Get on the FREQUENCY! The words you need to believe, LISTEN to this
Written by Scott Haug on July 18th, 2022
Get on the FREQUENCY! The words you need to believe, LISTEN to this

This question "What kind of frequency am I on?" is so good to ask yourself often because you start to have awareness and once you have that, you are able to change it!

Listen in to this video to hear the words you need to believe!

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Full Transcript

What do I mean by gripping saying, I it's like, why isn't here, why isn't here, let's go. It's almost being like a little, little kid, not getting his way and saying, why isn't he here? Why isn't here. What's going, you know, that, that, that self pity, that, uh, place of absence of the thing that you want, you wanna go on the other side, say, it's here. It's good. Things are coming. I expect all good things to come my way. I know this universal power. I know how it works. I'm connected to gratitude. It is my right to receive everything I want to, I believe in the infinite. If I receive a ton more, I can give to the world a ton more, all this stuff arounds me. Everybody has their rights to also do what I do. I've taken the PR. I've paid the price though.

I've invested in myself to have the knowledge and implementation of this knowledge. I deserve every, all the good that's coming towards me. Everybody else has also access to programs, coaches, and people to help them as well. I'm paying my price. I'm putting out the good. Now I expect universe to deliver as an infinite source of knowledge and awareness and things that can help me on my path exactly. Down the right road with the least possible resistance, good things are always coming towards me. I feel ease in all situations. I feel relieved knowing that all good things are coming to and through me at all times and all the money that's coming towards me is magnifying who I am to allow all good things to come towards me and everybody else in my life. I'm great at what I do. I love what I do. Things are unfolding better and better life and business and income are exploding through the roof.

Things are magnifying. Okay. So I just wanted a little rampage there, right? That's what I just did. I did ask believe, receive. I got into the emotion. I'm sure you could feel it. That it was like ease relief. Get into the groove and demand what you want. Not in a harsh way. Not saying I must have this, but it is saying I am ease. It's a physical lie sometimes. But when you own that physical lie, which is a spiritual truth, you will connect to source and it will happen. Connecting to source means you are going into the thing that you want and demanding with a positive. I am that this must become my physical present by saying already, what is this old story it's affirming in the future? The next moment must unleash my consciousness and the, I am, this is difficult. I am, this is hard.

This is never working, whatever it is. Right. And I could go down that road. So you'll feel it. Okay. On the other side, though, you are affirming. I am consciousness responds by affirming to your, I am statements. If you're always telling the old story, the next future moment must replicate compared to your vibration. The next moment in your consciousness must replicate what you start to affirming as a new physical truth. And as you embrace a physical truth, you are believing and you will receive cuz you're allowing it in. Cause conviction, you start living in a little more faith. I dunno. There's abundance of energy tonight, I guess. I don't know. Rock and rolling here. Uh, everyone have any questions so far we've gone through a ton of stuff. Okay. Uh, any questions on any of this process, Nancy? I do remember your question just came back to me. So it's good time. Nancy group questions, everyone. Good to go.

Okay. Bill is a great question. Let's cover. And answer's question then we'll cover Bill's question here as well. Okay. Nancy has a great question. It was, um, all about, is there, um, a reason for the awareness and the fog? Like, you know, having that lack of awareness? Why don't we just know? I don't know if I know the answer to that. I don't know if anybody knows it's kind of this life mystery. Why don't we have full a hundred percent awareness of what we're supposed to do? My belief, it has to be a belief cuz I don't know if any physical person can, uh, so far as we know, physically, as we call prove any evidence towards this stuff. Okay. But conscious awareness is not fully there because this physical life, if we believe this, there is a spiritual purpose to what we're doing here.

It is to grow, learn, and experiment and understand and live in this physical nature for us to grow in awareness in our spiritual selves, that that energy that we have or as if you ever, uh, Neil diamond Welsh, if you are a big fan of any of all the people on the secret, okay. He talks about getting in touch with God and, and speaking his books all about speaking to God. Okay. And what, what God responded with or universe or whatever you wanna call it responded with was you are, uh, I am an expression in you. I, I want to seek to be more of me. I want to experience more of me. And as we are more and more aware, that's when you so called find old souls, people are very wise at know or very wise it, no matter what the physical age is in these understandings, because they just have this, uh, mass awareness of what's going on and understanding in this conscious moment, it's like a game.

If we had full awareness of how things were going to unfold, it wouldn't be a game anymore. It wouldn't be this life. So, uh, I don't know if anybody really knows, but that would be that's my belief on this stuff was I treat it as a game. So it becomes a game I it's awareness game once, you know, and you experience and you learn it and you go through the fears, you're winning the game. That those are the rules of the game. As long as you have the courage to keep moving forward in the fog embrace. I embrace me believe in me that that's what God would say. I'm not saying believe in me as a coach. I'm saying, uh, that's what God universe would say is, believe in me, understand my power and I will pull you towards the right direction. But believe in me or believe in the fear you get to choose. And that's why we are experiencing this physical life. Okay. It's all about kinda the choice. I hope that, uh, gives you a cool little belief to think about Nancy.

Okay. Um, and let's go to Bill's questionnaire on Friday. You explain how to tell the difference between intuition and our old paradigms. Can you discuss that again? Yeah, absolutely. As we thank you for asking that bill looks really good. Okay. Intuition, intuition comes first. Okay. You have a feeling. It will be a feeling inside. It'll be an urge. It will be like an awesome idea. You'll just feel it. You'll just be like, man, that's it. I've I get that's it. That's what I wanna do. Um, and you'll feel this mass energy towards a beautiful thing. It's always a beautiful thing. Okay. Know that source is pure positive energy. It is all love. It is all joy. So intuition is connection with that source. You know that, that thing intuition is always good. It's always for something better to happen. Okay. So you must know that old paradigm is most times BS and you know, it's BS. It's not an inner knowing. It's a thought it's a difference. Logical thought compared to a feeling, okay. The logical thought patterns say like, no, you can't do this a doubt or it's or it's some sort of belief towards something, but it's absurd. It makes no sense at all. Those are paradigm. You have to understand. Paradigm is a program. It's all beliefs. Intuition's not a belief. It's an inner knowing complete difference there. Okay. Old paradigms will talk. You out of your dream. Intuition will talk you into your dream. Okay.

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