Attract & Manifest FAST… Awareness expansion and BELIEF (Law of Attraction)
Written by Scott Haug on July 1st, 2022
Attract & Manifest FAST… Awareness expansion and BELIEF (Law of Attraction)

What beliefs are you holding on to? How do you believe everyday?

Scott shares with you how expanding your awareness and belief will help you attract & manifest FAST!

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Scott Haug helps people who study personal development to actually apply the principles so they can manifest the physical results they truly desire.
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Full Transcript

It's like, there's all this little fog all over the place. Okay. And, and you can't see, you can't see internally, it's the awareness. You, you can't see your next step. You can't see the, how I, I, I just don't know how I'm gonna earn that 50 grand per month. I can't even really understand how that could be possible right now to, for example, in any, if you have a goal of 50 grand, right? But when you look back, say you reached your first 10 to 20,000, you didn't know how you were gonna do it either, but since you experienced it, you now can look back and you have full awareness of how things unfolded. I hope that makes sense. You can look back, you can see where you got the first 5, 10, 20 grand per month. You can see exactly how it unfolded. Right? But you look forward. It's almost like you're living in a cloud. You just it's like you, you have the wait and awareness of where you're going direction wise, where you're headed to. But it's like, you can't, you can't see it's awareness. That's, that's what we're lacking there. That's that's the fog is awareness, right. And somebody else comes around and they're trying to explain that

They're trying to stretch your consciousness so that you finally understand. And some of the fog starts to dissipate and some of the sunlight starts to come through so that some of the fog, oh my God, I see it. I see the road. I see what I need to do. I see why things haven't happened the way I've wanted them to for this long. Okay. And this can be considered this program, coaching, all this stuff. We just have to be aware that the fog is our own belief system. Okay. See, see why the belief part of this is very important. Most people they'll they'll kiss some guidance and bomb. They'll shoot it down because they feel like they, they know, they know that they'll have the inner feeling. That's different. That's the intuition. But they feel like, uh, oh no, I already know. I already know what I need to do in this spot. Right? So you wanna be open to not only intuition, but also the guidance, stretching your mind, where you need to go. Now, why I said that it's laying the foundation for beliefs. Remember beliefs are always gonna be challenged. And we cling onto our belief system. So we wanna change that. Okay. Before we move into it, just some ideas down. What does believe mean? How do you believe

You'll hear it all the time? Just have faith. How do you just have faith? What do I have to do to, to have faith? Okay. What do you think? Believe Jim and Lauren said trust. That's a good one. What are you trusting in? I like the answer. I just wanted to expand upon it. What are you trusting in? Nick says the process. What's the process. Salina says the law is Selena says that laws. What are the laws who created these laws? Where are they? And what are the laws? Natalie says, trust they'll come in the easiest and best way possible. Great. Armando says feel as if it's already existing.

I've got some other answers. Chime it through Nancy. I did see your question there. So just before we go on to, uh, let's go into belief and then we're gonna go to Nancy your question there. Cause it's a wonderful question. Okay. I'll say the question actually out loud so everyone can hear it. If you didn't see it, is that fog or a lack of awareness. Therefore a purpose. Pretty good. Okay. Belief. What is belief? What are we believing in what's faith and what's fear. It's all invisible. You can't see it. Belief. You can see it unleashed, but you can't see belief. It's like electricity. You can't, you can't really see it in the outlet, but you know, it can be unleashed by plugging something in the outlet and having that machine function, whether it's a fan, whether it's a light, whatever it is. Right. So ask believe, receive, believe trust, right? We're gonna write down a couple of things here. Belief is a thought. We keep thinking a belief is a thought. We keep thinking. Now some of you have heard of Abraham Hicks. Talk about that. Belief is only a thought. We keep thinking over and over and over and an ingrained thought pattern is a belief.

This is part of lesson, one of the first four questions. Do you have any backing for the things that you believe in what's scientific proof, what's physical proof. What is that? Does that even exist? Somebody can say, I proved that world war I happened and that exact year that's when it starting. Can you actually prove it? And what does proving that actually mean? Every memory is a viewpoint. Every memory is a perception about what somebody remembers or retained information about an event as time goes forward, memory lessons of that significant event. It changes in the minds, but we still believe it happened that exact same way. So I saw two people can experience the same event. And two people have completely different memories of the same thing occurring. That's pretty good. It's a thought we keep thinking. So if you have a belief about yourself that you can't earn 50 grand per month in your business, you have some doubts. Doubts are essentially the opposite of beliefs, empowering beliefs, disempowering beliefs, things that don't serve us are doubts. So we're gonna go forward with this doubts are beliefs that do not serve us.

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