Can you manifest QUICKLY? Use these levels of vibration (with Neville Goddard)
Written by Scott Haug on June 27th, 2022
Can you manifest QUICKLY? Use these levels of vibration (with Neville Goddard)

Are you willing to do what it takes to be at the highest level of vibration everyday?

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Full Transcript

Remember those levels of vibration. We talked about this graphically last week, top left hand corner is where I'm drawing levels of vibration. Good feelings up here. Negative feelings down here. Okay. In order to get to your goal. And that's where we're just gonna make this little, uh, diamond thing, your goal, and then bottom left hand corner. That's where we are in order to get to where you wanna get to every day you have to affirm it is true over and over and over. This is the price you have to pay. Okay. Over and over and over

And less than one. In lesson one, we ask you a question. I ask myself the same question Bob does as well. Are you willing? And you're able, all of us are, you will, as you know, are you willing, are you willing to do this every day? Are you willing to fight for what you want? Understand that every person that's ever been great at anything goes through these challenging times. It's, whoever's been more persistent understanding and seeking the guidance and being staying on that path is the one that comes out on top that you see in the world, the news, or you see in the, in the great stories of success. If you look at anybody's life, the first couple years is them moving onto their journey. They have those ups and downs. They're going through the challenging times, but they keep going. Whether they're consciously aware of what they're affirming or not, they kept going.

You can look at all the great companies, just look at apple. We talk about all the time. Look at other other companies. Look at people, study. I have a whole shelf of just biographies. I like to study. Every person goes through these challenges. It's the hero's journey we talk about on 2.0, that's coming up. Okay? Which I mentioned as well. You will have certain things come up. They're not difficulties. Your challenges keep pressing on, feel, ease, feel flowing, and it becomes more and more ease, more and more flowing, moving forward. Okay? It's the price you have to pay. Just like taking a shower. If you wanna be clean, what's the price you have to pay. You have to take a shower. That's the price. It's not a bad price. You can enjoy the shower. You don't have to be like, oh God, not another shower. Right? Most of us enjoy a shower. Enjoy this part of it as well.

Some people are like, oh God, I gotta eat again today. I gotta drink more water today. I just drank water yesterday. Where did it all go? Okay. The price you have to pay to stay alive is to breathe, to eat and drink and you know, do your thing, you know, go to the bathroom. Okay? It's the price you have to pay. If you want your dream to come into reality, you have to pay the price. Now it's kind of like a rough term. Pay the price. Oh my God. Now it's not really doing anything crazy. It's just doing the things that are needed to shift your consciousness. To that level. You have to study every day. You have to do all these things in order to get there. Right? So let's slow apart here. This is where I'm going is where I'm going this okay.

Why? Because it happens a little bit. See the orange load arrow there, and then you, you kind of, you're getting up there. You're starting to think in different ways. You could feel, you could see that you could start to see your thoughts changing. Whoa. And then you're starting to feel different. You're starting to feel different. Say around money, around business, around your life. You're starting to feel like you are somebody that can do this and you start to really, really embody it. You're like, man, I, I don't see all the physical evidence. Things are happening, but uh, it just hasn't come all the way up, but I just feel different. I think different I'm acting different. That must be a good signal. And it is. And then you get there and then you arrive, but you've embodied this feeling every day that it feels no different.

You're you just you're living the thing. David said it so well on a couple of post days, he did, uh, within the last few weeks, he said, it's just expected to have these things happen. That's when it happens, when you've embodied the feeling every single day, the air consciousness keeps lifting and lifting and lifting and lifting. Your paradigm is shifting and it becomes real. You have shifted your paradigm to become a permanent change of expected, whatever just happened. Okay. So just know, do it every day, over and over and over. That's why it's a six month long program rather than a six day program. Okay. And keep going over and over and over things. Start to move easy, easy flow, flow things, move. Okay. All right. Well, I'll conclude the lesson here. I'll take a quick picture. If you need to on the top left hand corner, just wanna give you a time and I'll wrap up here.

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