Don't Worry That You're Worrying - Law of Attraction Neville Goddard
Written by Scott Haug on May 27th, 2022
Don't Worry That You're Worrying - Law of Attraction Neville Goddard

Are you a person that doubts, worries and has frustrating moments? I would assume so since we are all human beings.

In this Neville Goddard law of attraction video, Scott tells you to not worry that you're worrying and WHY!

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Full Transcript

So, if you have Mon momentary, lapses is a bad feeling, does the good feeling offset it? Absolutely. It's whatever you are experiencing majority of your day, your week, your month, your year is what becomes your reality. So a very common thing that I say all the time. You hear other speakers bother, uh, talks about all the time. Don't worry that you're worrying. Okay. If you have a couple of worries, you have a couple of doubts. You have a couple of frustrating moments. Okay. Don't worry that, oh my God. Now I'm creating this monster of something coming in my life. And now you're starting to worry that you just worried. And then tomorrow you just worried because then you just worried again. And it goes in this crazy cycle. Okay. Don't do that. That's a vicious cycle to be in that doesn't even have any bearing on what's going on.

Okay. If you have a couple of momentary doubts and worries and frustrating, maybe even had a whole day of frustration. It's okay. Get back into alignments. Whatever you're experiencing a majority of the time is what you're experiencing in your life. Okay. So I hope everyone reminds that. Uh, we all have it. Okay. Bob has some doubts on what he can do. Okay. I have some doubts here and there that comes up. You just keep cussing through it. Okay? The big thing is you're gonna start to habitually, not feel in negative emotion anymore. You won't feel frustrated and angry. It just doesn't happen. I don't know. I see people all the time going around to me, they're always angry. They're always frustrated. They're always doing these things. Things happen where a car pulls out in front of you and somebody gets off and swears and you just get to a place where you're nothing matters.

These things that are happening around you are just happening and your emotions are not tied to outside circumstance anymore. You're in control. So the more you practice, the stronger you're gonna get and the more you're gonna respond. Okay? Some people can't even believe. Sometimes I'm like, you're not mad. I'm like, why would I be mad? You don't understand anything of the laws. Like, you know, if they're not study, sorry. Before your question, you said, what is the difference between wants and desires? Again? Wants are conscious desires are subconscious. I know the word sounds interchangeable. You want something? You desire something. It sounds the same. Okay. We're defining it though. As wants or conscious desires are emotionalized. Wants. Okay. Hope. Hope you feel the difference there. That's why chapter one or well, principle number one and thinking grow rich is not wants burning. Burning wants burning desires. Emotionalized wants what you truly want to, what you really, really want. Like we talk about most want.

Okay. So then you said, like, for example, I'm getting better with this, but when it challenges, when challenges happen, I used to panic, but I get back on track much quicker just after a small, stupid, uh, a little bit of worry. Yeah, absolutely. Okay. You're getting, you're getting better and better at it. Okay. It just is. It's a habit. That's all it is. Okay. I'm assuming one of your parents probably did the same thing. Oh, you could tell me if I'm wrong. Of course. Um, it's not always true, but most times if people panic and frustra and kind of challenges and things, it's because their mother or father did as well. And they absorb that habit. Unconsciously, not a bad thing. It just happens. Okay. So Amy said, yes,

I'm a very, very organized person. My mom's very, very organized. My dad's not as organized. So my brother got some of the, the habits from my dad. Well, he's improved upon those, uh, immensely. And he's very organized now. Right? So it doesn't matter what habits you have absorbed unconsciously from parent society, friends, whatever it is, change it. There's a quote that goes, that says, if you're born into poverty, it's not your fault. If you die in poverty, it's absolutely your fault and nobody else's. Okay. So you have the power to change it. We gotta do it though. You gotta pay the price. Gotta remember that one. Okay. All right. Any other questions out there? Got a couple more things to, to wrap up here, but any other questions? Okay, everyone. Good to go. Oh, John, you got a question.

How can you get into the state when having challenges? I believe de VI vivid details to magnify the state. How does it not become a contradiction? When physical circumstances are intense, like reaffirming that you do not have X, Y, Z, then affirming you are on the way, how you said find the reasons. Um, I'm not sure exactly. There's a lot of stuff in there, John, but I think how can you, how can you get into a state when having challenges? Yeah. Okay. So I think you're asking when you're in intense circumstances, um, how do you get out of that and start affirming? How do you get into a state opposite of where you are? It's a really good question. Step one is define where you wanna go. Always. So always. That's why program, lesson number one is this goal setting and lesson number one, basically, I think I grow rich is burn desire. Like I talked about step one, define what you, what you want to make sure it's abundantly clear. Step two, find the emotion that you need to embody gratitude, ease, relief, all that stuff, positive emotions and find all the reasons to feel ease.

Okay? You find the reasons to feel ease and therefore you start to be ease. For example, you're in a hell of a situation around money. Okay? Money's all over the place. Things are going all crazy. Cause you quit your job and all this stuff's happening. Okay? You go on the other side inside it. You say, well, you know what? I'm gonna feel ease arounds money because I choose to start there. Okay. Not only because I choose to, but I know that money is just a tool. I know it's a form of energy. I know that as soon as I get into a more abundant energy, it doesn't matter what is, I can start to create a better world. So I'm gonna feel ease knowing that I do have that understanding. I'm gonna feel ease in my belief around Scott thinking results and Bob Proctor, knowing that this stuff moves forward in this sort of science step by step direction.

I feel ease around money because money does feel good. I feel ease around money because it actually helps me pay for the food on my table and light up my house and, and have the ceiling over my head. So it's actually a very good thing. Money is my friend. I feel ease because money is my friend and it's becoming easier and easier to earn money. I feel good. I feel good around money. I feel good around business. I'm getting better and better. Everyone sees it around me. I see it for myself. Things are getting better. I can feel how, how good this feels, how exhilarating I'm so grateful to be here in this moment. Cause I know I can help other people out of this experience that I've been through since I've been through it.

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