Apply this to your life RIGHT AWAY! Law of Attraction shifting consciousness
Written by Scott Haug on June 6th, 2022
Apply this to your life RIGHT AWAY! Law of Attraction shifting consciousness

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Full Transcript

Hey, Scott Haug here we're gonna continue our study of neville Goddards out of this world book in the book that we're using here is called the power of imagination. The Neville Goddard treasury. Again, you can get this right on Amazon. We are on page two 50 of the actual book itself. And again, this one's called out of this world. So at the very end of this chapter, he mentions a change of concept of self automatically alters his future and a change in any term of his future series of experiences, reciprocal alters his concept of self man's assumptions, which he regards as insignificant produce effects. They're considerable. Therefore man should revise his estimate of an assumption and recognize its creative power. So it's really important that we realize that any of the events that are coming into our life, the results that we do have in each area of life is completely from the concept that we're holding within our imagination.

And really that's mostly unconscious. Our subconscious mind is always producing the results that we have submerged with it. So we wanna be able to change that. So neville goes on, goes on to say, all changes, take place in consciousness. That's such a powerful line. And we wanna, it's a great thing to even note this down on like an index card or something and keep it in your back pocket throughout the day or by your laptop, if you're doing some work or something like that. Because, you know, sometimes we're thinking, okay, the change needs to be in our, in our spouse and our partner, the change needs to be in, you know, something else. The change needs to be in our business or job in order for us to be happy and more successful and more abundant. But what Neville's talking about here is all changes take place in consciousness.

It's such a powerful line, and sometimes we can read these books and just kind of say, oh yeah, that's good. I understand it. But do we really live it? It's an important question. So think about that. All changes take place in consciousness, the future, although prepared in every detail and advance has several outcomes at every moment our lives we have before us, the choice of which several features we will choose. Now, this is super important. If you're used to my work and you've been here on the channel, we talk also about parallel universe realities and that there are an infinite number of realities or future realities that you could actually fuse into and start experiencing. So what he is talking about here, the future, although prepared in every detail in advance, like your future is already outlined, it's already prepared for you based on what your conscious, uh, concept and unconscious concept of yourself is. However, we do have free will, so it's not fully destiny and fate only. We also have free will to choose the concept that we wish to fuse with. So that's why he is mentioning, has several outcomes

And we get to choose the outcome that we, that we actually ultimately want. But it's not just what you want. It's what you're getting emotionally involved with. It's really important. So at every moment of our lives, we have a force, the choice of which of several out several features we will choose. So you have the choice of what you're gonna be choosing future wise. Do you want more money in your bank account? Do you want more goodness coming into your life? Do you want more miracles? Or you could choose that, but how do you choose? It's not just by wanting it. You have to actually feel into that imaginative act and creative thing in your mind. So you wanna form an end scene like it's already yours and every day you wanna feel into that ends scene as if it's real and when it starts to grip itself as real, you'll start seeing that in the physical flesh, if that makes sense.

So a great thing to note for today, uh, just to make sure that you remember all changes, take place in consciousness, you have many different future outcomes. You get to choose which one, but you do that by making sure that the concept of yourself is the one that you desire. Not that you don't all right, scallop signing off here. And if you haven't already make sure you're subscribe to our channel and throw like on this video cuz as you do. So it's just gonna send out to a lot more people and together we can raise the consciousness of this planet, just that much more. And if you're looking for any courses or coaching or anything like that, check out the description below, click the links in there and you'll see everything that you need. I'll see over in the next video, when we continue our study of never gots out of this world,

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