Align with The Law of Compensation - Attract Success with High Impact Actions!
Written by Scott Haug on July 25th, 2022
Align with The Law of Compensation - Attract Success with High Impact Actions!

Do you feel like you are aligned with the law of compensation in your life?

Try out these 3 high impact actions to attract success by listening to this video all the way to the end!

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Full Transcript

To really clear this up. This is gonna be really good focus every day on three high impact actions. And that's it. Everything else is busy work and everything else is BS. Just trust me on this. We've went over this before. Um, and I'm just gonna find an area to put this. OK. Let's put it on the top right hand corner there focus every day on three high impact actions. Usually number one is client service. Number two is generating appointments. And number three is doing appointments.

Not every business has the same thing, but most follow at least this simple format. Okay. Those are the three things you do every single day. So Hal, I'm gonna just take your example here, uh, because you're just chimed in. Okay. So focusing on what your events are gonna be doing, focusing on service on putting that actual content together. Number two is generating people into the door, having say 30 people, your first event, getting those people into the door and number three, actually doing the event. Okay. And then appointments after if you're gonna coach them. Okay.

Nate, same idea, right? Client service in your business. Number two, generating more people, more business, more prospects that you can help potential businesses out. And number three, actually going to those appointments and being in front of the person you're gonna talk to and talking to them about your, your service. Yes. That is a how it says. Uh, and that is the marketing aspect. Getting them to the workshop. Right. So let's, uh, even define this more. Number two is the marketing. Okay. Number three. I'm gonna call it selling. You don't have to call it selling. I just called it Dell anyways. Okay.

Three. And the value of your service actually doing that service.

Yeah. You don't have to call it selling, call it something though.

And change your belief around selling. Most people hate sales, so they never even talk to a single person cuz they feel like they wanna sell somebody on something. If, if there was no sales in the world, nothing would happen if Esther and Jerry didn't know how to market and didn't publish just the hay house and didn't know how to sell their book. I would not have this book. They had to sell me this book, not directly, but they'd sell it somewhere. They had to know and understand how to market and how to put this book out to the marketplace. Most authors just do it way better than others. That's why we know that about their books. We can have the best book in the entire world, the most extraordinary book of secrets. But if the person doesn't know how to market this to the world, unfortunately nobody will ever read the book. It's part of this process. Okay. And you can find audios exactly with Abraham doing your teaching, doing its teachings around that concept. Okay. All right. Almost coming up to the end of the call here. Hopefully this is making sense for everybody.

NA says selling is the highest paid profession and the lowest paid profession, highest and lowest. Most people it's the lowest cuz they just don't know how to talk to people. And it only takes you about 30 days to really start to learn. Bill says, learn to articulate. Why, what you do is valuable. People will buy from you. And I'm gonna add to that though, is articulate why that person could be a good fit for your product or service, how it's gonna get them from where they are to where they wanna be. That's why they buy your product. People don't buy quarter inch drills because they want quarter inch drills. People buy quarter inch drills because they want quarter inch holes. Most of you have heard that quote before. So bill, I love it. And I just added to it. Most people don't really care about what you have. They care about how is it gonna help me? Is it going to help me? And if it's not see it later and if it is let's talk, it's a good thing. Okay? Most people are like, how's this stored in the garbage. And I say, this is valuable to me. It's gonna gimme from point a to point B. Understanding wise, let's grab it.

All right. Last five minutes here is just all about you brainstorming and articulating the exact thoughts. Now that you're in state, we've run over some beautiful content tonight, all about money, changing the income. Okay? Just one subject out of the money subjects know that the more money you have, the more you can do good in this world. The less money you have, oftentimes the less good you're gonna do. Not always, most people will argue then saying, well look at mother Teresa and different people in the world that didn't have a lot of economic money. They did a lot of good. Absolutely they did. But they made such a message. More, most powerful marketers in the world. They just didn't call themselves marketers because they could bring a message that they believed in so much with conviction to the world, they shared their message. They talked about it.

They gave it to everybody. They were obsessed by the idea of what their message had. Conviction wise that brought them massive income and emotional side, as well as the message spread to the world. So then they could go around anywhere. They didn't have to think about food. They didn't have to think about shelter. They were the richest people in the world because they didn't need money and they could stay wherever they wanted to. So they were rich in many ways. Okay. So if you don't really wanna go the economic route, you don't wanna form a business and things. That's fine. But if you wanna do something big and great, you have a great dream and this message you wanna share to the world, then you gotta be obsessed with sharing it all over the world. Every chance you get every speaking gig you could possibly do for free, whatever. It's going to be bringing it to every single place in the world so that you bring your message to the world. Okay. It's gotta be through economic or if you're gonna go the other side, then get at it, get it. Be obsessed by the thing you want to share with the world. Okay. That's the difference.

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