Attract SUCCESS NOW - The Secret "Effortless Way" (Neville Goddard)
Written by Scott Haug on June 20th, 2022
Attract SUCCESS NOW - The Secret "Effortless Way" (Neville Goddard)

Do you feel like you have to work hard in order to attract your desires? Do you think if you work harder, your desires will come true faster?

Well, in this video, you'll start to understand how you can attract success now in this secret effortless way by Neville Goddard!

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Full Transcript

Hey, everyone, Scott Haug here. And in today's video, we're gonna be going through the effortless way. Something that's gonna really help you out tremendously in attaining and attracting in the successful you're looking for and make sure you stay to the end of the video, because we're gonna be going over unique exercise. They use on a daily basis that if you start using and implementing it right way can start to 2, 3, 4, or even five X, what you're already doing right now. And I've seen those results and my clients are seeing those results as well by using this. And these are the great neville Goddard secret. So let's jump right into it here. This is really talking about less action on your side, less doing more tuning in. Okay. So what ne says here is the principle of least action governs everything in physics, from the path of a planet to the path of a pulse of light least action is the minimum of energy multiplied by the minimum of time, therefore I'm moving from your present state to dis to the state desired.

You must use the minimum of energy and take the shortest possible time. Now, I hope something like this excites you. I mean, what if you could attain your goals a lot more rapidly? What if you could at obtain your goals in a lot less time with a lot less effort, right? That's the ultimate package. That's the ultimate idea of manifesting taking your idea from the ether and bringing it into the visible roundly can see physically, right? So when we're talking about least action, we're talking about a very exciting principle and we want to study this. We wanna understand it. So let's go through this first part. One more time, least action governs everything in physics. And even I have an engineering background. I do remember that from my engineering classes, we did so many advanced calculus classes, physics and chemistry classes, and all the PLA the, the patterns, even from the tiniest things to like electrons, it's all about least action.

It's a minimum energy required. It's the essential idea. Okay. So least action is the minimum of energy. So the least amount of energy multiply by the minimum of time. It's really good. Again, you wanna get your success over with the least amount of energy and the least amount of time. Of course, we all want that, right? So let's go to, what does this actually mean? Your journey from one state of consciousness to another is a psychological one. So to make the journey must employ the psychological equivalent of least action and that psychological and least psychological equivalent is near assumption. So what are we talking about here? So we're not talking about planets. We're not talking about electrons. We're not talking about science. We're talking more about your level of success. What do we need to do in order for you to start killing it more in order to start to really move your results forward, to really expand lead forward? What does that look like? Right. We're talking about the psychological equivalent being me assumption. That's all. It is two words, me assumption. So your journey, what he says from one state of consciousness to another. So let's do an example, your

Consciousness of being wealthy and prosperous compared to maybe a lackful consciousness, right? So we're talking about from this lackful consciousness to the abundant prosperous consciousness, how do we get from one state to another it's assumption? And you know, sometimes this can be troubling even for myself, when I was first studying this and still to this day, I have to do reminders to myself that this stuff isn't like magic. It's not that you affirm that you're wealthy today. And it just happens overnight. Although a lot of things can happen overnight. It's more so that our objective is to get from this lower state of consciousness and elevate ourselves to a higher level of consciousness. That's the idea, that's what we want to do. So a lot of people will study this information. You might have even read this and never got it's work before. If you've been on my channel, if you're brand new to a channel, but if neville goddards work or anything similar, you know, we can get tied up in studying, studying, studying, but not actually changing our consciousness.

So that's why I work with all my clients, basically on that's all we want to do is implement consciousness. That's all that matters. You know, you do need some study, like you're watching this video, you're starting to gain more awareness, expand who you are, but the objective for you to get more success and more goodness in your life is absolutely about the psychological equivalent resection, which is assumption, which is translating your current level of consciousness and elevating into a higher state. And we're gonna be talking about, again, keep sticking with us here, because we're gonna be talking about an exercise. That's really going to help you move forward in the idea of shifting that consciousness and something you can apply on a daily basis. So one more time, we're gonna go through this reading here, your journey from one state of consciousness to another is a psychological one.

So to make the journey, you must employ the psychological equivalent of least action. And that psychological equivalent is me assumption. Okay? This, by the way is in the great book, powerful awareness. So you know where this is keyed in from. So let's talk about one of the exercises I do on a daily basis to, to help myself change that consciousness. So first we want to define assumption. Now we've all heard the word before assumption, but you know, words when you actually define them and look them up can actually, when you see the definition and the distinction of what it's really about can help you understand the topic. So I encourage you to do that for everything, like look up the definition of what we're talking about here. Assumption, a thing that is accepted is true or is certain to happen without proof. Let's say that again.

A thing that is accepted is true or is certain to happen without proof. That's very interesting. So if we go back to Neville's words here, he's talking about in order to journey into the success that you want to attract the wealth, the money, the relationships, the house, the cars, the giving away, the legacy, all the different things. We need to accept it as true or as certain, it won't happen without proof of it happening. See what goes on here. This is the trick. That's hardest for most people, right? Because they want to see evidence. You know, if you tell people there's an idea of telepathy, right? If you tell people there's an idea that people can really transform physical matter with using their minds. If you hear about these things, it seems like Hocus Pocus. There's no way that science fiction, it's something you'd see in star wars.

That's something you'd see in the sci-fi film. You know, whatever it is, right? These individuals are looking for concrete proof. They're science based people, right? And some things can't be proved scientifically yet, but if they're not proved scientifically what did the science community say? If I can't prove it on a repeatable experiment, it must therefore not exist. Right? However, if you looked at this, you know, a hundred years ago, you showed even the greatest scientist of all time and said, you know, over a hundred years ago, we'll say 150 years ago, we're gonna translate our voice. We're gonna speak into this mechanism. We're gonna call it a phone. Okay. These people from 150 years ago, again, remember we're talking about, okay, we're gonna say, we're gonna speak through this thing right here. And I'm gonna call somebody 10,000 miles away. And they're gonna hear my voice instantaneously from when I'm speaking to them, nearly the person would think you were insane.

The person said, where's the proof. Where's the proof. Show me, show me, right? There's no way that could happen. I've never seen a thing like that in my life. That's ridiculous. That's that's in the, you know, that just, that can't exist. Right? However, we both know you and I, and anybody else we know this exists because we use 'em every day. So we believe in it because it's proof. But if we didn't have this proof and you said that to somebody, in fact, a scientist then say, that's impossible. I know quantum mechanics, I know that physical matter is all there is. There's not this invisible communication line, unless you're talking to somebody like Nicole Tesla or somebody who had that brilliant genius of understanding these principles. Well before, right? Or Alex Alexander, Graham bell, you know, somebody who really was able to unleash and harness the ether for communication and things that we want in this lifetime.

Right? So what we're talking about here is your wealth, your success, the stuff that you want in your life, you're not gonna see the proof. You're not gonna see anything happening necessarily that proves that this is going to work. You just gotta try it. And you gotta experiment with it and start, assuming, accepting is true. The world you wanna be in yesterday is all about yesterday's thoughts. That's why today you're getting the results. You're getting it's from yesterday and the month before and the year before all those that accumulate thoughts, everything you imagine today goes forward in the future, right? So again, assume to be true. Now that you're successful, that you're wealthy, that you, that you are that identity of where you want to go is certain it will happen. So here's the technique daily. Talk to yourself for 10 minutes as if you were in the success, you see like literally talk to yourself, doesn't have to be out loud.

It can be within, you're gonna go ahead and close your eyes and entertain mental conversations as if you had the thing. So if I had, you know, if I wanted an income of 20,000 a month, by the way, which is not hard, okay, anybody that's listening in and you don't have 20,000 a month, don't think it's big because it's not. But when, when I was at some point where I was like 10,000 a month, oh my God. If I just had 10,000 a month coming in, everything would be so easy. Right. But then you have 10,000 a month and then you increase your expenses. Then you need 20,000, 30,000. Right. So 20,000 a month is not hard. Okay. Uh, here's a good affirmation on like a side note is a bonus. Write down for yourself. It's almost comical. How easy success is. It's almost comical on how to create an income of 20,000 a month or 40,000 a month.

All those they're not that hard. Okay. So get that in your mind. Now, now those people that don't have money or limiting money believes don't, don't argue all night and day in order to prove me wrong. That money's always been hard in their life. It always will be. Their parents struggled, worked, you know, three jobs, you know, it's always been hard. There's never enough. Now that's their own money mindset. They gotta fix. Okay. It's, it's not a fact that money's hard or hard, you know, maybe they've experienced that in their life. So it's valid with their experience so far, but that doesn't mean that's the reality. We all live these stories based on traumas that happened in our life so far. And we get absorbed with these stories and stories about what is, what isn't what's supposed to be. What's not, they're all made up by humankind.

Okay. But that's not the reality of what's going on. These are stories from traumas, not the reality, right? So for this, you wanna start talking to yourself as if you're already there. I am a success. Well, how wonderful today is it that I have this good amount of money coming? How wonderful today is it that I signed up for clients? Or how wonderful today did I track a new job with a bonus of $5,000? How wonderful. Right. So you want to talk to yourself and, and, and see yourself with the success you're seeking, but talk to yourself by yourself as much as possible in your imagination. I do this, you know, you could do this for five minutes. If 10 minutes is too much, you could do 20 minutes, you know, just start entertaining us on a daily basis. And this will help, uh, immensely in the comments box below.

Go ahead and throw a number one. Okay. And this is just for accountability for you. Throw a number one. If you're willing to do this for the next five days, just five days, not a big commitment that you're willing to take five to 10 minutes. Talk to yourself about your success. Well, before it happens and you're willing to, again, stay committed to this for five days, throwing number one into the chat box or the comment box rather below. If you're willing to commit to something like that, to give yourself some accountability. So start assuming, accepting is true. Now is certain it's gonna happen. Certain you're in the right track in order to move forward. If that makes sense. Now, if you want any help with this, we got everything you need. Okay? You can accelerate yourself to the next level in our manifestation accelerator course.

If you're looking to get mentorship description below, you can book a call with my team, or if you're looking to build a business, we got a certification as well, certified manifestation coach, all of these are available to you. You don't need them. If you're like, you know, I'm gonna try this out. However, from my experience, you need a mentor. You need an empowering environment, soul tribe, you need a program. You need structure. You need to know how to do things. And it will quick Quicken your pace of success a lot more by having those tools in your back pocket as well, super, super important. Even if you don't have the money. Now try the accelerator out. It's tiny amount of money, less than a cell phone bill per month. It's very, very easy. If you're looking for that higher level mentorship and something to really bring you to a whole new level, we got it.

I'm telling you. We have. So we have hundreds of testimonials now because we give the exact guidance. You're gonna need to really bring yourself and your business. If you have one to a whole new level, you've never experienced before. And again, if you love this information, you wanna build a business out of it. We have a certification that teaches you how to coach this material. And then also how to build a business out of it like a to Z, how do you do it? How do you start having 10, 20, $50,000 income months? I've done it myself. And I was able to change, take all that experience and put it into a program structure that will help you replicate and do that same thing. And then start scaling yourself to 50,000 a month, 60,000 a month. And then some and wherever you want to go.

So if you feel called to you love this information, you love helping people. You love serving people. You, you already do it to your friends and family. You give the, the books away and you help as much as possible. This is probably up your alley and something that would intrigue you in excitement. So in the description below, go ahead and click the links and we'll look forward to seeing in the courses here, try this exercise out again for five days. We'll see how it goes here. Let me know in the comments box, if this is helpful, cause I can certainly keep these exercises going, developing more content that will help you in these ways, but certainly other content that will help you apply better, uh, understand manifestation, better, understand assumption, better, all those ideas as well. So let me know in the comments box, if this was helpful and we'll look forward to seeing you over in our programs very shortly, go ahead and click links in the description below and make sure you subscribe. If you haven't already clicked about icon to get notified.

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