AMAZING Manifestation Advice - Use This NOW! (Neville Goddard)
Written by Scott Haug on June 24th, 2022
AMAZING Manifestation Advice - Use This NOW! (Neville Goddard)

In this reading video from the master book 'Power of Awareness' by Neville Goddard shares an amazing manifestation advice.

You will want to use this advice NOW and start implementing it into your life right away!

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Full Transcript

Hey everyone, Scott Haug here. We're gonna be jumping into chapter number 15, the crown of the mystery study with me here. I really hope you apply this in your life. And I wanna see you have 10 X success. What you're doing right now, let's jump into it. This is from the book, the power of awareness. The assumption of the fulfilled is the ship that carries you over the unknown seas to the fulfillment of your dream. The assumption is everything realization is subconscious and effortless, so important and so exciting at the same time, whatever you want, whatever success level that you want, whatever accomplishments you want, what if it was just subconscious? And what if it was effortless? What if you aligned yourself with that thing that you wanted so much so that it came into your life so easily? Wouldn't that be exciting? It can happen. Let's do it act on the assumption that you already possessed that what you saw, how do you assume something you see it in your imagination is if you already had it, feel it to be true today and rest in that assumption, then let it go. Okay. As the imaculate conception is the foundation of the Christian mysteries. So the assumption is our crown psychologically, the immaculate conception means the birth of an idea in your own consciousness, unaided by another. So it's really important. It's talking about the crown and the mysteries here. I mean, this is the, the crown, the number one thing you wanna pay attention to when it comes to law of traction, manifestation, love, assumption. This is it.

For instance, when you have a specific wish or hunger or longing, it is imaculate conception in the sense that no physical person or thing plants it in your mind. It is self conceived. Every man is the Mary of the I imaculate conception in births. This idea must give the assumption is the crown of the mysteries, because it is the highest use of consciousness. What a great line. When in imagination, you assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled, you are mentally lifted up to a higher level. So basically you're elevating your consciousness or what we call your frequency or vibration to that higher level. When through your persistence, this assumption becomes actual fact. You automatically find yourself in a higher level. That is you have achieved your desire and your objective world, your assumption guides, all your conscious and subconscious movements towards its suggested end. So inevitably that it actually dictates the events. Now, how important is that? Okay, once you reach that level, look through your persistence. The assumption becomes actual fact in your mind, like it will become done deal for you. And then you can dismiss the matter entirely from your minds because you know, it's gonna happen.

You automatically find yourself on a higher level,

Super good. Your assumption guides, all your conscious and subconscious movements towards this suggest it ends. So each day that should be your number one, objective, standing your assumption of the feeling of the wish fulfilled that feeling, whether it's excitement, achievement, extraordinariness awesome. Like you just, you just feel amazing. You know, whatever that feeling is, try to feel into that now. And we got tons of tips and techniques on this channel. So, you know, on my channel, just go to the playlist section there and you'll see all the methods and techniques that will help you do this. Okay? The drama of life is a psychological one and the whole, and the whole of it is written and produced by your assumptions. Learn the art of assumption for only in this way. Can you create your own happiness? What an amazing chapter, chapter 15, the crown of the mysteries share this with everybody.

You know, I mean, everybody want, you should get their hands on these ideas from ne Goard and this particular chapter is just absolutely amazing. Share this on social media, share this with people, you know, your friends, your family, you know, just click the share button for this video. And you know, this should be a really big topic for you to keep studying it. Listen to this video over and over and over until you get it until you are the knowledge you see here. Not just the words, you're just not learning it. You are it that's your objective. We'll see over in the next video.

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