How To Use The Law of Compensation (and What It Is!)
Written by Scott Haug on August 29th, 2022
How To Use The Law of Compensation (and What It Is!)

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Full Transcript

Feelings are conscious awareness of vibration room vibration precedes manifestation. So we've talked about this. Remember this slide went over many weeks ago. If you were here, we talked about this two subjects, presidents of money, lack of money. Money's only a form of energy. So how do you change your feeling? As you find all the reasons to feel good around money every day, you start telling your new story. You tell yourself how easy money is, how good it feels to have money rolling in your bank account. Right? How good it feels to have income changes like no other, okay. You live in that space every day to the best of your ability and change your belief patterns around money.

Start to tell yourself different beliefs. All right. Now, how do you earn money? How does it come? I'm gonna skip a couple of slides. Cause I knew there were different order than what we wanna go through tonight. Law of compensation, can, we should go over this maybe every day for the rest of the year, then we'll finally understand the law of compensation thing. All right. See if you can write it down. So in the chatbox here, see if you can remember what the law of compensation is. If you can't, that's quite right. That's why we're covering it. If you can. Great. What do you think? Lot of compensation. What are the three points and which one do we focus on? And if you don't have this memorized, I would remember it. I would post it around your house. Ellie's right on with it. John's chiming in there. Great. And Nick as well, Jim and Lorraine, you got a little extension on there. It's not the law of compensation, but that's the extension of it. Great. Anybody else wanna chime in before we go? Good, Natalie. Nailed it. Got it. Nick's nailed it. Armando. You got one of the points there.

Walter chime as well. All right. We'll have compensation dictates the exact amount of money. It's literally the rule. It's like, you're playing a game. I always call life a game. You're playing this game of life and you gotta know the rules. Now. Most people never know the rules because we're never taught them. That's why we're in this program, right? We need to know the rules. We need to understand them. There is literally a rule and you can play with it. You can use it and you can see the, the full effect of it within 24 hours. Okay. You can see this. Don't just listen. Be the doer of the work, go out there and do it. And you'll see the immediate shifts of this. So there's three components with this that shows you the exact ratio of how you're gonna be paid for economic service. There's the difference between service and economic service. So we're gonna start defining that a little bit better economic service that you're bringing to the marketplace. Okay? Number one, the need for what you do. Number two, your ability to do it. And number three, the difficulty there is't replacing you. Okay?

If we increase any one of those three, we're going to earn more money. If the need for what you do. For some reason, that's not usually controlled by you, but if the marketplace takes off like a rocket, for example, say, say, coaches, maybe that the, the need for what they do is tripled by some unleashing. There are so many people increase their need for getting coached, say it tripled. Well, you have a ton more people to drive service to, okay, your ability to do it. That's where we focus. We'll go over that. Of course, many of you know that, but if you increase your ability to do it, you're gonna rocket your income up. And the difficulty is replacing. You will increase as number two increases. Okay? Now we focus on that one. It's broken up into two things. Quality of service, quantity of service. If you want to increase your income. So maybe you're at 10,000 now and you wanna increase to 50,000 a month by the end of 2018.

That's all you have to do. It's that simple increase. The quality of service, economic service increase the quantity of economic service. Okay. It's as simple. How, however, sometimes we don't know. So it's not always easy, right? Uh, we have to do a lot of uncomfortable things that we have never done before to increase our service. Okay. But that's the basis here. So what does this mean to you to remember what that means? How you're gonna do it? So your ability to do it doesn't mean just your service and your product. It also means how well can you market? How well can you sell? If you don't like the word sell? How, how well can you help somebody from, uh, everyday person to buying your product or service? If they're a good fit for it, that's basically what selling is. So how good are you at doing that?

How good are you at running a business? How good are you at organizing principles? Things to help that person out with whatever product or service you have. Okay. It's not just the thing that you do. It's everything. When you increase your ability to market, you will extraordinarily increase everything. When you increase your ability to, well, just call it, selling your ability to sell. You're gonna increase everything. Okay? Cause you're gonna know how to talk to people. Most people don't have a process and they have no idea how to talk to people. So they're very awkward. They're very, they don't really know what to say. You have to get a process down and you have to learn the ins and outs of understanding energy work, right. And bang things start to happen, increase the quality of economic service and the quantity of economic service. Does that make sense? Does we're gonna go through it deeper, but so far? Yes. Okay. So I would in, I would definitely suggest deeply, even if you already know this, go ahead and write some ideas down on how you can increase your quality of economic service and the quantity of economic service. Okay. So write a couple ideas down for yourself. You can put 'em in the chatbox, if you like, or just keep 'em to yourself personally in your notebook,

Encourage you not to be the person that doesn't do it though. He just says, oh yeah. Okay. I'll I'll do it tonight. I'll do it this weekend.

And then I'll give you some personal examples as well. Increasing the quality of service, increasing the value of your product or service.

Increasing the quantity is helping with the number.

Now I'm gonna keep doing a little talking here while you're brainstorming. So you can grab some tidbits while I'm talking here is if you haven't earned that much money in the last month, it's because you really haven't provided economic service. You're valuable. You're a great mother, father, brother, sister, son, daughter, whoever, whatever relationships you have. Yes. You're highly valuable. Just not to the marketplace. It's not a bad thing. You don't have to feel, oh my God. You know, you have to feel self-image no, no, it's not good. No, you're just not valuable to the marketplace. You're not bringing a service to sell into this world that we live in this economic marketplace. Okay.

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