law, talk to more people. Okay. Now last so apart. And I'll answer anybody's questions in your, a couple of you have questions. Okay. Now the quantity of service, if you are in business right now, okay. The quantity or the quality of services go to buy one. It's like Jim RO talked about in the audio. As we listened to just before starting the call here, major time is talking to prospects every day. No matter what you're talking to a prospect. Now some of you have a company where once a week is okay, that's totally okay. Or saying, just going in front of people and talking to them, offering your service and seeing if it's a good fit. Okay. And quality of service is the best service product that you could possibly have. Yep.

That there we go. Okay. Focusing on doing the best. Okay. So this is all that you need to work on. It is if you wanna increase the income, like we talked about, get into alignment, feeling wise, changing the inner stuff around money. Number two is focusing on increasing economic service. Okay. If you're working on projects, that's not serving, it is a part of the service, cuz you're going to be building it out. Right? So this 2.0 program is not serving anybody yet. But I understand that. I understand it's gonna be weeks of me putting in a lot of work and I won't see the economic return of that. That's okay with me. Cause I understand the law. So no, when you're building a project that is not in front of anybody you're not serving yet. Okay. So there's a little difference as well. I hope everyone's grabbing all these tiny details. If you're not in business yet, then we wanna form the business. First thing you do is find the products you love. Okay? Now most of you're already in business of some sort. Okay, Jim, so learning how to market better to your niche is quantity. Hands down. Absolutely. If you are a master marketer and a master person in your product or service, you're gonna kill it. You're gonna crush it.

The other trade off is you hire somebody to do the marketing for you. But I strongly believe anybody starting out should learn their own marketing. You will be the best at it because you love what you do. And you'll know your group of people that you're working with better than they know themselves. That's a good thing you're supposed to, you're supposed to go that direction when you can help somebody because you know exactly what's going on internally for that person, whether it's a Proctor service that you can help them with. So absolutely. So Jim, you wanna become a master marketer, know how to go out there and talk to people and have the courage to go and go and do. So art says it's the increase in value of how charging people is, um, is the increase in value of help charging people. Um, art, can you maybe reform the question? I'm not really sure what you're asking.

Walter says going the extra mile with service. Absolutely. Absolutely love that. You gotta love this 2.0 program. All right. I'll stop saying it. Cause I know a lot of you are like, come on, just let us know. Okay. I know we're spending a ton of time on this. It's just so good now income. Isn't everything. I know it it's part of it though. Absolutely part of it. Oh, art, you said that was Hollis. Okay. And he said, meaning is it about putting a price on the service? Um, I'm still not sure exactly where I, for, for whatever reason, I just not really getting what you're, what you're asking about here. But let me say a couple of things and maybe this will clear some things up economic service is absolutely putting some sort of price on your service. So Hollis I know is doing her events as well as her, her, uh, business is moving forward. And we're gonna focus on the events first foremost, coaching in the, the conference things or however you call 'em hos. Okay. Absolutely figuring out the exact price that you want to have people invest in order to work with you in those events. Absolutely. That's part of it. Everybody on this call is deserving and worthy of receiving a lot of money, be willing and open to receiving and giving money. It's giving money. It's very, very important.

Uh, Nick, you have a good little chime in here. Increase value of help that Scott has written means increasing what your service is worth to your clients. If I'm understanding right. Yeah. To your clients in the world. Okay. Alan says, AMEN,

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