Attract WEALTH and RESULTS with THIS KEY - Ease your manifesting resistance
Written by Scott Haug on July 8th, 2022
Attract WEALTH and RESULTS with THIS KEY - Ease your manifesting resistance

Do you want to ease or better yet get rid of your resistance when it comes to your manifestations?

Scott shares with you how to attract wealth and results with this key!

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Scott Haug

Scott Haug helps people who study personal development to actually apply the principles so they can manifest the physical results they truly desire.
He is an expert at helping people make permanent changes in their life and making things super simple to understand.

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Scott Haug
Full Transcript

Hey Scott Haug here and welcoming to this quick video on using your resistance around your manifestations. Now, when it comes to manifesting, we are always in alignment with whatever we're receiving in our life. So if you're receiving some fantastic results, it's because you're in alignment with it, obviously manifestation, isn't always just about little quick tips and ideas. It's also about what you've been bringing to a table long term. And by switching some things today, you can actually change the track and trajectory of your life based on the thoughts you're thinking today. So when it comes to resistance, I had a couple of my clients asking about this, like, how do I free up my resistance? How do I make sure I'm letting and allowing better? How do I flow better with my intentions and my manifestations. One of the big things to remember is resistance is caused by your thought patterns.

And that's the only thing that causes resistance. And what is resistance? Resistance essentially means opposing force to what you want. So for example, if I want an extra $10,000 this week, or extra $50,000 resistance would be thoughts that oppose it, feelings that oppose it or any sort of action that opposes it. So if I want $50,000 or $10,000 to come in this week, but I'm thinking thoughts of I never have enough. I, I, money's been hard. Money's been frustrating. Where am I gonna get it? Right. Those kinds of thoughts. And I feel frustrated and I feel overwhelmed or I feel off balance. And maybe my actions are one of not putting enough effort into my business, right? I'm kind of demotivated and just not doing the right stuff. Those are resistance patterns that are causing you to step out of alignment with the things you desire.

And a lot of these things are actually unconscious and it really comes from a lot of trauma as well. So if you grew up in a family or neighborhood or area or whatever, that had a lot of poverty stricken thoughts, those are stories or emotional traumas stuck in the body and the psyche that really guide the resistance pattern. So what we call programming essentially. Okay. So in order to free up resistance, we gotta free up those thoughts that are opposing and the feelings that are opposing our desires, couple of different ways. And I'm sure you've listened to other ways before, and you can use anything on this. Obviously you already know, I'm sure about affirmations in visualization, right? But you want to make sure that you really feel according to the new thoughts you're saying out loud. So if I'm saying I'm rich, I'm wealthy, but you don't believe a word you're saying that's not gonna change. Every in fact that could actually add to your resistance, because you're saying this stuff, doesn't work. I've been trying for two years to make this law of attraction stuff work. And it just, I've been getting mental and spiritual progress, but the physical results are a little bit less, right? So that can cause you to doubt more, to fear, more, to be more concerns, which creates more resistance, right? So you wanna find ways that ease into your belief.

I know when you hear this, you'll probably have resistance around this because you hear only about love attraction teachers or coaches saying only use, I am only use I am. And that's true because that's how you're gonna manifest. But if you're saying the I am statements and you're in so much resistance, nothing's gonna happen. So you wanna find a way, for example, an easier statement, I'm becoming a richer and richer. It's a little easier sometimes to believe at the start before saying, I am rich, right? You could say something like my circumstances are slightly improving. Okay? Now you don't say this every day for a month straight because obviously that's where you're gonna start to get. But again, you're just gonna start to ease into your belief. A little bit more things are becoming better for me, right? That's something you can believe in. Everything around me is slightly improving. I know the universe is helping me out. My awareness is expanding. You see what I'm doing here? It's almost like I'm just doing more generalized statements and a little bit easier to believe. And your resistance is gonna slowly let go just a little bit, right? So you ease into it a little bit more. So again, you do statements that you believe that you start to create some confidence in. Then he can go to a stronger statement, a stronger statement. Like I am very successful.

Everything around me is improving very rapidly, right? These are stronger based statements that if you don't see these in the physical realm, usually the resistance will come in because it's like, no, it's not this. That's not true. That's not true. That's where the, again, the resistance doubt comes in. Then you can talk about the feelings I'm feeling better and better around money. Money is starting to begin to feel easier.

Money is coming to me a little bit faster, right? So I'm easing into it a little bit less resistant. So, and, and if you have a certain topic you're very resistant around, you wanted to go more general in the topic area. So you might wanna just talk about if you're, if your money game's a low off right now, you just might wanna talk about life. Life is I I'm so grateful for my life. Right? Go to gratitude statements, go to something of that nature. Again, it'll ease the thought manager having around your current scenario. So from this place, you're gonna start thinking a little differently. You gonna start feeling a little differently, and then you wanna take actions. Now the resistance actions are usually always thinking about yourself. You know, if I have a lot of problems in my life, and I'm thinking about my problems, I'm causing more problems.

Okay. If I have problems in my life, the best way to solve 'em is go and help other people solve their problems. Okay? Because you're not gonna focus on your problems. You gonna come from increase in actually helping other people and you're gonna help yourself. Okay? So your actions and behaviors are gonna wanna be one of helping and increasing others. What can I do today to serve my partner? What can I do today to serve my customers? What can I do today to serve my company that I work for better? What can I do for it today that will actually aid the world and improve in some sort of way. So your actions, when the resistance is more focused on problem, instead you wanna focus more on solution, more on helping the world, expanding the world, increasing the love in the world, increasing the happiness in the world, whether it's for your family, your clients, you know, whatever it is.

And as you do. So again, you're gonna open up yourself more and more, and that's gonna be a huge difference. One of the other things you could do to free resistance, we're not gonna cover on this video, but it's good for your awareness is trauma work. Okay? Because trauma, isn't just physical things that happened in life. Traumas are emotional things. Any, anything that you went through that was troubling as a child or a teenager is most likely if you haven't dealt with it causing you a lot of limitation within that you don't even know is actually going on there. And, uh, you could go to a therapist for this. You could counsel, you start talking about this stuff, right, for sure. But you don't even have to do that. You could start to do some holistic healing within, and re-experiencing some of them and changing their perspective and changing their stories that come from that as well.

So something I'll do another video on for sure, but just to keep your awareness to start exploring those are possibilities as well. Now we do cover that in my coaching program, our next level certification, you get into our certification. And then we have mentorship that I bring you through on a Monday, uh, coaching call every single week and different things. And we go through a lot of this. So if you are interested in jumping in something like that, link the description below, uh, but again, there's so many different resources on helping yourself change stories and, um, heal the traumas and heal the different, you know, energies that are going on within. So these, these will give you some quick tips, you know, it's easy to change your thoughts. Like I mentioned, change the feelings, start changing the actions to less, about self, more about others. And you'll start to see the difference very, very quickly. So in the comments below, throw number five. If this video is helpful, this just helps me understand, Hey, would you like more of this content? Would you like something similar? Was this helpful? Or I can slightly tweak it to do something else. It might be helpful to you as well. So again, throw number five into comment box below. If this was helpful and I'll see you over in the next video.

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