Creating GOOD LUCK In Your Life, Follow THIS (Faith / Think and Grow Rich)
Written by Scott Haug on August 3rd, 2022
Creating GOOD LUCK In Your Life, Follow THIS (Faith / Think and Grow Rich)

What do you believe to be true about money?

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Full Transcript

This next paragraph really quick though. There are millions of people who believe themselves doomed to poverty and failure because there's some strange force over which they believe they believe they have no control over. They are the creators of their own misfortunes because of this negative belief. They are the creators of their own misfortunes because they believe it that they don't have any control, which is picked up by the subconscious mind and translate into its physical equivalent. Remember how the law of traction works? Okay. I need more money. I need more money. I need more money. That's where you're throwing out there to universe. Universe. Doesn't respond to your words. It responds to what you mean. And it means I don't have money. I don't have money. And the universe says you don't have money. You don't have money. You don't have money liberating to know frustrating.

When you're saying the words and nothing's happening liberating to know it's the feeling. When you say I have so much money, I have so much money. Great things are coming to me. Abundance is rolling in. Money's flowing. The universe is saying, right. Money's flowing. Things are working well for you. We're giving you a great stuff. Abundance is on your way. You see how this works. That's why we say in present tense. I have this thing. I have this thing because there is no time and space in the universe. Okay. Fathomly in physical reality in our conscious mind. Yes. Okay. So consciously, just like the cell phones, right? There's no time and space. I could call somebody in China. Doesn't matter about time zones. Doesn't matter what time it is. How far away it is. It's instantaneous. Same thing goes to universe. You have abundance.

You're right. You got it. Your income's tripled. Right. Then things respond based on your universal feeling. That's how the law direction works. So many people just still don't understand. Law of attraction. I'm attracting things. I'm doing this. No, no it's coming together because what you're seeking is seeking you, you know, that quote that we've been talking about, okay, why is that work? Because what the energy is, what you mean feeling wise is I have ease. I feel ease. I feel relieved. This universe picks it up and says, you have situations that are ease. You have situations that are relieving. You're doing very well. Things are happening so good. Right? But we gotta remember this. So make a little note for it. Last piece here is a cool little line at the very bottom right hand corner that we're gonna go over understanding the truth of what we just talked about. You'll know why it is so essential for you to encourage the positive emotions is dominating the forces in your mind and discouraging and eliminating the negative emotions. I put the negative emotions top left hand corner, like I mentioned, okay. Eliminating jealousy and envy and anger and frustration and lashing out to people and blaming and all these things. Right? Eliminate it. You're gonna be liberated in the positive attitude. Things are gonna unleash. Okay. Questions before we move on to last important part of tonight,

Okay. I need a volunteer to put into a chatbox, uh, an area of life that they want to believe more in. They know they need to believe they need to shift. They need to have more faith and, uh, make it good. One, make it a good desire based on your goal and what it is. What do we got? Jump out there. I, I'm not gonna make you speak about it and talk about it and give a whole lecture on how you need to believe more. I'm going to do it for you.

Here. We got actually tons coming in now. Okay.

All right. We got a couple of money. So we're gonna do a couple of money. Consistent focus for Brian. Salinas says money as well. That says confidence. Love. Okay. We'll try and cover all these in 10 minutes. Okay. All right. Let's talk about money. Let's talk about some empowering beliefs. I want you to think about and reflect on what do you believe to be true about money? Okay. Just think through it. You don't have to write things down, just think through it. Okay. What is, what is, are those beliefs? Okay. Now I'm gonna tell you a couple things that may smash allow your beliefs. Okay? Money is easy and simple to earn. You can earn an extra $15,000 in the next 24 hours. I don't care who you are on this call. You can business and serving is actually the funnest thing in the world to do your prospect calls your thing, whatever you're doing to attract business in whether it's live webinars can be the other funnest thing in the world to do money is easy to earn. A hundred thousand dollars. Is Trump change. Money is a tool that magnifies who you are and is one of the greatest things in the world.

You love money. And when you do love money, things start to return because that love is in a positive emotion. Okay? So now we just started to destroy any beliefs you had about money on how hard and challenging it is. Okay. We change how we look at things in the way we look at things. We'll start to change our game. Start to change our physical relationships around where we are confidence. How does confidence play into this? You don't believe you're the one for big things. When you're low confidence, low self-esteem

That's BS. Why wouldn't you be the one for good things? Why would somebody else be the good thing they, they feel? Why would they be entitled for something great. Now let's talk about confidence. Even a little bit more deeply on the negative side that says, why don't you believe you're confident. Most times you had a lot of criticism when you're a kid, tons of it. And when you have a lot of criticism, you always feel like you're doing something wrong. So you don't believe you're ever gonna do something, right? You don't believe you're gonna make the right decisions liberating to, to know once you understand that somebody else's fault that they criticize you probably, is it your fault? If you keep living with that? Absolutely. It's like, somebody's, uh, talked about, there's a quote that says when you're born poor in a ful atmosphere, not very empowering.

Is that somebody else's fault? Probably. Is it your fault? If you die poor. Absolutely. Cause you have the power to change it. Stop blaming everything else. You got this. Okay. So how do you increase confidence? You are the one to do it, especially Matt. I know this is yours, that this confidence thing, Matt, your dream is so important to you. I didn't have your dream. I don't have it. You have it. That is evidence that shows that if you thought about it and you've envision in it, anybody else can bring that into world. Do you can as well. You're actually the one for the most loving relationship in the world. I know you're going for your Somme as well. You're the one for the most loving, worthy, deserving, awesome, extraordinary woman in this world, you have something so bright about you and so much great energy about you.

That is it's inevitable that you are meant for greatness and greater circumstance and greater things to happen in your life. To have you have your business skyrocket to a hundred thousand dollars a month is not outta place. You were always meant to be rich and wealthy. That's why you want the cars that you did. That's why you messaged me how cool it was that you have the, the model version of the car that you want. You're the one to sit in that driver's seat. You're the one that have it stacked up in your bank account, flooding in believe in my belief in you until your confidence starts to rise up. If you need to listen to this over and over and over, and you take that little chunk and you make it into your own recording and hear that over and over and over, and then do it. Confidence comes from two areas, one knowledge and two experience start experiencing. Then you'll start to believe in more.

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