How my client manifested $6,000 effortlessly ⭐️
Written by Scott Haug on June 22nd, 2020

The Manifestation series helping you manifest Quicker - Easier - Bigger.

This video training is all about how one of my client's manifested $6,000 effortlessly.

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Scott Haug

"Hey Scott Haug here, and welcome onto our training video. I hope you are doing really well as a beautiful Monday evening here and had a wonderful weekend.

A few of you just joining in here and just waiting for everything, update on my side because I can't see anybody yet. Okay. A lot of you got involved with the Manifestation Accelerator and I'm just absolutely blown away by the positive comments and gratitude everyone's been sending me.

So if that was one of you who sent me a beautiful message after viewing the in depth content that we have there and the manifestation accelerator program. Thank you. Uh, very, very blessed to have everyone here in the community. Um, definitely don't take advantage of that. I know how blessed I am to have this community. So thank you for being here. Thank you for being on this Facebook live. Thank you for the encouraging, uh, words that you post in our group and the positive vibes that you bring here to, to our group as a whole.

I think that solidifies us as a community is one of the best out there. I believe because everyone's very encouraging and we're always trying to increase each other here in the group. So thank you. And if you're here, go ahead and throw like here, maybe on the Facebook live, if you're enjoying these lives as well. So quick, low idea for you. It's going to be very short video last Friday. I did about almost a two hour Facebook live.

So if you didn't get to watch that, go ahead and watch it. It's a pinned video. Uh, you'll see in our group as you sign in there. Uh, but today it's just gonna be very quick video on how well one of my clients manifested $6,000 efforts lean, how we did that, basically three steps, and we're going to go through those in depth. Uh, but first and foremost, the first step that he did was decide that that's what he needed.

He needed that money by December 15th. So his last month, uh, for some things he needed to cover for his bills and things and, um, you know, personal and business and, and whatnot. Um, what he did at first step was to start deciding on this is what he wanted, writing that down, and then actually counting the money in his mind.

So building an inner kingdom, seeing an imagination, his $6,000 coming in, effortlessly in his minds that started to move things forward. He started to see it. He started to imagine it and actually live in that inner world and as he did, so he started to fuse with actually the possession of having that $6,000 in his bank account provided to him in an effortless easy way. So that was basically step one is he started to do that. Now you could do that very well for yourself too.

If you want an extra $5,000 by say January 20th or whatever it is for you, I'm sure that by you desiring that thing first and foremost, and then getting into the essence, counting the money and fusing with that in, in the feeling of that in imagination, things will start to go that direction for you as well.

So any sum of money that you want, you pick a date, you definitely decide on when it's going to be. You put that numeric value on it, and you start to see yourself in that. The second and third step are revealed in our manifestation accelerator.

The first module is called a magnificent world, and I go through the second and third steps of that process on how he manifested that 6,000 hours. We go through fourth dimensional thinking and also the fusion of actually supercharging the idea. So it can drop easily into subconscious or universal minds.

We'll call it one in the same, and that allows it to go in the fabric of the universe and start to move towards you ultimately. So you're seeking it as it's seeking you. And we reveal those right in our manifestation accelerator. Um, so those of you that already have access, you can go right into that first module and you'll be good to go.

You'll see that second module will be coming soon as you move forward with this. And they'll explain even more of the process, there is to go through the exact process of manifestation, but those of you that aren't, if you want to also get those quick tips from that six K, you want to manifest money of that caliber or more or less on whatever it is, or other desires, uh, go ahead and join our membership site, their manifestation accelerator. And I'll goes through all that with you."
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