THIS will attract in SUCCESS - Believing and changing Habitual Thoughts
Written by Scott Haug on July 11th, 2022
THIS will attract in SUCCESS - Believing and changing Habitual Thoughts

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Full Transcript

Now you can have some doubts that aren't habitual. So we're gonna add the habitual word in. I think that'll clarify a lot of things for people here, habitual doubts or worries. Okay.

I think that'll really help your notes if you're looking back at this to clarify some things. Okay. Cause a single low doubt may pop in your minds, but you may toss it away. And that wasn't a belief system. Okay. But beliefs are something that, as a thought, you keep thinking a thought can be a doubt, a doubt or a worry is just a thought pattern. That's all it is. Right. Or we can go on the other side and we can have empowering beliefs. And those are the things that serve us. Okay. So we're gonna add down here instead of habitual beliefs. So habitual beliefs or worries, we're gonna have habitual empowering ideas and thoughts, our beliefs that serve us.

So if you are getting obsessed by your goal, you are having thought after thought about this goal, it's solidifying into a belief and that belief will start to expect that thing to happen. Receiving. We'll go into that. Okay. See how this puzzle piece together with our entire program and what we're doing here, why repetition over and over and over of thought, patterns are so important of you creating your future. That's why one thought doesn't create your future. That's why setting a goal is not the process. It's why listening to one YouTube video for two days, isn't going to do anything. It's going to open some awareness up, but you will never move to the belief level in order to receive this next desire. It will stay in the asking mode. You will not be ready vibrationally for the thing until you start to get into faith until you start to get into the expectant attitude and the trusting into the universal power that it's coming towards you and believing in yourself that you are the one to receive this thing. I know I'm saying a lot. I hope you're grabbing everything that you can. And of course this is recorded. Okay. Um, Mario says this is real great info. Love it. Love it, Mario. Very glad you're Chi like really in alignment with this is good. So let's keep moving here. Any questions so far just before I keep moving, I know I'm doing a lot right now. So everyone got it. Okay. A couple yeses.

Let's keep going here. We create new beliefs through suggestion. That's a faith chapter. They could grow rich. Now he has a auto suggestion chapter as well. We create new beliefs through suggestion over and over and over into our mind. That's what suggestion is an idea that we deliberately put over and over and over and over until it becomes a belief pattern. Then off that, that over and over and over idea, solidifies into a conviction. Okay? You are, you have it. You know it's happening. Let's say inner knowing it's here. It's done. It becomes the normal, natural, next logical thing to happen.

When the feeling of you earning the amount of money that you wanna earn becomes the next natural logical step in your mind and you feel that way. Not, you think it, you feel it, it will show up in your life that day, that week, that month. Okay. Uh, just gimme a quick hand raise since everyone got this so far, everyone, uh, kids go understanding it, all puzzle piecing together. We got like 20 ends. Almost everybody love it. Okay. Any questions so far? Okay. Conviction is <affirmative>. Conviction is faith. That's faith. When you have conviction, you don't have doubts and worries. You are living in faith. And we're gonna add, I know it's gonna be a little crunch in there, but that's okay. We're gonna trust. Most of you said and the chat box there and the universe and the infinite in yourself, you just kinda just let it go. You just kind of say, you know what? I know this is gonna happen. And I don't care about doubting and worrying. I have phenomenal knowledge about how this universe works. I know it works. I've seen the show up. I've seen other people's results show up. So you tell yourself, I know this works.

The law of gravity works. Why would anything else work differently? And then it becomes a normal, natural, next logical thing to happen.

Pretty good. All right, let's go over to receiving. What do you think receiving is? How do you receive, that's a good thing to know. How do you receive the good that you desire, your goal, your income, the great things, the dream house, the dream lifestyle, the freedom. How do you receive that? Close has allowing being in gratitude. Great ter allowing and knowing you deserve it. Excellent. Let it come to you. Bill says trust. John says actions prior equal value for value. Great celebrate. Knowing that from art, Selena, relaxing into your belief, R says forgiving, leaving it to a higher power.

Yeah. All of you are chime in with some beautiful stuff. Liz allowing the goody desire in knowing it's here. Nick, you're ready. Your at your expectation, belief and actions manifested Nancy. You work with the laws of universe giving equals receiving. John says love it. All right. Very good. Really good. So all of you know this, right? We just make, we have to make sure we practice this. We puzzle piece everything together, receiving this is all about letting and allowing.

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