The MASTER KEY to your Manifestations! The FEELING (Law of Attraction)
Written by Scott Haug on August 12th, 2022
The MASTER KEY to your Manifestations! The FEELING (Law of Attraction)

Are you implementing this law of attraction master key into your life?

In this video, Scott shares with you how the feeling is the answer to all of your manifestations!

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Scott Haug helps people who study personal development to actually apply the principles so they can manifest the physical results they truly desire.
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Full Transcript

Now think about this, where are we putting our attention? What's your new story? Where, where are you internally? Where's that energy work going? Okay. Let's talk about it. How do you do the, as assuming of the feeling of the wish fulfilled? What does that mean? Okay. Write this out with me. Assuming the feeling of your wish fulfilled.

Now, when I first started getting into personal growth and development, spiritual side things, and really understanding, I heard probably every speaker in the world. Talk about thinking, feeling and acting as if you are successful. And I was so clueless on what that actually meant. I thought it was like, well, I should go buy things because I would act as if I had a lot of money or this, that the other thing. Right. That's not exactly how it works. You don't have to go Lisa Lamborghini Ferrari or whatever you want sports car and different thing. Right. They never really explained what do you do? How do you do it? Number one, they just, uh, they didn't know that it was a pivotal part that people needed to know. Or number two, they had no idea what they were even talking about. Either. It just sounded like a great line. Gotta think feeling active as if things are real. Right. Cause nobody ever really explained it. Right. Maybe some people did and I just wasn't ready for it at the time. Maybe when they're explaining it. Okay. So what does this mean? Assuming the feeling of your wish fulfilled. Okay. Think about it in your own words. How do you describe this to somebody? Assuming the feeling of a wish fulfilled. Okay. How would you feel?

Oh, I could spell this. Right? How would you feel if your goal was already done and your current reality, what would you feel like? Things are done? Oh man. Financial freedom. It's done. You got it. It's here now. Just feel how good they would feel. The a hundred thousand dollars per month. Heather you're $300,000 in sales by the end of this year. Okay. John crushing the business and doing great things in your network, marketing and the currencies and everything else. Right. Clayo and doing all your projects and question it Selena. How about 10 more clients? I mean, how, how would that feel? What would be that feeling internally? Okay. How would you feel as if everything was already here and done, what would you be thinking? How would you be acting? How would you have the internal feeling of pretend it's already done? What's pretending, living in imagination, your power center. And I encourage you to share in the chat box so you can inspire everybody else. How would you feel are, what if there was a million, 5 million people that watch your show in the first 30 days or first week of you putting it out there? Bill? What if your membership site took off to 5,000 members? How would you feel as if that was already done? Liz, what about your business with having 30, 40, 50,000, $83,000 per month to hit that seven figure mark

Jeremy could see on the call here. What if you had 20 real estate deals come in within the next 48 hours? Why can't that be done? And why can't it be you and why not now? How would you feel? And once we target how we feel, we wanna write that down while some of you are typing in there. Okay? Gratitude, relaxed. I encourage you write all these down to give you great ideas. Bill says overwhelmed, but probably overwhelmed with joy, overwhelmed with feeling, not necessarily overwhelmed with the work that you have to do. Happy. Susan says free shows, says I would feel relaxed. Like it's Trump change content. Very happy, excited, exhilarated, giddy. That's a good one. New adventure. Do you see? Adventures is about right.

Exuberant and love with life. Okay? So that's how we have to feel now with your idea, dominating your mind. Okay. Conscious mind, re know in the stick figure diagram, if you can visualize it, your mind will go on the gravity of those thoughts that you have about your goal. Your subconscious mind will start to feel a certain way. That's where your vibration is, right? Vibration is manifested through the body and you are in a certain vibe, right? You're in a certain feeling. That's what we call that feeling. Okay. So what if you felt like that every day you woke up every day as if, and assuming this was already done, what's an assumption

It's already done. You're not second guessing it it's a certainty, right? You're assuming something's gonna happen. Most signs it's gonna happen. Right? I'm gonna assume that the sun's gonna go down tonight. I'm pretty certain about that. I think you are as well for the last six and a half thousand years of recorded history of how many years we've ever had recorded history or whatever it is. Okay. I think it's always went down just by law. I've been at the ocean every single day. And you look at the waves. The tide goes in and the tide goes out. It never just stays out. It's by law. That's what we're saying. Being in harmony of the laws, law vibration attraction work the same exact way. It's by law. It's by step by step rules and laws and understanding. So what if you felt this way every single day, and you woke up in the vibration, assuming as if that was done, what if you went to sleep every night with your goal, obsessed and staying concentrated on that in your conscious mind feeling and being dominated by that obsession. Subconsciously, I think things would change weren't they?

Here's where most people are though. Most people are feeling very happy. So we're just gonna put next there. Cause we don't want this. Most people are. Yeah, I'm pretty happy, but they're very worried. Their doubtful their goal is actually gonna come. Okay. The majority of the day, their doubtful things are actually gonna fears of some sort, looking for the things going wrong. They're being challenged. Now. Most of you are not there.

Most of you are not living on the right hand side, but some of you star, cuz you just started, you just started your journey here. Okay. But if we're living in doubt and worry every day, where's our thoughts. Our thoughts are literally being dominated by things that we don't want. Remember the universe does not hear your words, that here's your feeling, your vibration, this universal language is vibration, right? It doesn't say when you say, I really want this, I really want this. I really want this. What is it saying? You don't have it. You don't have it. I'll give you more. I'll give you more. Okay. That's why I wanna say and dominate. I am. I am is basically the God language for.

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