A MAGIC learning: See through Spiritual EYES [Neville Goddard]
Written by Scott Haug on June 8th, 2022
A MAGIC learning: See through Spiritual EYES [Neville Goddard]

In his book, the power of imagination by Neville Goddard, there's so many magical learnings that Scott is sharing with you.

You'll definitely want to listen in to this video through to the end to start seeing through spiritual eyes!

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Full Transcript

Hey, Scott Haug here and welcome into out of this world. We're continuing our study of the power of imagination, treasury by Neville Goddard, and the book in here of, out of this world. We're now on page two 50. And if you haven't listened into the other videos studying this book, I would just take like an entire day and binge watch all these videos and use this, this, this channel, my channel here to be able to do a morning study. Like every morning, you want new videos on this, just check out the videos that we post, and then just make sure that you're writing notes as you're going through. And as you do this, your awareness is gonna really start to expand, uh, a millionfold. You can really start to change the results in your life so dramatically. So let's jump into this. He mentions there are two actual outlooks on the world possessed by everyone, a natural focus and a spiritual focus.

The ancient teachers called the one, the Carnal mind and the other, the mind of Christ. We may differentiate them as ordinary waking consciousness, governed by our senses and a controlled imagination. Governed by desire. We recognize these two distinct centers of thought in the statement, the natural man receives not the things of the spirit of God for their foolish onto him. Neither can he know them for their spiritually discerned the natural view confines reality to the moment called now to the natural view. The past and future are purely imaginary. The spiritual view on the other hand sees the contents of time. It sees events as distinct and separated as objects in space. The past and future are present hole to this spiritual view. What is mental and subjective to the natural man is concrete and objective to the spiritual man. Now this is super important. This is how we're gonna be altering our future.

Now all of us have been there before, where you have a current result, a certain thing coming into your business, a certain money in your bank account, a certain relationship. And it seems to be like, that's, that's so real to you, right? That is the reality. And it's so hard to not focus on that. And you do it, your affirmations. I am wealthy. I am successful. I am abundant in your mind, wants to wander and tell you, no, it's not. You don't have that. Where's that money gonna come from? I don't know how it's gonna happen, right? So your mind plagues you out and really with the minds, that part of that is the ego, the self protection and mechanism. So when we're going out there and trying to change our life, sometimes we're gonna have these antagonistic ideas, right? The one, the one hand, the natural view that the past and future are purely imaginary, right? It seems so natural. The reality that we live in it's so real right past was yesterday. Tomorrow's tomorrow. They're in the mind, can't see him. But to the spiritual view, remember he says spiritual view here. Okay? These events that happen are absolutely a part of past future and present in a whole.

So the past the future and the present all are happening right now, energetically vibrationally. That's super critical to remember and to understand in the spiritual view. So when you wanna start focusing on better results and greater things coming into your life, what we have to do is become that spiritually viewed man or woman that we're seeing through the view of spirit, not of a physical body, if that makes sense. So when you do your affirmations or visualization or your gratitude, you actually wanna think of them as spiritual truth, but physical lies, like when you look in your physical realm, you might not see it yet, but it's a spiritual truth. So when you do your, your inner work and exercises, again, it could be affirmations, visualization, gratitude, exercises, any of the things out there, any of the exercises and techniques, what you wanna do is compare the affirmation to spiritual truth.

It is true in a higher realm. And when you come from that place, your mind doesn't wanna argue with you so much because it's a fact, it's a fact in another realm, you are more successful. You are far richer, wealthier, more in love, more aligned, more tuned in all those things. It is a truth, but it's a physical lie at the start, right? It doesn't match. But if you keep absorbed and assuming the spiritual truth is the only thing you pay attention to, then it will solely come into the physical plane as well. So really important. Now we're gonna do one more paragraph here, by the way, if you haven't already makes you subscribe to channel, so you can continue to study these chapters and know when these come out, you'll get those alert to notifications. When new study videos like this are out, and then also throw like in the video, when you throw a like, basically it's just the algorithms get sent out to a lot more people and we can brighten up this world and have more people shift their consciousness.

So it's kind of like you increasing the world by throwing a like on there, because again, it's just gonna increase more people. More people are gonna be able to view the video as well. And if you're looking for any sort of courses or coaching, check out the description below, we got links in there to everything you're gonna need. Okay. The habit of seeing only that, which our senses permit renders us totally blind to what otherwise we could see to cultivate the faculty of seeing the invisible. We should often deliberately disentangle our minds from the evidence of the senses and focus our attention on an invisible state, mentally feeling it and sensing it until it has all the distinctness of reality. So it's not easy, right?

To not pay attention to your physical results. It's not easy, but it becomes more easier. It's like a skill you practice at this, right? So if you're getting more and more used to thinking from your imaginative state, that's gonna make a tremendous difference. So let me know in the comments below, what are your thoughts on this? Do you think you're more spiritually oriented viewed right now? Do you think you're more physical oriented right now? Are you a balance of sometimes one or the other? What do you need to work on? What are your thoughts on this chapter from Neville? Let me know in the comments below, I'd love to see what your thoughts are and your ideas on Neville's work.

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