The GOLDEN FORMULA For Manifesting! Attract success NOW with this
Written by Scott Haug on June 29th, 2022
The GOLDEN FORMULA For Manifesting! Attract success NOW with this

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Full Transcript

Believe receive. Now, if you watch a secret, if that's where he founds Bob, you've heard it before. It's a very common statement. Ask and it is given the book that Nate referenced, uh, very beautifully it's Esther Hicks wrote that book, uh, through Abraham. And that whole book is all about asking and understanding how to let the good into your life. Okay. It's actually what we're talking about tonight. So I want you to think about it just before we go into this and get real deep here. Um, cause we're gonna reference thinking go rich as well. What do you think this means for you ask believe, receive, you've heard it before. What does it mean? Because if you understand this, this is like a little simple equation to understand, to get whatever you want. So hopefully we got this right to get whatever you want in life. So maybe add some comments right into the chat box there on what you think it's all about and reflect on. Are you living this every day? And you actually don't, you know the answer right away by looking at your results, you know, where anyone's mind is, nobody can argue with it. You know, where your mind is by looking at results, your business results, your monetary results, your relationships, everything in your life. If it's going supremely awesome. You know, your mind's in a great place. If it's not really going anywhere, which most of you are not in that space, but if it's not going really anywhere, you know where that mind is,

There is some good insights there. Jim learning to have some good ideas, close some good ideas, chime in good art, falter Armando, some exceptional ideas, all of your right on what you're talking about.

All right, let's go through it. All right. Ask believe received. By the way, that was Jim RO, that li you listed to the audio, getting onto this call here. That was Jim RO talking about asking and receiving and understanding the process of this years and years and years ago. Okay. So Jim RO brought to the table, a lot of these ideas through the world in a different fashion now, as believe receive is nowhere near anywhere. New. In fact, it's in a lot of religious texts and things throughout thousands of years, history, however, it's different perspectives that will allow you to understand it. You here and now on this call, listening in, in a different light than ever before and understanding how I can ask this universe that we're in exactly what I desire and start this process of believing and understanding how to shift everything within, in order for me to be ready to receive the good that I desire.

Key word is ready. You have to be ready to receive the good. You have to be ready on a vibrational level in order to have the good enter. Nate, you are now ready internally for those new people to enter your business. Okay? The people that aren't having as much progress, they are not ready on a subconscious belief level to receive what they're expecting, what they desire. It's not that they're doing anything wrong. They just need to keep being persistent in the out of suggestion of this thing until your frequency of state matches what you desire. And as soon as that state fuses together, bang, that's when it starts to happen and it unfolds in your physical world. Okay? So let's go over one at a time here ask. So I encourage you to Jo some notes down, make maybe a little kind of lines at the, at the top there and the two lines down where the arrows are. Okay. Make a little chart and think about, ask, put your ideas at the very top. What do you think ask means when it says, ask? Cause that's kinda like, well, who am I supposed to ask God on the cloud asking something that you really really want calling out and shouting out God, I want this great Lamborghini. Can you give it to me tomorrow? Is that what asking is? Or what does it mean? What does it mean for you?

Some of you just jump on the call here. Good to see you. Okay. Hopefully you got some ideas rolling. All right. Asking. Okay. So you heard Jim actually talk about this Jim, on a little bit, when we're listening in, okay. Asking, ask for what you want now, what does that mean? Set the intention for what you want setting the actual intention before you have things happen. What do you want to happen next week? What do you wanna happen next month? Next year, writing these things down and journaling them and going through our GI program has this lesson four secret genie has exactly. When do you wanna wake up? How do you want things to happen? What, what kind of energy do you want waking up in the morning? Tiny little intentions that we set throughout the entire course. It's all about setting, adding the C type goal we cover in lesson one, writing out your vision, understanding where you're going with complete clarity with tons of detail. You're asking not through words. You're asking energetically. I hope you got that one. There you are not asking through words. You are asking

Through vibration or feeling. Okay? Hope you got that one. So every day we're automatically asking. We're automatically asking. If you keep thinking about the thing you fear, you forgot to set an intention for what you're about to do your feeling dominating your mind is the asking. It's not the words that you shout out. It is the feeling that you provide to the universe. That's what you get back. Okay. That's why we've talked about this for many weeks. Now, if you're brand new here, uh, within the last few weeks, okay. This is a little bit different that oftentimes people are shouting out to the clouds, right? That's what kind of prayer seems to be. Sometimes we're shouting out to a cloud saying, God, please, God help me. I'm in this situation. And I, I need some assistance. And they, they feel like this is, is the way they pray.

And I'm shouting. And they usually look up and they, and they embrace something. And usually it comes from a place where something terrible is going on. So then they pray when things have already happened bad, then they pray for a solution that things can turn around from here. Okay? Sometimes prayers are answering sometimes not. And it seems like, like this universal power guide universe, whatever you call it is victimizing and judging because some prayers are answering and sometimes not. And it's puzzling, it's puzzling to a lot of people. Cause they say, what, what the hell, man? I don't know why I, I asked for help. And, and I, I, I don't know. I, I, I didn't, I, I feel like I'm always in this situation and why me, why does this keep happening to me? You hear this, these phrases and words all the time, right?

What's the difference, cuz it wasn't the words. It was the feeling that person impressed upon this impressive power around us. We are creators. As we all know on this, you hear it from every person on the planet. Seemly understanding. Now that we understand that we're creators, right? We are a creator. We create through our vibration, not the words that we choose. We don't create that way. We create through the emotionalized thoughts that we have, whether it's fear based or faith based. That's why somebody who seemingly has what we call bad. Look has a nonstop because they are in that state of mind, always they are in a feeling of always being in a bad place or it could go the opposite way. Somebody's just doing always good. It's good. Things are always happening to that person. They feel like their luckiest person in the world. They believe they are the luckiest person in the world. Therefore comes into fruition as if they are pretty good. Very good. Any questions before, move on here. Now that can revolutionize not only everybody here, just with another puzzle piece in this process, but everybody in this world,

Just to know that we don't create, it's not words, it's our feeling. And you can show this time after time, after time, make an experiment with yourself that says how I'm gonna stay in this positive vibe and stay in this expecting attitude. And you will watch in front of your eyes. I do it every single month that I set my own attention. I stay in a positive alignment and bone. Okay. Now things do come up challenges. Yes, but it's not diff difficulties and challenges are different. Remember that as we move forward. Okay. Challenges are part of the process. It is the opportunity for you to grow in order to get your C type goal, which you must grow in consciousness to get there. The only way to grow in consciousness is if you have the challenges that are pushing the consciousness upward, that's not exactly how it happens, but you can see that visually. Okay. One other quick thing before we move on to believing, this is a great thing to write down. I hope you're writing everything down with me since it's live writing today. Okay. Here's where we are. You've maybe seen this in Bob's seminars before with a little awareness dot, you know, it grows as he clicks his slides. Okay. We're just gonna be doing a little bit different. It's foggy. You're in that middle piece.

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