Manifesting: Increase Your RICHES (Think and Grow Rich)
Written by Scott Haug on July 27th, 2022
Manifesting: Increase Your RICHES (Think and Grow Rich)

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Full Transcript

Chapter three faith visualization of and belief in attainment of desire. The second step towards riches faith is the head chemist of the mind when faith is blended with the vibration of thought, the subconscious mind instantly picks up the vibration, translates it into its spiritually equivalent and transmits it to the infinite intelligence. As in the case of prayer, some of you have read tickets, go rich, and you haven't read it in a long time. And you've you, you just read that. And you're like, I don't think I've ever read that line in my life. And it makes so much more sense. Now that you've been rocking this program, take some notes on that. Take a look at that paragraph there. Faith is the head chemist of the mind when faith is blended with the vibration of thought, the subconscious mind instantly picks up the vibration, translates it into its spiritually equivalent and transmits it to the infinite intelligence. As in the case of prayer or affirmation, pretty good stuff. The emotions of faith, love and sex are the most powerful of all the major positive emotions. When the three are blended, they have the effect of coloring the vibration of thought in such a way that it instantly reaches the subconscious mind where it is changing into its spiritually equivalent. The only form that induces a response from infant intelligence.

Now think about what we've been talking about all these weeks. Some of you are brand new to the program. Great. Some of you have been in the program for a couple years now. Great. Okay. What do we always talk about? Feeling is key. We talk about feeling is your conscious awareness of the vibration. You're in. Think it go rich is all about the it's the exact same thing. What does coloring the vibration of thought in such a way mean? Okay. You're VI, you're vibrating at such a length where you're on a high frequency of positive or negative emotion. Okay. Faith or fear doesn't matter. Both are gonna be pulled in subconscious. Okay. What you get emotionally involved with is what is manifesting in your life at all times. That's law of attraction. That's how it works. You send out energy based on your feeling. You get returned to what you're feeling about. Okay. That's why you keep feeling Cru. You keep finding Cru things, keep feeling outstanding. Things seem to be more outstanding. Okay. It's a law of momentum. It's fair. It's all by law. Okay. If it was only for me, that wouldn't be so fair, but it's for you. It's for me, it's for everybody in this world. Okay. We just had to play with the laws a little bit better. We had to, we had to know the game a little better.

When the three emotions are blended or any positive emotion, it instantly reaches a subconscious mind instantly

And induces a response from God, from universe, from higher intelligence, God universe, whatever you wanna call us higher power will respond instantly to you. Things will start to move pretty guys. So if you want some sort of goal, you want some sort of help. Things will start to move, but you gotta be in more faith. We're gonna talk about what that means. Love and faith are psychic they're in the mind. Okay. Related to the spiritual side of man sex is purely biological and related only to the physical. Now we're not gonna talk about sex the entire time here. So it's really like the only two paragraphs that he is gonna talk about here. The mixing or blending of these three emotions move my little camera. There has the effect of opening, a direct line of communication between the finite thinking mind of man in the infinite intelligence.

Pretty important. If you believe that everything is spiritual, everything comes from the invisible to the visible, which is clearly proven in every book in the world, science and metaphysical. Okay? If you believe that this is very important paragraph that you just went over on how you get to your direct line of communication with this infinite source. If you want more abundance, this is the answer. Pretty cool. How do we do it? How to develop faith. There comes now a statement which will give a better understanding of the importance of the principle of auto suggestion assumes in the transmutation of desire into its physical or monetary equivalent. Namely faith is a state of mind which may be induced or created by affirmation or repeated instructions to the subconscious mind through the principle of autosuggestion

Mindful what's autos suggestion. What does that mean? Suggestion is a word that indicates you are suggesting an idea to something, some person or yourself, when it's yourself, that call a auto suggestion. That's what that means. Okay. Now he literally talks about this. This almost ran over a hundred years ago. At least the principles on when Napoleon hill was studying, right? So that's why prayer in religion works. And sometimes it doesn't seemingly work. Why? Because when somebody mixes positive emotion or negative emotion, it's going to work, but it doesn't look like it works. When things keep getting negative, because they don't believe what they're saying. They don't believe that God will answer their prayer. Okay. Now, same thing goes for our affirmations. If you're saying your affirmations out loud every day, reading your goal card out loud and you don't believe it, you just say, there's no way this going to happen.

You could feel it. You're just like this. A hundred thousand dollars is not Trump change. This is. Okay. And he keeps saying that and he keep feeling it over and over and over the affirmation will not work for you. It will frustrate you. But on the other side, if you start to believe in, just know that I know what I'm talking about. Napoleon hill knows, he's talking about, you know what you're talking about. Okay. You know this, you, you can feel the residents of these ideas and the truth about these ideas. If you just remain coachable and you say, hold on, let let's, let's open up. Let's make sure I got this. Okay. So it sounds like I need to believe a little bit more in what I'm saying. How can I believe more? That's what we're going over. How can I have more faith? I need to do more suggestion and positive emotion. Really engulfing myself in this positive emotion. So <affirmative> so is a good paragraph. I would circle maybe in your book. Maybe make a little note. Okay. Okay.

Repetition. That's why we listen to the same lesson for 14 days in a row. That's why we go through the same principles on every coaching call. Cause you finally get it because you become the idea. You don't just know the idea. Okay? School teaches us the opposite. That's why people sometimes will battle. They'll say I don't need to listen to this every single day. Okay. Just because they don't understand. That's why I always, I always wanna do a gentle reminder. Everybody on this call, including myself, is stop watching all the YouTube videos. It will cloud your mind and you'll have chaos going on all over the place. Okay. Oftentimes when we're watching all these motivational videos where keep trying to find solutions all over the place, it gets us more in chaos mode. Everyone's saying the same thing. We wanna have a gentle reminder that says, it's all here.

It's all within. I just have to listen and do listen, do listen. Do okay. That will help you be more ease and you'll have more progress when you start to eliminate all that stuff. Now I do have a lot of books behind me. I do a lot of reading. Absolutely. But you get to a point where you've nailed your results. And now you can add on the content to develop understanding, okay, that's the difference. There only at a point where you're getting the exact results you want to, then you start adding more content to form understanding and then teach once you've learned and experienced that result. I hope that makes sense. The difference there all. So as we go on the next paragraph here, cuz this is really gonna get to a lot of the, how, uh, this making sense for everybody have any questions, everyone excited that we're going a little different than neville Goddard right? So some of you I've been on the Monday calls for the last couple months, right? It's very deep neville Goddard and really hard to understand it. First, these concepts and these ideas that we explain on these calls, then you go back to thinking, go rich. And you're like, this is like a piece of cake that I, and then at one time, it wasn't out because your awareness wasn't there.

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