Manifest MONEY Now - Secret Money Thoughts (Abraham Hicks)
Written by Scott Haug on August 31st, 2022
Manifest MONEY Now - Secret Money Thoughts (Abraham Hicks)

Are you in the vibrational frequency of lack or gratitude?

These secret money thoughts by Abraham Hicks teachings will help you manifest money now!

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Full Transcript

Let's keep with the paragraph on the right inside there. As you read this list, it is undoubtedly obvious to you, which we consider to be the better choice in each example. But there is a simple and important thing that you may be forgetting. There is a tendency, as you read a list such as this, to feel a need to state the factual truth about the subject, tell it like it is rather than make the statement of what you desire. That tendency alone is responsible for more recreating and more personal disallowing of wanted things. Then all the other things put together. And so the examples and exercises offered in this book or program are given to help you orient yourself toward what is wanted not to explain what already is. You have to begin telling a different story. If you want the love of attraction to bring you different things. We live in that world. Most people say, tell me as it is, tell me the story of what's going on. Why are things going on stating the, what we call facts, physical facts, questions.

Last part. What is the story? I'm now telling a very effective way to begin to tell that new story is to listen to the things that you're now saying throughout your day. And when you cut yourself in the middle of a statement that is contrary to what you want, stop and say where I clearly know what it is that I don't want. What is it that I do want then deliberately and empathetically, make your statement of desire. I want a pretty new, reliable car, rather than I hate this thing. What you hate, you keep getting and what you love. You keep getting. Okay. So I encourage you to take a look at your goal card. Think about the income you want by the end of 20 18, 5 months left. What kind of new story do you start telling yourself? What kind of money do you want? Your checking, your savings, all this stuff. Where do you want your level of income? Does money come easy to you? Or is it hard?

Do you want money to come unexpected and unexpectedly consistently into your bank account? Or are you telling the story where it's never there? I used to think money was so hard to earn, cuz I couldn't earn any of it. I was only earning a little bit. I was like, this is so hard. I, I don't understand why I can't make more money. And I changed the concept and I started telling myself, well, I better start telling you a story. Money is easy and simple to earn. And I arranged that belief so deeply inside of me without a suggestion, listening to it, journaling it, affirming it over and over and over where I started to believe that. And I started to become my physical reality. Okay. Same thing goes with fitness. Some people believe it's so hard to lose weight. Is it that hard? Most people then will find reasons why it is that hard. They have conditions or this or that and this and that. The conditions are why not? The, the conditions are not why that's happening. It's the reasons that you're providing to your story on why that's happening. Any questions before I move on, pretty good, right?

This is the basis of everything we're talking about. The feeling feeling is everything. Find enough reasons to feel ease around money. You can find it, whatever you put out there, whatever question you ask, you'll find the answer to okay. If you keep questioning why things aren't happening, you'll find reasons why things aren't happening. If you keep finding reasons why to feel good around money, you will find reasons to feel good around money. Same premise goes with gratitude. Jim, you had a wonderful post about gratitude. Most people in the world, as we know are on the side of complaining. They look for all the bad things and they find them. If you look for the bad, you will find the bad. If you look for the good, you will find the good as a basis of gratitude. If you look for the things to be grateful for, you will find you'll be awakened.

You'll be like, oh my God, there are so many great things to be grateful for. Right? You will find the lack of money. You'll find the abundance of money. Both Walter, you have a good question instead of I want money. Shouldn't we say that we have money. Absolutely. Yes, it's done what this whole premise is, is setting you up for the understanding that I want. Money is where most people are coming from. So they're in a, they're in a place right now that says, I want more money. I want more money. I want more money. And they're screaming out loud that they need help. They need more money. And what they're actually giving off is a feeling. They don't have enough. The universe says you don't have enough. You don't have enough. Now our further understanding on this, she leads to it in the book.

This is kind of the beginning part. She says, this is where most people are. Now we must affirm that you already have money. Cuz she goes into why a vibrational reality is just the same as a physical reality or imagined reality is a vibrational reality. She just calls it vibration reality or the vortex. Okay. So this imagined reality is just as real as physical. And when you understand that and believe that that's when it comes into physical. Okay. So you're right on VUL. That was just, uh, the beginning of where she was starting here. So,

Uh, Jo, uh, John, you have a great question here about which audio to use, um, or to record on your phone. Okay. Um, I'm going to supply everybody with it's. I, I didn't create this one. Um, it's on YouTube, one of the best money, affirmation things I've found. Um, and it's actually, it's, it's the channel rockstar affirmations. I think it is. Um, I will post it here in the little chat box. I have found their affirmations to be outstanding for every area of life you could possibly think of. They've created 'em all on YouTube. It's all free. Um, so I found that very outstanding. I'll put in the chat box here as, as we go throughout the call or at least in the Facebook groups, everyone can jump right on it.

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