🌟 Super Charge Your Manifestations - Day #5 - How I manifested $10,000 in a weekend & how you can too!
Written by Scott Haug on July 7th, 2020

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This video training is Day #5 all about a manifestation story of how I manifested $10,000 in a weekend, and how you can too!


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"Hey Scott Haug here and welcome onto our Facebook live for today. And if you're watching on YouTube welcome also into today's video, uh, we're continuing our day series of day. Number five of supercharging your manifestations. If you're here, live with us on an, within our Facebook group, go ahead and throw a like, and a comment and maybe just comment a number five. If you're here, you're ready to rock.

You're having a great summer so far while we're recording this here in July, 2020. And if you're on YouTube, throw a like and subscribe to this channel to get more updated content on manifestation techniques and help in guidance along your manifestation during all right, let's get started for today. Day. Number five is all about a manifestation story. If you will, on how I was able to manifest $10,000 over a weekend, a couple of years back.

So this was really when I was just beginning to understand how to manifest and how to actually get what I desired. Now, a lot of us will study as personal development material and we'll set the goals, right? We'll set a goal for a certain amount of money. We want to earn in the business. We'll set a goal for a manifesting, a certain thing into our life, our lives. So having that goal though, sometimes it doesn't come and it can be a little irritating and frustrating when we don't understand exactly why we set the goal.

And throughout an entire year or many years, it really just never comes to us. So if you resonate with this, throw a comment below and say, you know, you've resonated where you've set goals before, but they never really came.

So I hope to provide a lot of clarity for you on this video series, video, number five here about what it is that I've discovered that has allowed me to really put out what I wanted and actually have it come with certainty and a lot more predictability.
Now that doesn't mean everything I ever desire is going to come blazing fast within a day of setting the goal.

But if I set the goal, I do have an expectation that it will come into my life. Just a matter of time. And time could be a few days, few weeks, some things take months. Some things do take a few years to really have come in your life and be ready and prepared for that thing you want. So this story really came about when I had a desire to earn 10,000 hours over a weekend.

And at that time I never really did that before I had 10, 20, $30,000 months in business, but I never really made it in like a 24 to 48 hour time period. And this was a Thursday when I had this desire. So basically the thought came while I was waking up in the morning, drinking my morning coffee.

Like what if I could make, or earn $10,000 this weekend now from somebody who had not done that up until that point, many of us feel that's impossible. Like how, how am I possibly going to get, if I'm not already doing it making $10,000 every weekend, how am I going to do that? And then other thoughts start to come.

Like there's no way I'm going to find a way to earn $10,000. How is this even going to be possible in my life? There's no way I can have enough time to set it up, right? Cause some of us and I did at that time, have a belief that in order for me to earn a lot more money, I better go ahead and make sure I'm working a lot more or doing certain things, right? Some of us will have those beliefs. So at the time again, I was like, I only have, you know, two, three days, this was on a Thursday.

I only have two or three days. There's no freaking way. I'm going to be able to earn this amount of money. Right. But as a lot of us have studied a long time for a very long time. Now in personal development, self-help material, everything is possible in your mind and your imagination to and through, uh, God and universe and, and all these wonderful powers that we have with them. So the idea was there. I knew it was possible, but deep down I felt like I didn't think I could have it now being aware of this material.

And maybe you do know this as well. That if I feel that it's not here today, feel the absence of it. I can't manifest it, even though I can believe I can. If I don't feel like it's today, if I don't feel expected to have the thing I desire, it just doesn't come.

And I had that awareness. So I started to work on that. So basically that day, I just want to carry you on the journey of the next few days here. And I really hope and think this will truly help you. If you want to earn 1000, 10,000, 30,000 hours, this upcoming weekend, it's absolutely possible. I'm not saying everyone's going to be able to do it. It's very hard to actually get into that mindset sometimes when you're not even close, but if you are close, they can become easier and more flowing.

So basically that Thursday in the afternoon, I really didn't do any business work or any work on the extra implant. I didn't do laundry. I didn't do all this stuff. I sat there and looked into my mind or my imagination. So basically I closed my eyes, sat on my couch. I was in California at the time and I just envisioned what it would look like if I did have that $10,000 by Sunday night, couple of days later, I envisioned things like, well, I feel really excited.

I probably, I cheer and jump up and down. Like I did it like, I'd be very enthusiastic. So I saw myself doing that on that Sunday night. I also thought and saw my mind by Sunday night, I'd look at my bank account and I'd see the extra 10,000 in my business checking account. I also saw what I would do with the money on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday of the upcoming week, I saw myself transferring the money from my checking account to my various savings accounts. I saw myself buying extra a couple of things just to reward myself.

Cause I do like nice things and I like luxury and quality. So maybe I could buy myself something small while I'm saving almost all of the money for the things that I truly want to invest in business wise and likewise moving forward in the future. So I want to be smart with the money, but I also, at the same time had a lot of desire for quality and nice things at the time as well.

And I still do. So that was basically, I started to imagine, what would I do with the money? How would I feel? What conversation would I have? I almost visualize as well. Me having this Facebook live years later telling about the story of being able to manifest this money. Something happened after I did that for about 30 to 40 minutes was various. I did open my eyes here and there. I took a break and change the, what I was looking in my mind, but something very important happens.

I started to feel like it is done. It started to feel expected. It started to feel like this was no longer a hope or wish. I knew. I believe I could. It wasn't a hope or wish anymore. It was more of a certainty and it clipped. So again, I started to see what would I do with the money?

What would my life look like? How would I feel? What conversations would I had? And something like fire was going through my Bonnie and felt expected in certain. I knew at that moment, if you've, if any of you have been listening into Abraham Hicks teachings or even Bob Proctor or you know anything about manifestation, you understand that you really have to get to expect the desire, not need it, but expect to have a certainty.

Like it's done deal to no brainer. You're going to have it that clicked towards the end of that Thursday that I'm talking about. I knew deep down I was going to have that 10 K weekend, even though it did not happen. I got the certainty first before I entered that weekend.

Now my mind still was battling a little bit. It still was like, why? I feel like it's certain, but I still don't know how like where's the idea is going to come from where's the money game coming from.

But I also changed my mind, said the house, none of my business. I don't have to know how I just had to keep feeling the certainty. Then things will start to unfold. It wasn't, I knew it wasn't magic. It wasn't like 10,000 hours is going to show up on my, on my table Friday morning, miraculously, that's not how this stuff goes. I had the understanding that things were about to unfold to allow me to receive the 10,000 and they did Friday morning.

I woke up and I woke up with an idea. So remember the subconscious and universal side of it. So working all the time on whatever you give it. So that Thursday night, I wasn't even thinking about this 10,000 hours. I didn't have to overthink it or anything like that. I kind of let it go because I want a good rest. I went to the gym that night.

I did all my personal stuff they wanted to do. So I went to bed and I woke up on Friday morning and I literally woke up with an idea. The idea was to take some of the things I was doing at the time in business and actually put out a series of a paid course, if you will, on a couple of things to increase the business for certain people.

So I have a lot of business experience and I wanted to help those people. I was already connected with actually start to increase their business. So I had an idea to take 10 people and bring them through this course through the knowledge and expertise that I already had.

So the idea came to me to provide better value in service. Since I had the idea, the next step, I literally felt intuitively like that is the idea that was sent to me from the universe itself, from the higher side, from the infinite intelligence, that kind of idea.

I acted on the idea that day. So I still did my morning routine. I studied, I did my affirmations. I did my visualization. I did all those things, ate breakfast with my coffee. You know, everything by the time it got to about 11:00 AM 12 or so, I acted on the idea. I started to actually put that out there, but I put it out there with the attitude that this is a done deal. I know it's here. I don't have to know who's going to get into a course.

I don't have to know this. I don't have to know that, but I just have to know that this is a done deal certainty all day on Friday, I worked on that idea. I put it out there. Any inspiring idea about a person to call a person that attacks any social media that I felt to put it out there.

Marketing wise, I did buy that Friday night. I already had about three or four people secured for this business course that I was taking people through at the time. So I was getting close to that 10,000 already. I didn't have it though.

Remember I said by Sunday night, so sometimes at least me, I am a little, I used to be faulting more on like if I wasn't getting close to my goal, I'd feel doubtful, worried if I didn't see all this major progress happen, I'd feel like, Oh my God, you know, it's getting closer to Sunday night and I get more and more worried in doubtful that I was actually going to come. So I pulled that back.

The doubt and worry. I said, I told myself until Sunday night, today's only Friday night. I still got 48 hours to make this happen Saturday morning.

I actually don't always work the weekends, but I did that weekend cause I really wanted, I felt like there was still more for me to fulfill more action. I should put out there to make this happen. First half of Saturday, I worked on this all day until about two, 3:00 PM. I started to put out more inspired ideas, actions, calls, texts, all those things I was already doing again from an attitude that this is a done deal.

I don't have to know who's going to get into the course. I just have to know it's done by about 3:00 PM. I felt intuitively okay. I did my part. I put out as much action as I can. I don't know what else to do. I feel kind of lethargic. I'm really putting out a lot right now. A lot of energy. It's time for me to let this go and let the universe take control of everything else.

I went to the beach that day. So about three, four or 5:00 PM. Whenever it was exact, I don't know, but I went to the beach. I was living in California, so it was close to Venice beach. Santa Monica area went to the beach and just relaxed and just felt peaceful.

Brought a book there and just felt like, Hey, everything's done. Universe has got it from here that Saturday night into Sunday morning, I didn't check email. I didn't check social media or anything until later on that Sunday and boom, all the people were there ready to rock and roll. And by that Sunday afternoon, Sunday, early evening, I had that $10,000 secured and good to go.

Now that whole story, right there was really a story of faith. It was a story of trying to replace a lot of doubts and worries and trying to replace, how is this going to come out as it's going to come with the thinking of first, I got to feel I got to be it right.

I gotta, I gotta feel certain that it's already mine at $10,000, just in my pocket. I got to feel that. And after I felt that I had the understanding of, if I get ideas, I act on the ideas, put out the best effective external action that I can then let it go. And by that Sunday evening, it was there. And boom, Sunday night I had the goal accomplished on Monday morning, I was jumping for joy because I knew it was a done deal.

And I manifested that into my life and business. So I hope that story right there helps the kind of transformation. And the idea is that if you have an idea on Thursday, you don't need a lot of time for you to accomplish your goals. Now I see it all the time. Cause I coach hundreds of people through our various programs and we have the manifestation accelerator where we got many, many people going through that.

So I'm always coaching everybody through these. But the whole idea here is that one of our challenges as we go throughout this process is lack of faith and to lack of letting things go so that they can naturally unfold and also understanding that we really have to feel certain about something before it comes.

One of limiting beliefs, a lot of people have is if for me to make something big happen in my life, it's going to take a long time. And it's just, isn't the case because we see people at a time go from five grand a month to 50 grand a month in a mere six months. And that's not a long time at all. It's half a year, right?

So the understanding here is that you can get many of your desires in a lot less time that you might be thinking of now, how do you do it?

You want to go to imagination. You want to fuse with the certainty of your desire, start to listen for ideas, act on those ideas. Then let it go. As the natural unfoldment of this universe assisting in this providing ideas, providing circumstances that will allow you to actually receive what you desire. And remember, I never did that before that time. So I didn't have that certainty. Like I've done this before I could do it again.

Type of thing. I just had to have the faith that if I can see it in my imagination, I can do it and the universe can supply me what I can see in my minds. It can help me do that and naturally unfolds that process. So that's what I mentioned titled there, you can do this as well, follow that unfoldment and that will certainly come to pass. Now our manifestation accelerator program is meant to design and help you through that journey of that story.

I just enfolded. So as you start going through some of the modules in our course, you're going to get some of the content. You're going to get some of the ideas and the depth of understanding of where and what to do with imagination, how to feel into your desires. How do you get to that certainty level techniques on a weekly basis for an entire year straight on what to do today to help yourself get to that certainty, to help yourself, let it go.

How do you let go? How do you allow your desires in and how do you stay in that receiving mode? So you're not shielding away your desires from actually coming to you because a lot of us are pushing our desires out, not knowing that we're sending out absence of what we want rather than the presence. And we're actually hindering our manifestations from actually coming into our lives.

So the course is designed to help you take all of these ideas and actually take bite sized chunks with techniques on applying all of the content. And it's a mirror $50 per month membership. So it's very easy. It's very doable.

Something to keep in your back pocket, as well as some of you have been going through the course for many months now, so that you have that toolbox and manifestation tools, but absolutely for not in there, I would encourage you to get started literally right now, even if you don't start till the end of the week or the weekend, it's going to allow you to have a brand new possible world, enter your, your life and your business from here on out. If you feel called to do it, all right, this has got how signing up here. I hope you have a very enjoyable day and you felt like you took something away from this.

If you're here on Facebook group, definitely throw a comment. If this was helpful, maybe give me a number one in the comment box. If this was helpful and in front of you too. But again, throw like, and subscribe on this video.

If you want to hear more content like this in the future, around our manifestation series and helping you manifest quicker, easier and better moving forward. And again, if you're not in the manifestation accelerator course already, I would just do it right away. Again, it's very low amount of money per month. It will help you blow your goals, blow your manifestations out of the water.

Quantum leap style very quickly. There's a lot of you see, we have about 15 to 20 posts daily in our Facebook group here that really are huge wins. And even a few manifests, a thousand dollars or $20,000.

Like a lot of people have, or like some of the others have over a hundred thousand dollars manifested within a mere months time. If you're able to do that, that will make all the difference for the rest of your life, your family in your life and business ought to matter. It ought to be remembered for something big that you did. Non-small all. Alright, Scott, signing off here and then sending light and blessings to all of you, have a wonderful rest of your day and you we'll see a risk and take care."

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